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Gamova N.A., Kulish N.V., Shepherds D.I. INFLUENCE OF INDEPENDENT WORK ON FORMATION OF PROFESSIONAL QUALITIES OF FUTURE BACHELORSOne of the main objectives of professional education is training of the skilled worker of appropriate level and a profile, competitive in labor market, competent, responsible, owning the profession, ready to the constant professional growth, social and professional mobility. According to FGOS of the 3rd generation the role of independent work increases in educational process of bachelors. More than a half of all school hours is allowed for her. Modern requirements to process and results of independent work on formation of professional qualities of bachelors speak about need of her special organization. Educational and nonlearning independent work of the student has been built so that to develop ability to study. Practically she was implemented by providing all students with the educational and methodical materials, such as an electronic course of lectures solved by standard options of tasks, questions for independent studying of the specified subjects, tasks which model separate stages of individual research work and tasks on work with literature in the specialty. Formation of the professional abilities allowing to apply creatively gained knowledge happened when carrying out independent work in teams, during the work on the project, with the assistance of students in the formulation and realization of the problem connected with future profession. Control of results of independent work took place in the written, oral or mixed form. The correcting of the gained knowledge was carried out after holding an interview, testing, protection of projects and the presentations as from the teacher, and the student. Independent work on formation of professional qualities has allowed to teach students to set the educational purposes, to choose optimum ways of their achievement. To work in collective. I promoted increase in motivation of training. I developed the aspiration to continuously increase the knowledge at the bachelor. I developed abilities to independent creative activity.Key words: independent work of students, all-professional competence, stages and possibilities of independent work when studying mathematics.
Petrov S.D. PEDAGOGICAL POTENTIAL OF HEURISTIC TASKS IN FORMATION OF TECHNICAL COMPETENCE FUTURE TRAINING OFFICER Development of the industry and requirement of economic growth of the national economy put a problem of increase in level of technical competence of future training officers before professional education that found reflection in new normative documents— the Professional standard “Teacher of Professional Education” and FGOS SPO “Vocational education”. Graduates of this specialty provide training of workers and experts of an average link in technical schools, colleges, the centers of applied qualifications, in training centers. The considerable share of professional activity substitutes itself the solution of the technical tasks containing heuristics elements that causes their development in educational process. On the basis of the analysis of the concepts “technical competence”, comparison of competences and labor functions of training officers was the hypothesis of use of heuristic tasks as effective pedagogical remedy of formation of technical competence of future training officer is made. In this context, heuristic tasks are a form of representation of a training material in the form of a task in which technical terminology is used. Data and conditions are submitted is incomplete or superfluous. They describe a problem situation of development of technology. The operator focuses on the solution of a technical contradiction. The way of the decision is based on methods of technical creativity and heuristics. Process of the decision demands independent, search forms of educational and creative activity in the sphere of the equipment; the result of the decision is development of a technical object, new to the student or engineering procedure and is focused on practical application in education or production. The main functions of heuristic tasks are revealed. Their pedagogical potential is determined. Components of technical competence— knowledge, abilities, experience, the relations and an assessment are installed. The made experiment on use of a complex of heuristic tasks in the conditions of college showed that the level of technical competence of experimental groups grew in comparison with control groups by 11–12.2% on an integrated indicator. That proves legitimacy of the choice of heuristic tasks and adequacy of an assessment of their potential in formation of technical competence. Key words: technical competence, master of inservice training, heuristic tasks, pedagogical potential, “idea man-laboratory of support” microgroup, competence, labor function.
Taspaeva M.G. ORGANIZATION OF PROJECT ACTIVITIES SUPPORT OF THE FUTURE PROGRAMMERModernization of modern education is to improve the quality of education, the formation of the willingness of future professionals to further work and life in society. As a basic approach to the changes in the education system, a competence approach has been singled out, providing for teachers and students the provision of conditions for the formation of a set of general and professional competences that help to form a competitive specialist. A number of scientific studies show that the introduction of modern technology into the practice of modern education, such as the method of projects, can provide a high level of the formed professional competence of students. However, the issue of an integrated approach to the organization of project activities throughout the period of the student’s studies has not been sufficiently studied. Professional competencies can not be formed within a single training course. Their formation among students should be carried out consistently, beginning with the first course, through the study of general professional disciplines, professional modules, during the practice in the framework of the implementation of a holistic project. In the organization of project activities, the content of the stages of organization of students’ project activities play an important role, as well as a set of competences (information, personal, professional) formed following the results of each stage. The process of preparation for practice presupposes the participation of students in organizational meetings, as well as the presence at regular consultations of college teachers and managers from business-practice bases. Inclusion in the educational process of design research and development work, logically and consistently connected among themselves throughout the entire period of study, allows students to go from the project topic to its implementation. Such organization of educational activity helps to form professional competencies for students-future technicians-programmers and gives the opportunity to choose the student’s own trajectory of development of professional independence and responsibility.Key words: project work, professional competence, competence approach, support of the project activities.
