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November2016, №11(199)

Borodavkina E.Y. THE HYPHENATION (ENJAMBEMENT) IN EARLY LYRIC OF A.BLOKThe life and work of Alexander Blok are the subject of attention of domestic and foreign researchers for over a century. Today, Blok's poetry is deeply investigated in the ideological and thematic plan of the poetics of the most studied questions of the composition. However, to this day remains not fully investigated one of the most important components of the poetics of the author— poetic syntax. The article discusses the poetry hyphenation (enjambements) of two cycles of poems by Alexander Blok “Ante lucem” and “Verses about the Beautiful Lady”, which open early lyrics of the poet. Sample of 164works, 3167lines. Using a technique developed by S.A.Matyash based on hierarchy of strength of syntactic relations M.L.Gasparov and V.Skulacheva: define the type of transfer (word, line, strophic); type (rejet (r), contre-rejet (c-r), double-rejet (d-r)) and the frequency of each of them; as if the interval between ripped transfer words; set and the frequency of syntactic relationships during migration. As background attracted similar data on Russian poetry of XIX—XXcenturies: A.S.Pushkin, M.Y.Lermontov, E.A.Baratynsky, N.A.Nekrasov, Vyacheslav Ivanov, O.Mandelstam. The analysis allows concluding that in the field of poetic syntax in the early works of A.Blok corresponds to the Russian verse tradition (restrained eating enj, a high percentage of the contacts in transfers of the type d-r, the predominance of adverbial relations). However, the relatively active use of transfers of type r and superstrong links allows to make an assumption about the development of the young poet his individual manner appropriate to the spirit of the new age not only on the ideological-thematic and composite levels, but also to rhythmical-syntactic.Key words: Alexander Blok, poetry hyphenation (enjambements), poetry syntax, frequency and structure of poetry hyphenation.


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Author: Borodavkina E.Yu.

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Sergey Aleksandrovich

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