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Afanasyeva E.A. STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONALITY OF EXPLETIVE CONSTRUCTIONS IN N.M.KARAMZIN'S POETRYN.M.Karamzin well known as sentimentalism and new style's founder in Russia, is a reformer of Russian syntax. Yet such a syntactic phenomenon as expletive constructions has been never studied. The article analyses syntactic inserts in terms of their frequency, structure and functionality. The author considers in her research of EC the specificity of poetic style and examines their size and structure in view of verse line. The study is based on the edition: KaramzinN.M.Complete works in 18volumes. Vol.14: Poems and verse translations. Prose of 1780's— the beginning of the 1790's. Comp. and ed. A.Kuznetsov. M.: Terra— Knizhy club, 2005.— 432 p. 144poems by Karamzin— written in 1787—1825— are examined in the study. The researcher reveals 46expletives constructions in 43poems. As a backdrop the verses of Karamzin's precursors (M.V.Lomonosov and A.P.Sumarokov) and contemporaries (M.N.Muravyev and I.I.Dmitriev) are considered. While analyzing the structure the author determines the EC's size, its position in a verse line and correspondence of inserts and rhyme. The functional analysis defines general and special functions. General functions serve as a marker of supplementary information; they create ironic effect. Among special functions the researcher distinguishes functions of remark, of words' explanation and clarification, of appeal to the reader, of landscape sketch, and others. The undertaken study of frequency, structure and functions of Karamzin's expletive constructions, projected on the background, shows that the poet as well as his contemporaries (M.N.Muravyev and I.I.Dmitriev) by using EC in colloquial genres (e.g. in fable), takes into account the experience of his predecessors (A.P.Sumarokov). At the same time he expands the genre palette of inserts (odes, messages, multiple extra genre works). Karamzin's expletive constructions are various by their structure and their interaction with poem's components. These observations make it possible to show a new perspective of N.M.Karamzin'spoetic technique.Key words: N.M. Karamzin, prosody, rhyme, syntax, expletive constructions, expletive constructions' functions.
Borisova I.M. ITALICS IN THE POETRY OF N.M. KARAMZINThe issue of graphic design work of art— one of the most important in modern literary criticism. Among the issues charts poetic speech— functioning italics. It has been the subject of study at stihovedov, including ours, on the material of Russian poetry. Italics in the poetry N.M.Karamzin almost not been studied to date. This article analyzes the emphasis in poetry Karamzin on the background of predecessors and contemporaries, as well as in terms of communication with other cursive verse formats and from the point of view of the functions performed by these graphical reception in the product. Observations on the italics have shown that by the turn of XVII—XIX centuries graphical technique italics in Russian poetry became quite well-known, widespread use and form a stable tradition. And active use of italics Karamzin in his poetry is in this tradition. Of the 167poetry Karamzin rate was detected in 52texts (203cases). Most often, the poet identifies italicized words and phrases (90%), which corresponds to the general trend in the poetry of the last third of the XVIIIcentury. Karamzin, along with other poets, experimenting with italics, looking for opportunities to use it in poetry. He makes graphic technique semantically rich. Italics in the works studied interacts with other verse formats: rhyme and stylistic figures. Italics in poetry Karamzin serves as the object characteristics, phenomena, persons, allocation of space-time forms processing “foreign words” marking italics proper nouns and pronouns. The last mentioned feature is seen in the poet's rare, despite the fact that it was very bright signs of the times in Russian poetry. In general, the experience of predecessors Karamzin learns to use italics, but seeks to bring his poetry beyond the specified time standards, to depart from the usual use of graphics.