Frolov O.V. THE SEMANTIC INTENTIONS OF THE MODERN PROFESSIONAL PEDAGOGICAL CULTUREEntity perspective of pedagogical activity is determined by dominant cultural paradigm. The current status and content of pedagogical activity due to lower public and professional interest in humanitarian culture, humanitarian values and ethical behaviour. Pedagogical activity in its valuable context is based on the value rationality of relations, ways and technologies of interaction. It is less a phenomenon of pedagogical creativity, pedagogical art teaching skills, which laid down the idea of culture. Correlation of modern pedagogical activities with the concept of “culture” reflects its paradigm shift away from a humanistic to a push. The most important characteristic of pedagogical activity is a coercive culture of inequality of the actors of the educational process. In contemporary pedagogy perspective culture coercion becomes a humanitarian problem, because creativity inherent in the child, is limited to established teacher requirements, prohibitions and threats of sanctions. Mental and cultural identification of actors of the educational process requires dialog relations, otherwise the pedagogical activity deprives the educational process content integrity and effectiveness. Culture of coercion should be that teacher cross the critical limit when disturbed stability of creative interaction with the students.Key words: pedagogical activity, culture, culture of violence, the values of humanism, pedagogical consciousness crisis.

Philological sciences

Agarkova O.A., Putilina L.V. PRAGMALINGUISTIC FEATURES OF THE APOLOGY FORMULAS IN THE MODERN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE The anthropocentric approach, being strongly fixed in modern linguistic researches, causes the necessity of studying communicative behaviour of native speakers. The important component of communicative behaviour is the speech act of an apology, playing a significant role in regulation of social interaction. The lexical and grammatical structure of the most common formulas of an apology is a little variable, therefore, the main functional loading lays down on phonetic structure of statements, their material form transferring the chosen tonality of communication in which the communicative purposes and tasks of the speaker are implemented. The speech act of an apology, remedial ritual idiom, being learned pragmatically, comprises intension of an apology and realizes intention of a justification, recognition of own fault, a way to change a negative assessment of the personality. Results of questioning of students philologists of the Orenburg State University have allowed to reveal the most frequent formulas of apologies used at communication with familiar and unfamiliar communicants. Perceptual perceived suprasegment parameters and segment features of the formulas of the Russian speech etiquette, pronounced by speakers of a standard pronunciation (sorry, sorry, forgive, forgive, apologize) expressing polite, very polite and cold impolite communication tonalities have been determined on the basis of a method of the acoustical analysis. Each tonality is characterized by a certain “bunch” of phonetic (melodic, temporary, power and sound) parameters. Phonetic (intonational and sound) signs, marking polite, very polite and impolite tonalities in the sounding speech vary within phonetic norm. Exit for limits of this norm may change a communication tonality. The revealed phonetic means form positive or negative reaction of the interlocutor to the speech act of an apology.Key words: pragmatics, speech act, apology, intonation, intonation functions, communication tonality.
Denisov N.V. THE REALIZATION OF COGNITIVE MAP OF A MAN IN THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING MEDIA DISCOURSEThe article deals with such key definitions as anthropocentrism, discourse and media discourse. Anthropocentrism became one of the leading directions of linguistic researches at a turn of 20–21 centuries. Most of anthropologists unanimously distinguish two most fundamental from all aspects of cultural heritage: instruments of labour and speech. It is important to understand that language is in close connection with the person, his consciousness, activity. The person plays a major role in the course of generation and perception of the speech. The paper is also devoted to the research of such phenomena as concept and cognitive map and their distinction. The modern linguistics participates in knowledge of a conceptual picture of the world and the principles of the description of its separate fragments. Despite the fact that the definition “concept” is rather widespread, it still has no clear interpretation. The author examines the influence of the English media discourse and author’s assessment on forming the cognitive map. The author comes to a conclusion that within a media discourse to the forefront there is such component of the cognitive map of the person as mental abilities. It is necessary to mention that the journalist expresses the relation by means of expression of an explicit assessment in the article.Key words: anthropocentrism; discourse; media discourse; cognitive map; concept, author’s assessment.
