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Historical sciences

Zlobin Yu.P. INSTITUTE OF GOVERNOR-GENERAL POWER IN THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE AT MODERN FOREIGN HISTORIOGRAPHY The author conducted the analysis of monographs and articles of American, English, German, Polish, Ukrainian and Finnish historians, devoted to the state structure of Russia at XVIII – the beginning of XX century and to the institution of governor-generals as its constitutive part. Also the author marked new methodological approaches and tendencies of opinions of western researchers promoted to publication of some interesting and solid works promoted to the figure and activity of governor-generals at some separate regions of multinational Russian Empire.Key words: public administration, Russian Empire, XVIII — the beginning of XX century, institution of governor-generals, historiography, foreign historians

Philosophical sciences

Chercoziyanova T.V. ONTOLOGICAL AND PHILOLOGICAL DEFINITIONS OF THE CONCEPT FATE IN THE CONTEXT OF INFORMATIONAL SYSTEMS SELF-ORGANIZATION The paradigm of informational essence of a person is important enough at the modern philosophical anthropology. On the base of synergetic approach the tendency of subjective-informational determinant estrangement from personal perception and formation of unconscious psychological processes are regarded in this article. It is shown that the consciousness, determination and summarizing of these processes leads them into over-conscious, transcendental sphere and abstracts them by universal concept – code Fate.Key words: fate, systems self-organization, adaptation, memory, sphere context, informational structures
Ivanov S.Yu. UNIVERSAL, SPECIAL AND SINGLE AS CATEGORIES OF DIALECTICAL LOGIC Different approaches to the determination of such categories as universal, special and single are researched in this article. Primary role of the form is proved at the first approach (formal-logical). The most complete functional concernment of the categories: universal, special and single for comprehension of essence of any phenomenon is emphasized at the second approach (dialectic). For determination of essence of researched categories just dialectic approach is dominating.Key words: universal, special, single, category, dialectic approach, formal-logical approach
Kalinin M.G. NONEXPLICATION OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE IN THE SYSTEM OF ORIGEN AND ITS HERMENEVTIC MEANINGIn this article the task of thought expression in two cultural languages at once, what was before Origen, in their dialogue and only in their dialogue was regarded in this article. The meaning of these two paradigms – Hellenic and Near-Eastern – are formed into sinphemic lines because to co-think and to co-exis these meanings can only in the unity with theologems which do not lead to any paradigms.Key words: amotivational clutch of meanings, semantic potential of three-letters root, sinphema, myth, overcoming of determination

Social sciences

Gilmiyarova A.S. SOCIAL-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE MUNICIPAL REGION OF YANAULSKY REGION – THE RESULT OF PERSONNEL WORK PRIORITY In this article the general results of bodies’ activity of the municipal region of Yanaulsky region at effective use of labor territorial resources are regarded.Key words: activity of municipal bodies, Yanaulsky region, Republic of Bashkortostan, social-economic development