Kamskova T.A. N.M. KARAMZIN: PUBLICATIONS, EDITIONS, RESEARCH IN FUND OF N.K.KRUPSKAYA LIBRARYInformation resources of today are characterized not only multi-channel, but also the dispersion, and sometimes a lack of relevance. Therefore bibliographic software research, in particular, related to the life and work of Karamzin, a significant intellectual resource that accompanies scientific developments and solve educational and cognitive tasks. It is a fund of the Orenburg Regional Universal Scientific Library. N.K.Krupskaya. For the first time the entire array of available publications is analyzed in terms of concepts such as “publication”, “publication”, “research” in conjunction with a direct chronology of their publication. The author reveals the publication of individual poems of the poet in the collections of “Pantheon of Russian poetry”, “Pantheon of foreign literature”, “Collection of Russian model essays and translations in verse and in prose” (ten or twenty years of XIXcentury). Systematic is a collection of books pre-revolutionary, Soviet and post-Soviet periods, most detail— that part of it, which includes the volume of “History of the Russian state.” We describe the features of the individual publications: lifetime, completeness, serials. It identified the most interesting researchers in karamzinovedeniya (N.Y.Edelman, E.I.Osetrov, Yu.M.Lotman). Thus, the author, based on the totality of the media and opinion Karamzinians (A.L.Zorina, A.Nemzer, O.A.Proskurin), concluded that the personality and creativity N.M.Karamzin always relevant and in demand in society.Key words: Karamzin, OOUNB N.K. Krupskaya, publication, research.
Korobejnikova A.A. “MESSAGE TO WOMEN” OF N.M. KARAMZIN: STYLISTIC FEATURESN.M. Karamzin rightly recognized as the head of the Russian sentimentalism, reformer of the Russian literary language, creator of a new syllable. In literary insufficiently studied questions of style. The stylistic features in creativity N.M.Karamzin investigated for “Message to Women” material analysis of the poem (1795), which attracted the interest of his contemporaries and modern scholars. The analysis identified three groups of words: words for subjective state, experience; words denoting things epicurean life; words denoting objects of the external world, especially the details of the landscape. It is pointed out that these groups are united in elegiac dictionary. Particular attention is paid to the words of high style, present in all three lexical formations. The study concludes that Karamzin-sentimentalist in their poetic works take into account the experience of predecessors, classicists.Key words: N.M. Karamzin, “Message to Women”, vocabulary, style, Russian poetry XVIIIcentury.
Laletina O.S. POETIC INNOVATION OF N.M. KARAMZIN IN THE CONTEXT OF RUSSIAN SENTIMENTALISM (IDENTICAL STROFIKA)The article deals with the problem of poetic innovation N.M.Karamzin in the context of Russian literature XVIII— early XIXcenturies. The subject of this study is poetic aspect of innovation associated with strofikoy: focuses on the complex correlation analysis of a system of identical verses in the poet. Against the background of the poetry of senior and junior classicists works Karamzin written identical stanzas, show relatively small variety of strophic types klauzulnyh options rifmovok schemes poetic dimensions. Meanwhile, based on a limited number of combinations of parameters verse Karamzin formed extremely varied strophic model: in the 50works of the poet sold 30models, that is, on every model in his work accounts for only 1.7product, which is significantly less than that of other poets XVIIIcentury. Using strophic models in consideration of the text is not due to Karamzin genres and compositional forms of speech, the specificity of which is determined as the dominant feature of the text of the speech utterance. The results of correlation analysis strophic models with composite-speech models in the works of different sizes allow us to conclude that in the context of a difficult verse searches abroad XVIII—XIXcenturies Karamzin has chosen a highly original way to upgrade Russian poetry. During classicism crisis, when the genre boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, broken Sticky verse sizes and strophic forms to genres, Karamzin attempted to create an entirely new poetic system, which forms the verse, by analogy with the solid poetic forms, acquiring the status of closed verse models inherent subject-shaped, genre and thematic and compositional constants.Key words: literature, poetics, prosody, the history of Russian literature, the history of Russian poetry, Russian literature, Russian poetry, sentimentalism, N.M.Karamzin.