Matyash S.A. ABOUT TYPOLOGY FUNCTION OF POETIC TRANSFERS (ENJAMBEMENTS) IN THE RUSSIAN POETRYIn big literature on poetic transfers (enjambements) there are a lot of judgments concerning functions of this reception in works of art. However these judgments, as a rule, have the nature of separate observations, and the classifications offered by scientists are based on different criteria. The works devoted to typology of functions of transfers no. In the present article the main approaches to interpretation of semantics of transfers come to light and the typology of their functions based on judgment of works of domestic and foreign stikhoved, and also on own researches of the author is offered. On the basis of rate of transfers three types of functions are allocated: the general (universal), private, exclusive— with the subsequent classification of each type. As a result of consideration of the called functions conclusions that are drawn: 1) all transfers have the general functions (increase in emotionality of the text, logical or emotional allocation of the word/phrase, marking of the graphic/expressive beginning of the word); the general functions have universal character; 2) private functions are peculiar not to all transfers; the criterion of their rate is important, but isn't the only thing; creation of transfers with these or those private functions depends on character of the work (his method, a genre, style, etc.) and identity of the poet; 3) private functions don't conflict to the general: concrete transfer, possessing all three general functions, can perform certain private functions; 4) private functions of transfers in real texts can be combined; 5) the list of private functions isn't exhausted by our list and can be replenished, including due to the spread-around exclusive functions.Key words: prosody, versification, poetic syntax, poetic transfer (enjambement), functions of poetic transfer.
Chernyshev A.B. CONFIGURATIONAL MODELS OF SPATIAL MEANINGS OF PREPOSITION “PRI”The objective of this article is the analysis of spatial meanings of Russian preposition pri modeling both its principal semantic structure and fragment ‘space’ in the Russian language view of the world. To realize the objective the article describes a theory of spatial grammar, from which a concept of dynamical space associated with motion to the object through specific human perception is derived. According to I. Rock’s experiment it is concluded that the object that surrounds or in some other way dominates the other object tends to become a reference system and as such is perceived immovable. This experiment is likely to presume attribution of generic community relations to Nature and, therefore, personification of Nature. This peculiarity of world perception has the decisive influence on language reflection of motion and entails to project its model in semantics of prepositions. This model can be described within the grammar of spatial description. Under such approach a preposition is regarded as a relator in the given “scene”. The semantic net of the preposition is stipulated by a cognitive model, which means a schematic mental pattern intrinsic to the language unit. Among spatial configurations of preposition pri ‘domain of active source’ and ‘presence’ are derived. The analysis of spatial meanings of the preposition entails a conclusion that the preposition pri models a special type of spatial relations that presume embodiment of one object in the domain of the other one. This domain makes some limit of the described space, enabling to regard this second object as a source having a ‘putative’ activity.Key words: Key word: space, preposition, configuration, cognitive model, activity.
Yastrebov-Pestritsky M.S. TOPONYM AND GIDRONY KAMCHATKA IN THE METAPHORICAL FIELD OF LYRICS OF I.SELVINSKYThis work is carried out on rich empirical material of the work I.L. Selvinsky. The purpose of the present article— to consider and systematize in field structure a metaphorical system of a poetic sketch of I.L.Selvinsky “A travel across Kamchatka”; to execute statistical calculation of different categories of metaphorical units at the morphological level and, by means of comparison of the received results, to confirm existence of this field structure in the case of the studied work; in a complex to describe a metaphor as accessory of the field having the center and the periphery; to establish connection of system of the metaphorical field as with formation of the studied work, and in general— with the author's style I.L.Selvinsky. For achievement of this multidimensional purpose it is necessary to find out in what measure morphological accessory of metaphorical units of I.L.Selvinsky is a marker, the indicator of style of this work. Advantage of a substantive metaphor indirectly confirms domination of the physical world over other spheres of life. Large number of verbal metaphors highlights dynamism, effectiveness, development of the world of Kamchatka and the person in him. In an adjektivny metaphor are implemented Ϛ— figurative and estimated opportunities of adjectives in the language picture of the world (LPW) of the poet. Adverbs metaphors show commitment of author's style to combinative unpredictability of verbal forms, to a game with the word, to an experiment with meanings. The metaphor in I.L.Selvinsky's creativity hasn't received lighting in linguistic literature. The poetic sketch “A travel across Kamchatka” remained out of sight both writers, and linguists that gives the grounds to consider the performed work absolutely independent and unique.Key words: morphological accessory, individual and author's metaphor, metaphorical field, center, periphery.