Economic sciences

Korchagina A.S. TO THE QUESTION OF SOCIAL-ECONOMIC SPECIFICITY OF STATE-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP In conditions of Russian reality the problem of increase of quality and effectiveness of public benefit production obtains special concernment. State-private partnership is more perspective mechanism of the effectiveness support of state regulation which stipulates for theoretical essential of research of relations of a state and private sector interaction.Key words: state-private partnership, "state's failures", "market failures", production of public benefit, state sector, private sector, state's interests, interests of private enterprise
Koshkina E.N. THE MODEL OF INNOVATION DIVERSIFICATION OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES MARKET ON THE BASE OF EDUCATIONAL OKRUGS’ FORMATION IN ORENBURG REGION In Orenburg region tertiary market is weakly developed at enough higher index of gross regional product. Though there are all suppositions for diversification of economy and development of social sphere but its realization is impossible without new qualified staff for training of whom it is necessary to use other approaches to educational system of our region. In this article the author suggests the bases of educational okrugs formation in Orenburg region directed on optimization of education management structure, achievement of the balance at the territorial distribution of educational organizations, increase of specialists’ qualification in the sphere of education. The effectiveness of the suggested model of educational okrugs work is calculated with help of methods of qualimetry. Key words: innovation diversification, educational okrugs, the model of educational okrugs, the poles of growth, economic kernel, qualimetry
Chernova O.A. BACKBONE PRINCIPALS OF FORMING OF INNOVATION REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGYThe lacks of existing methodology of planning of innovational development of regions leaded to the development of intraregional disproportion are analyzed in this article. It is noted that the regional development is realized exclusively in frames of branch approach ignoring the tasks of spatial development. The author suggests principals guaranteeing the forming of conditions for system-constructive activity of regional economic subjects. Key words: regional strategy, branch approach, principals of development, innovation processes, innovation resources
Bulyarskaya S.A., Bulyarskiy S.V., Sinitsyn A.O. FORMING OF VIRTUAL SCIENTIFIC COLLECTIVES IN FORM OF CONSORTIUM The processes of forming of virtual scientific collectives without registration of a legal person are regarded in this article. The motivations of such collectives’ forming are revealed here. The principals the realization of which guarantees their stability are determined. The authors analyze legal aspects of formation of virtual collectives and show that the contract of strategic partnership has definite advantages against the contract of full association. The questions of virtual collective management are regarded and it is shown that for successful its activity it is necessary to form leading center for example in from of scientific-technical Soviet and also coordinating Soviet at activities’ trends.
Krivorotov V.V., Kalina A.V., Khmelniker E.S. APPRAISAL OF CONDITION AND FORECASTING OF DEVELOPMENT OF GENERAL INDEXES OF SOCIAL SPHERE ON THE TERRITORY OF URAL FEDERAL OKRUG The problems of Russian economy development on the modern stage from the position of guarantee of steady-safety social-economic development are regarded in this article. The authors suggest methodological approach and make the appraisal of social sphere condition and steadiness of current processes for the territory of Ural Federal Okrug. On the example of Sverdlovsk region the authors make the forecasting of general indexes of social sphere at different scripts of production sector development.Key words: steady-safety social-economic development, social sphere, appraisal of condition, indicative analysis, economic-mathematical models
Parusimova N.I. POSTCRISES DEVELOPMENT OF CREDIT BUSINESS IN RUSSIA The reasons of pressing of a credit briefcase at the period of crises are researched in this article. Internal and external factors which stipulate for increase of crediting volume of the real sector of economy are revealed here. The author proves the ways of credit risks decrease, assortment widening and increase of credit products accessibility which satisfy the needs of real sector of economy at renewal and widening of production.Key words: crediting, credit products, credit risks, credit briefcase, credit mechanism, credit policy