Matyash S.A. POETIC TRANSLATIONS (ENJAMBEMENTS) OF N.M. KARAMZIN AND THE PROBLEM OF VERSE FORMS RECEPTIONThe article presents the results of the first study of verse division (enjambements) N.M.Karamzin in the aspects of frequency and structure. In the background are considered predecessors and contemporaries Karamzin: V.K.Trediakovskii, M.V.Lomonosov, A.P.Sumarokov, G.R.Derzhavin, M.N.Muraviev, I.I.Dmitriev. Identification and description of all these poets transfers made by the method of the author. The frequency and transfers Karamzin structure and other authors analyzed with differentiation by decade (80s, 90s the XVIIIcentury, the 800-th, 10-ies the XIXcentury). Context predecessors (classicists) and contemporaries (sentimentalists) shows innovation Karamzin: he carries more than those and other transfers on various structures. Consideration of transfers Karamzin in diachronic terms and with the projection in the background revealed the nature of the reception poet founder of Russian sentimentalism experience-classicists predecessors. The study found that the search for innovative poet occur in the early stages of creativity and convergence to its predecessors— in later. Repeated appeals to the Karamzin ode to say that Karamzin-sentimentalist rejecting tradition besperenosnogo classicists style and in different periods of creativity followed this style.Key words: Karamzin N.M., Trediakovskii V.K., Lomonosov M.V., Derzhavin G.R., Muraviev M.N., DmitrievI.I., prosody, poetic transfer, enjambement, structure and transfer function , the history of Russian verse, verse forms reception.
Skibin S.M. N.M. KARAMZIN AND EVOLUTION OF RUSSIAN ANAKREONTICThis article examines a genre search N.M. Karamzin in the field of light poetry of the late eighteenth century. His work has had a huge impact on the development of Russian anakreontika. N.M.Karamzin was able to create a poetic style that combines the simplicity and casualness as a special expression of artistry, and that was the most important feature of the poetics of Anacreon. Anacreontic Karamzin discover the refined pleasures of the soul, able to suffer and enjoy. Analyzing the message Karamzin “Anacreontic poetry of A.A.Petrov”, the author shows that it can not be unambiguously attributed to the genre of anacreontic works as it combines the features and anacreontic, and goratian odes. It concerns the metrical organization of the verse and theme. The article substantiates the assumption that the “Anacreontic poetry of A.A.Petrov” was a reaction to Karamzin's correspondence with his friend and literary teacher was A.A.Petrov. In this regard the author analyzes the text of a letter dated 1August 1878, and the work itself Karamzin. The article addresses another important issue related to the interaction of creativity of I.I.Dmitriev and N.M.Karamzin. In our view, in contemporary literary criticism the question of the relationship of creativity Karamzin and Dmitriev has not yet been resolved. Based on their correspondence and memoirs, the author contrary to popular belief in modern literature that I.I.Dmitriev was not a “disciple and follower of Karamzin,” proves that in a short period of I.I.Dmitriev had to go in their coach and in the role of a student. Key words: anacreontic ode, ode goratian, easy poetry, N.M. Karamzin, I.I. Dmitriev, Anacreon.
Scriabina A.S. THE INFLUENCE OF THE STYLISTIC PECULIARITIES OF THE TITLES ON THE READERS' PERCEPTION OF THE LITERARY TEXTThe article is devoted to the study of the influence of the titles and their stylistic peculiarities on the readers' perception of the literary text. A title is a component of the text which gives it a name. It has great importance for understanding the idea and the philosophical meaning of the literary work. The title is not a simple code of symbolic system, but it is always a symbol of some meaning. In recent decades the titles of the literary works have attracted great attention of many philologists. It can be explained not because of the title's unique place but also because of its many different functions. Relevance of study is defined by development in this sphere, appearance of new aspects in title's theory and its importance in perception of the text. A special group of titles includes titles with stylistic peculiarities (tropes). The titles can include: the meaning of a literary work, its content, problem and main ideas of the literary text. It underlines that it is important to start with reading the text first because it can help to understand the main idea of the literary work better and more completely. The article describes the process of the reader's perceiving the meaning of the title and the literary work as the whole. Perception can be hindered by the absence of life experience and background knowledge of the culture, literature and folklore of English speaking countries. It also proves the title takes the main place in the structure of the literary work and gives it a great meaning. It helps to make the reader's perception more active and to direct his or her attention at the main ideas of the literary work. As the result, authors make much effort making the readers to be interested in the text with a help of its title. To achieve the aim the authors often use the tropes to attract the attention of as many readers as possible. According to tropes the classification of titles is created: titles with metaphors, epithets, hyperboles, alliteration, personification, allusion, antonyms and proverbs. They change the readers' perception with the help of stylistic devices used in the titles of literary texts. It becomes much deeper and brighter. The article underlines the importance of having skills to find, define and correctly interpret all kinds of tropes and their functions in the titles of the literary text.Key words: stylistic feature, literary work, title, trope, literary text, expressiveness, perception.