Akhmedov A.Q., Cheryomushkina V.A., Shomurodov H.F. ONTOGENESIS AND ONTOGENETIC STRUCTURE OF LAGOCHILUS INEBRIANS (LAMIACEAE) COENOPOPULATIONS IN UZBEKISTANOntogenesis of a Central Asian endemic Lagochilus inebrians Bunge and structure of its coenotic populations were studied. It was established that ontogenesis duration in Uzbekistan was not less than 25 years. The ontogenetic spectrum of coenopopulations studied was unimucronate and centric, it corresponded to the typical species spectrum. Individual density in examined coenopopulations ranged from 0.7 to 2.6 individuals per m2. Assessment of age (Δ) and effectiveness (ω) of coenopopulations showed that most of coenopopulations were mature, normal and incomplete. Incompleteness was connected with climate dryness, high temperature and increased anthropogenic impact on vegetation. The most stable growth of coenotic populations was noted with mean values of population and organism characters.Key words: coenopopulation, ontogenesis, ontogenetic structure, Uzbekistan Republic, Lamiaceae, Lagochilus inebrians Bunge.
Ivankova A.V., Suppes N.E. ANALYSIS OF MORPHOTYPES OF APIKALNY OUTGROWTHS OF INFUSORIANS CYTOPLASM OF THE OPHRYOSCOLECIDAE FAMILYEndobiontny infusorians of the Ophryoscolecidae family are the unique highly specialized group of organisms living in prestomachs ruminant. Upon transition to a way of life in inside organismal environment, they have undergone a row the morfofunktsionalnykh of adaptations at the level of aromorfoz. Ophryoscolecidae are almost completely deprived of a ciliary cover that is connected with dwelling in the environment with the increased mechanical density, the ciliary device consists of zones and remains locally on the parietal end of a cage. Formation of cytoplasm outgrowths, various in a form, on the apikalny end of a cage (thorns, blades) is the most probable, is the morpho-physiological adaptation allowing an infusorian to keep in a hem of ruminant. Morpho-physiological, ecological and biological and phylogenetic researches of infusorians of a stomach of ruminant are necessary for clarifications of questions of systematization, evolution and the nature of relationship in system “for an infusorian— the owner”. According to the purpose of work morphotypes the apikalnykh of outgrowths of cytoplasm of infusorians of the Ophryoscolecidae family from a hem of cattle of the Ishim district have been revealed. During the research in the territory of the Ishim district of the Tyumen region 22look the endobiontnykh of the infusorians relating to 9families of the Ophryoscolecidae family are noted. It is established that in community “unaided individuals” prevail (71.8%), among the “armed” morphotypes (28.2%) the group of protozoa supplied with 1thorn on an apikalny pole of a cage (19.59%) is most presented. The specified ratio of various morphotypes is statistically reliable and confirms a hypothesis according to which endobiontny infusorians, living in specific conditions of a digestive tract of ruminant, are forced to adapt to the increased mechanical density of the environment, in communication with what the abundance of the organisms deprived of any additional outgrowths for simplification of the movement is observed. On the other hand, peristaltic reduction of a digestive tract causes the necessity to resist to current of food masses and to keep in the top departments of a stomach and the most adaptive adaptation for this purpose is existence of 1powerful thorn.Key words: endobiontny infusorians, Ophryoscolecidae, hem, morpho-physiological adaptations, biotic relationship, cattle.