Andreyashkina N.I. COMPARATIVE APPRAISAL OF ECOTOPES AT FLORISTIC STRUCTURE OF VASCULAR PLANTS (POLAR URAL)The author gives comparative appraisal of six types of habitats at the systematic structure of flora and presentation of ecological and latitudinal geographical groups of types of vascular plants consisting into the structure of tundra associations with single trees and lower levels of larch light forests and forests.Key words: vascular plants, types of plants, flora structure, tundra associations
Kalinkina V.A. ONTOMORPHOGENESIS TRIFOLIUM LUPINASTER L. IN THE WESTERN PART OF AREALThe characteristic of ontomorphogenesis TRIFOLIUM LUPINASTER L. in the Western part of areal is given in this article. General age periods (latent, virginal, generative and senile) are described on the base of observations, conducted in the nature.Key words: bastard lupine, ontomorphogenesis, age condition, life form
Polyanskaya T.A., Vedernikova O.P. CHARACTERISTIC OF COENOPOPULATIONS PYROLA ROTUNDIFOLIA L. IN REPUBLIC MARI-ELAnalysis of 14 coenopopulations (CP) Pyrola rotundifolia L. in different ecological-phytocoenotical conditions in Republic Mari-El shows that for majority of CP ecological potencies are realized from 3 till 61%. Ontogenetic specters with maximum on the individuals’ groups of pregenerative period, small oscillations of demography parameters connected with intense vegetative propagation are characterized for majority of CP of copperleaf. The highest production with common phytomass of P. Rotundifolia is revealed in spruce forest covered with green moss (172 g/m2), the smallest – in reedgrass- herb birch forest – 58,52 g/m2.
Ilyushechkina N.V. CHARACTERISTIC OF COENOPOPULATIONS HELICHRYSUM ARENARIUM (L.) MOENCH. ON THE TERRITORY OF STATE NATURAL RESERVE PRISURIYSKIY REPUBLIC OF CHUVASHIAThe analysis of ecological-coenotical characteristics of Helichrysum arenarium (L.) Moench. allows widening the borders of ecological areal of soil resources with nitrogen and soil acidity. The coefficient of variation of morphological parameters of H. arenarium persons are determined in this article. The presence of maximums on the persons of generative period and full-member character of age specters certifies the optimal conditions of existing.Key words: types of plants, natural populations, conditions of existing
Galiulina A.A. STEADINESS OF STRAWBERRIES BREEDS TO DISEASES AND DEPREDATORS IN CONDITIONS OF BASHKIR PREDURALIEThe results of steadiness research of 10 breeds of strawberries to diseases and depredators in conditions of Bashkir Preduralie are given in this article. The steadiest breeds at these characteristics are revealed here.Key words: strawberries breeds, steadiness to diseases and depredators
Piskunov V.V., Davidenko T.N., Davidenko O.N. INFLUENCE OF SUBJECTIVE FACTOR ON NUMERICAL CHARACTERISTIC OF BIRDS’ HABITATSThe information of studying of subjunctive factor influence on the results of description of birds’ habitats with using numerical methods is given in this article. Peculiarities of differences origin between information of different researchers on the level of associations of different degree of complexity and also on the level of individual birds’ territories are revealed here.Key words: birds' habitats, ecology, Privolzhskaya eminence
Khubiev A.B. BIRDS’ POPULATION OF MOUNTAIN MEADOWS OF ROCKY MOUNTAIN RIDGE ON NORTHERN CAUCASIASummer population of mountain meadows in two regions of rocky mountain ridge situated on different heights are regarded in this article. The author reveals differences in fauna and number of birds, marks the influence of weather conditions and perennial changes of birds’ population of mowing meadows and mountain meadows on steep slopes.Key words: birds, population, mountain meadows, rocky mountain ridge, Northern Caucasia
Litvinova E.A., Litvinov M.N. ECOLOGICAL AND BIOLOGICAL PECULIARITIES OF FLEAS (SIPHONAPTERA) OF SYNANTHROPIC RODENTS (RODENTIA) IN THE SOUTH OF PRIMORIE The information about peculiarities of ecology and biology of fleas of synanthropic rodents in the South of Primorie is summarized here. The authors analyze the dependence of fleas from host- bread-winner, specificity, type of parasite and peculiarities of life cycle of four types. Also they clear up that fleas of synanthropic rodents all-the-year-roundly propagate it, have high prolificacy, short terms of metamorphosis and little developed from climate factors. The authors give recommendations at terms and methods of disinfestations measures.Key words: fleas, synanthropic rodents, parasitism, specificity, bread-winners, metamorphosis, physiological age, gonoactivity
Baitelova A.I., Zinyukhin G.B., Ermolaeva A.A., Kapustina O.A. APPRAISAL OF ZAO ORENBURG BATTERY FARM INFLUENCE ON QUALITY OF AMBIENT AIR OF THE VILLAGE YUNIY IN ORENBURG DISTRICT The influence of production activity of ZAO Orenburg battery farm on condition of ambient air of the village Yuniy in Orenburg district Orenburg region is regarded in this article. The authors determine priority injurous additives on the mass of emissions and categories of matters dangerous; also they calculate the category of dangerous of battery farm and size of its sanitary-defense zone.Key words: the category of dangerous of an enterprise, enterprise, condition of ambient air
Maslov M.V. ACCLIMATIZATION OF DAPPLED DEER - CERVUS NIPPON (TEMM., 1838) – ON THE TERRITORY OF USSURIYSKIY RESERVE: HISTORY AND MODERN CONDITION The information about acclimatization results of dappled deer on the territory of Ussuriyskiy reserve is given in this article. The author shows stage-by-stage forming of population group, influence on flora at high compactness, interspecific correlation of deer-big deer number and modern distribution of dappled deer.Key words: acclimatization, ungulates, dappled deer, population group, distribution, woody-shrubby flora