Borodavkina E.Y. THE HYPHENATION (ENJAMBEMENT) IN EARLY LYRIC OF A.BLOKThe life and work of Alexander Blok are the subject of attention of domestic and foreign researchers for over a century. Today, Blok's poetry is deeply investigated in the ideological and thematic plan of the poetics of the most studied questions of the composition. However, to this day remains not fully investigated one of the most important components of the poetics of the author— poetic syntax. The article discusses the poetry hyphenation (enjambements) of two cycles of poems by Alexander Blok “Ante lucem” and “Verses about the Beautiful Lady”, which open early lyrics of the poet. Sample of 164works, 3167lines. Using a technique developed by S.A.Matyash based on hierarchy of strength of syntactic relations M.L.Gasparov and V.Skulacheva: define the type of transfer (word, line, strophic); type (rejet (r), contre-rejet (c-r), double-rejet (d-r)) and the frequency of each of them; as if the interval between ripped transfer words; set and the frequency of syntactic relationships during migration. As background attracted similar data on Russian poetry of XIX—XXcenturies: A.S.Pushkin, M.Y.Lermontov, E.A.Baratynsky, N.A.Nekrasov, Vyacheslav Ivanov, O.Mandelstam. The analysis allows concluding that in the field of poetic syntax in the early works of A.Blok corresponds to the Russian verse tradition (restrained eating enj, a high percentage of the contacts in transfers of the type d-r, the predominance of adverbial relations). However, the relatively active use of transfers of type r and superstrong links allows to make an assumption about the development of the young poet his individual manner appropriate to the spirit of the new age not only on the ideological-thematic and composite levels, but also to rhythmical-syntactic.Key words: Alexander Blok, poetry hyphenation (enjambements), poetry syntax, frequency and structure of poetry hyphenation.
Yastrebov-Pestritskiy M.S. THE TOPONYM “KAMCHATKA” AS THE GENRE-STYLISTIC BASIS OF POETIC ESSAY OF I.SELVINSKYTaking into account that the language of fiction and, in particular, poetic language allows the mixing, combining, contamination of styles, and genre specifics of work, on the one hand, undoubtedly, requires such mixing, and on the other hand— in a some sense, dictates it, then the first task which we set is finding out what is the peculiarity of the genre of the poetic essay and what functional styles' vocabulary organizes the metaphorical body of work by I.Selvinsky “Journey across Kamchatka peninsula”. Functional and stylistic characteristics of the test material lies in capturing and describing stylistic colouring (shades of vulgar speech or, conversely, elation; explicit and implicit connotations; the obsolescence or novelty; evaluation and expressiveness, playfulness, irony, etc.) of the lexical composition of metaphorical formations of the work. In other words, our second task in this article is to demonstrate, if possible, the whole spectrum of additional shades of meaning, shades that appear in a metaphor as in a whole or in its constituent parts in the context of studied poetic discourse. In the research process, in particular, it appears that substantive metaphor, that was using by the author of the examined works, reveals not only a rich subject-object world of artistic discourse of the lyric essay, but also the sub-text associations, that are lying in its depth. They are manifested in the comparison of interpretations, connotations and shades of meanings. All this, as a result, is a clear picture of the physical world, created by the artist of the words and dominating over all other spheres of being, and the substantive metaphor, respectively, took on the role of head of word-forms cluster by the part-of-speech affiliation.Key words: a toponym, the thematic field, idiolect, genre and stylistic framework, a poetic picture of the world.