Kvan O.V., Konstantinova Yu.A., Alyokhina G.P., Bykov A.V. INFLUENCE OF PROBIOTIC PREPARATIONS ON BLOOD HEMATOLOGIC PARAMETERS OF LABORATORY ANIMALSRecently, researchers in the world have become interested in symbiotic microorganisms and probiotic drugs based on them. As a result of numerous studies in this field, more and more new probiotic supplements are being created. And proceeding from these data, the goal of this study was formulated: to study the effect of strains of symbiont microflora on the hematological indices of the blood of laboratory animals. The work is aimed at studying the influence of probiotic drugs (sporobacterin, soybean-bifidum) on morphological and biochemical indicators of blood of laboratory animals of the Wistar line. Studies of the morphological parameters of the blood of experimental animals showed that the level of leukocytes in the first test group (sporobacterin) significantly exceeded the control n, in the second experimental group (soya-bifidum), a significant decrease in the index was observed. Of all the morphological parameters, significant changes were characterized by hemoglobin and platelets in the first experimental group. Thus, the hemoglobin level of the first test group significantly exceeded control. The content of platelets in the first test group also significantly exceeded the control group in two, in the second test group the content was within the normal range. Considering the biochemical indicators of the blood of experimental animals, it should be pointed out that the level of amylase and creatinine in the second experimental group significantly decreases with respect to control. On the parameters of the total protein, the changes were insignificant. The urea index in the second test group increased significantly, relative to control. The index of glucose content relative to the control group in both the first test group and in the second group decreased. The level of total cholesterol throughout the period was relatively stable and is close to the control values. Thus, the inclusion of probiotic drugs in the diet of animals improves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. In the course of experimental studies, soybean bifidum has a positive effect on blood counts, and the administration of sporobacterin leads to an increase in the content of leukocytes, hemoglobin and platelets, which indicates the occurrence of an inflammatory process in the body of experimental animals.Key words: probiotics, sporobacterin, soya-bifidum, rats.
Miroshnikova E.P., Arinzhanov A.E., Kilyakova Y.V. PARTICULARLY THE EXCHANGE OF CHEMICAL ELEMENTS IN FISH WHEN ADMINISTERED IN THE DIET AND DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS OF IRON NANOPARTICLESRecent advances in animal nutrition has significantly increase the range of use of dietary supplements, a positive effect on growth rate, feed conversion and resistance of the organism. Research on warm-blooded animals have shown the promise of joint use of dietary supplements and metal nanoparticles in feeding, however, the experimental work in fish farming on the subject are rare. We first studied the prospects of joint use of preparations of nanoparticles of iron and supplements in the feeding of fish and showed that their simultaneous use enhances performance of weight gain up to 28% compared to control. With the introduction in the diet of Fe NPS (nanoparticles) noted a significant increase in concentrations of macro— and micronutrients compared to control: calcium 42% (P<0.001), potassium 8.2% (P<0.05), magnesium 19% (P<0.001), sodium 27% (P<0.001), phosphorus by 32% (P<0.001), chromium by 6% (P<0.05), copper 18.8% (P<0.05), cobalt 6% (P<0.05), manganese by 72.2% (P<0.001), selenium 17.5% (P<0.001) and zinc by 34% (P<0.001). When added to the diet of Fe NPS and the enzyme, Rovabio XL showed a significant increase in sodium concentration by 13% (P<0.01), copper 14% (P<0.05), cobalt 9.6% (P<0.05), manganese 26.6% (P<0.05), selenium 9.2% (P<0.01) and zinc 42.5% (P<0.001) and decreased concentration of calcium by 26% (P<0.001) compared to control. When included in the ration Fe NPS and Bifidobacterium bifidum showed a significant increase in the content of elements in comparison with the control: the calcium 148% (P<0.001), and potassium 62% (P<0.001), magnesium 111% (P<0.001), sodium 100% (P<0.001) and phosphorus by 100% (P<0.001), chromium 36.8% (P<0.001), copper 84% (P<0.001), cobalt 174% (P<0.001), iron 58% (P<0.001), manganese 270% (P<0.001), selenium by 82% (P<0.001) and zinc by 125% (P<0.001). Analysis of the content of toxic elements in the fish body showed that for the experimental groups was characterized by a decrease in the concentration of elements except lead. Thus, it is established that the joint inclusion in the diet of carp nanoparticles of iron and dietary supplements positively affects the accumulation of macro— and micronutrients and does not affect the accumulation of toxic elements in the body of a fish, with the best performance on the dynamics of live weight was obtained by joint use of Fe NPS of the drug and probiotic Bifidobacterium bifidum.Key words: enzymes, probiotics, fish feeding, nanoparticles, iron, macronutrients, micronutrients.