Physical-mathematical sciences

Manakov N.A., Tolstobrov Yu.V., Shiling G.S. MICROMAGNETIC MODELING OF SURFACE ANISOTROPY INFLUENCE ON BLAST FURNACE STRUCTURES IN NANNOPLATEThe results of numeral modeling of blast furnace structures in nannoplate with surface anisotropy are presented in this article. It is shown that in the same example equilibrium conditions are possible, on which turning on of surface anisotropy influences in different ways: a) don’t influence notably, b) influence only on the structure of blast furnace borders, c) change the type of blast furnace structures.Key words: Micromagnetic modeling, blast furnace structure, surface anisotropy, nannoplate

Technical sciences

Sevastiyanova S.N. BIOENERGETICS. WOOD (FUEL) GRANULESModern condition and perspectives of development of wood (fuel) granules production technologies in Russia and abroad are regarded in this article on the base of literary review. The demands to the process of saw dust granulation and peculiarities of this process are determined here.Key words: bioenergetics, fuel granules, wood granules, pellets, granulator
Pripadchev A.D. METHODS OF DETERMINATION OF OPERATIONAL EXPENSES FOR ECONOMIC APPRAISAL OF AIRCRAFTSThe structure of operational expenses and their classification are regarded in this article. Prime cost of transportations at types of aircrafts on the basis of one ton-kilometers is regarded here. The attention is given to the calculation of shock-absorption and maintenance of plane-motors Park. The structure of changes and determination of price on aircraftkerosene accounting market tendencies are presented here and also remuneration of labor specificity of aircraft-lifting structure is presented in this work.Key words: transportation system, aircraft, operational expenses, shock-absorption, maintenance
Rassokha V.I. SITUATION MANAGEMENT OF MOTOR TRANSPORT SYSTEMS (PART 2. SYNTHESIS OF MANAGEMENT SYSTEM)The author suggests typical structure of motor transport system and its management, foreseeing three levels – administrative regulation, corporative and automatic management. Also she describes the scheme and succession of situation management and based on it conception which is primary for using in conditions of instability, high dynamics and abruptness of changes in logistics systems of different levels. Key words: motor transport system, logistics system, management system, situation management, synthesis
Buresh O.V., Tokareva M.A., Chepasov V.I. CALCULATION OF STRENGTHENING CHARACTERISTICS OF BEARING STRUCTURES OF MOBILE MACHINES ON THE BASE OF DETERMINATE AND PROBABILISTIC APPROACHESThe methodic of soundness calculation of frame-type fabricated metals of mobile machines consisted of flat elements is given on the base of determinate and probabilistic approaches. The appraisal of deflected mode is based on the position of variation Pits’s principal and allows accounting different types of borders of a flat element of space frame and its typical peculiarities. The methodic is realized in the program complex PLOSK using the results of which the authors suggest algorithm of construction of transference and reaction models with using correlated and factorial analysis.Key words: construction, soundness of frame-type fabricated metals, deflected mode, variation Pits’s principal, program complex "PLOSK", determinate and probabilistic approaches, model.

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