Debelo P.V., Stepanov A.S., Stepanova I.A., Romanova A.S. SPECIES COMPOSITION, DISTRIBUTION AND ABUNDANCE OF WATERFOWL ZHETYKOLSKOGO SHALKAR-LAKE REGION OF EAST ORENBURG (KEY ORNITHOLOGICAL TERRITORY OF RU-217, OB-002)Wetlands in the region has long been known as a place for mass nesting and stopover for more than 50species of waterfowl. In recent years, interest in the region has increased due to the worsening problems of the protection of the global flight routes and conservation of endangered species, because due to the increasing aridity of the territory of its waters gained value peculiar critical habitats and nodal points on the paths of migratory flows waterfowl extensive the Middle Region of Northern Eurasia. The paper summarizes the literature, departmental and personal material on the dynamics of species composition, the nature of the host, distribution and abundance of waterfowl in the region in recent decades, which can be used in the development of a set of measures aimed at optimizing the use of bio-resources of the region and the preservation of its biodiversity.Key words: Northern Eurasia, waterfowl, nature of the visit, the distribution, abundance.
Shamsutdinova M.E., Miroshnichenko I.V. FEATURES OF EXTERNAL MEN RESPIRATION PARAMETERS WITH DIFFERENT LEVELS OF PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE AND STAMINAThe study of the functioning of individual human respiratory system quite important, since it is considered that the efficiency of its cardio-respiratory system determines the level of physical performance and endurance. One of the limiting components of the functioning of the system of external respiration, are respiratory muscles, which are in the process of inspiration to work towards overcoming the elastic resistance of the lungs and neelasticheskogo. Availability features of pulmonary ventilation parameters in trained people can be one of the factors contributing to the improvement of physical performance and endurance, thereby achieving a high level of sports performance. But the question arises as to whether the individual features of ventilation options contribute to a higher level of performance and endurance in untrained people. The study assessed features of ventilation parameters and strength of respiratory muscles in untrained males 19—20years old, with different levels of static and dynamic physical performance and endurance. The young men are not involved in sports, having an initial individual characteristics of ventilation parameters do not create preconditions for the development of a high level of static and dynamic physical performance and endurance. However, given the availability of reliable dynamic relationship of physical endurance and strength of respiratory muscles of inspiration, the level of dynamic physical endurance is probably determined by the strength inspiratory muscle.Key words: physical endurance, external respiration, the respiratory muscles, physical performance.


Ilyna A.V. CHARACTERISTICS OF STOCK TRANSACTIONSLegislative consolidation of the possibility of providing services was not new even to Roman law. Transformed into modern legislation, this possibility has undergone some changes. Over time, the areas that were not previously known to humans, such as banking, insurance, securities market, which became possible as the provision of services. The following services received the name, first and foremost, because their provision was directly connected with the treatment of cash. The securities market is, first and foremost, the investment market: purchase of equity securities allows you to invest the free cash into new objects of business activity. However, the sphere of circulation of securities is not limited only to securities market in his own way. Purchase, sale of securities is implemented on the stock exchange, however, the latter acts as a springboard not only for securities but also for derivatives. Analysis of financial services in the banking sector has led to the conclusion that the banking service is manifested in the implementation of the Bank's operations and transactions. Universalism formulated banking law definition of “operation” made it possible to transfer this definition on the securities market. The stock market is so diverse that the definition of stock exchange operations was a result of a combination of insights as banking legislation and legislation on securities market.Key words: financial service, service on the securities market, securities, derivative, stock operation.

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