Mustafin R.F., Habirov I.K., Sultanova R.R., Rayanov A.R. INFLUENCE OF A RELIEF ON STOCKS OF SNOW COVER AND MOISTURE ON FOREST SOILSThe woods play a large role in water cycle, enrich the atmosphere with oxygen and support balance in the nature, and also the woods carry out the water preserving, protective, antierosion, sanitary and hygienic, improving, recreational functions. Studying of stocks of snow, their definition is to important components of life cycle of the wood. Researches of stocks of snow cover were conducted on the timberland of GU of the Ufa forest area which includes nine local forest areas: Demsky, Pokrovsk, Ufa, Chishminsky, Yumatovsky, New and Troitsk, Blagoveshchensk, Oryol, Blagovarsky statistical, mathematical calculation, and also analysis of references. During the researches snow-measuring shooting has been carried out and the obtained data are processed in geographic information systems. Observations of indicators of height of snow cover on the timberland are presented for 2015–2016 from October to April. Determined height, density and structure of snow cover. Proceeding from the obtained data, have defined the water-supply which is contained in snow cover, for each studied month. Then the summary table by results of field and cameral works has been made. Further, using GIS-technologies, digitization of the topographic map of the timberland and the nearby territory is made, then results of researches are caused on her.Key words: wood, timberland, stock of snow cover, water-supplies, field works, cameral works, GIS-technologies, Ufa district.
Chirkova E.N., Zavaleeva S.M., Sadykova N.N., Chernoprudova P.V. MORPHOLOGICAL FEATURES OF THE LUNG AND HEART OF THE BRANDT’S BAD (MYOTIS BRANDTII)Bats are fairly widespread, are an important and permanent component of many biocenoses. However, the hidden and specific way of life of bats, their morphological features, did not contribute to the full study of these animals on the territory of not only the Orenburg region, but all of Russia. Evolution of these animals proceeded along the path of adaptation to flight and development of the air habitat, which was accompanied by profound changes in their biological organization. In the second half of the XXcentury the inventory of the fauna of the bats of the Urals in general was completed. In the region, 12species of bats were identified. At the present time, as a result of the use of modern technical means of detecting bats and more sophisticated devices for capturing in field research, a qualitatively high level of study of bats has been noted. It is known that animal organs can be modified depending on the lifestyle and overall load on the body, including the heart and lungs, the variability of which is not only of general biological interest, but has some significance in the disclosure of physiological processes, depending on environmental conditions.The bat’s lungs are proportional to the formation, which is caused by the need to stretch them in different directions and to varying degrees. A certain dependence on the type of breathing has the development of paired parts and depends on the locomotion of the animals. According to our data, the bat’s right lung is lobular, but it is not marked in the left lung. The right lung includes the apical, cardiac and diaphragmatic lobes and the most developed is the diaphragm, which is determined by the type of respiration of the animal. From the right lung, a small, unpaired, overactive fraction that probably is an indicator not only of the organization of the lungs, but also shows the ratio of the lungs to the heart with its large vessels, and to the diaphragm, separated from the heart by this lobe. The hard part from the inside of the anterior margin has a special bronchus. Education in the lobes of shares according to their number, shape and position is not accidental, but it is natural and inherent only in mammals.Key words: morphology, bat, Brandt’s bat, heart, lungs.
Chudinova O.N., Tumureeva N.N., Sanzhieva S.E. ESTIMATION OF NOISE POLLUTION OF URBAN ENVIRONMENT FROM AUTOMOBILE TRANSPORTIn connection with the recent intensive increase in the number of automobile transport, there is an increase in noise pollution of the environment. This leads to the fact that the population living in residential buildings along the roads is in a state of noise discomfort. At the same time, to date no comprehensive studies have been conducted on the noise impact from road transport in Ulan-Ude. The article gives an assessment of noise pollution in Ulan-Ude from automobile transport, which is the most important environmental problem and largely determines the quality of life of the population. The analysis of traffic congestion in Ulan-Ude allowed selecting sections of the street-road network to assess noise pollution. At the selected points, measurements were made on noise from automobile flows during periods of maximum traffic intensity of vehicles and equivalent sound levels were calculated. Comparative analysis of the data obtained in accordance with the requirements of normative and technical documents showed a significant excess of the permissible noise levels. The greatest excess of the standard was found in the most densely populated area of Ulan-Ude. Thus, the noise levels from automobile transport were established for all the motor roads in Ulan-Ude, both according to calculated data and by the results of field measurements. To reduce the noise level, measures are proposed that will reduce the level to normative values, including landscaping along the roads.Key words: automobile transport, noise, equivalent noise level, landscaping of the territory.

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