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№ 1 2007

Humanitarian sciences

Polyakov A.N. OLD RUSSIAN CIVILIZATION AND VARYAG QUESTIONThe one of more important problems at Russian historiography: the role varyags at Kiev Russia foundation and Russians origin, is regarded in this article. On the base of wide range of sources the author suggests his own opinion of vexed questions.
Mikhashchenko A.L. TEACHING AT COSSACK SCHOOLS OF ORENBURG PROVINCEThe questions concerned with quality of teachers’ staff and their educational-professional level are regarded in this article. The information about remuneration of labor of youth’s tutors, who have constant financial difficulties, is given here.
Lyubichankovsky V.A. NATURAL-SCIENCE CONSTITUENT OF PERSONAL CULTURE AS A FIELD OF FORMING OF NEW VALUES "GROWTH POINTS" AT THE CULTURE OF XXI CENTURYThe attempt is made in this article to prove the idea according to which the forming of new values "growth points" at the culture of XXI century must be dominated at science way of world development. It is necessary to solve many problems before to find these growth points. Some of them are indicated in this article.
Pobedinsky V.N. HISTORIOSOPHY OF EURASIAN TEACHING AND CONTEMPORANEITYEurasian approach to the questions of history philosophy at the context of globalization and the problems of modern Russia is regarded in this article. Brief characteristic of Eurasian teaching is given here. Mental presuppositions of modern terrorism origin from the point of view of Eurasian teaching are regarded in this work.
Belyaev I.A. INTERNATIONALISM OF INTEGRATED PEACEATTITUDE This article is devoted to the consideration of integrated peaceattitude of human creature in the context of peculiar to it internationalism and intension. Internationalism of integrated peaceattitude is understood here as its general object-semantic trend, intension – as any particular variety of its relevant trend on definite subjects and processes. The author distinguishes three typical variants of focusing of integrated peaceattitude internationalism of an individual: on use, on values and on welfare.
Samodelkin V.P. SOCIAL ASPECTS OF CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION AT SOLUTION OF PERSONNEL PROBLEMS OF REGIONAL LABOR MARKETS Social appraisal of continuous professional education problem at the present stage of society development is given in this article. The importance and expediency of multilevel professional education are revealed at the solution of personnel problems of stable regional development. The author suggests the model of multilevel continuous professional education, training and retraining of personnel at regional science-educational complex.
Florya A.V., Kornosenkov S.V. ARGUMENT AD HOMINEM: POSSIBILITY OF ITS CORRECT USAGE AT PUBLICISMArgumentum ad hominem ("passing to personalities") is a rude violation of semantic text correctness, which is logical trick, impossible at respectable publicism. However this phenomenon is polysemantic and not only negative. It is expressive and attractive attention method and talented literary men can use it in a civilized manner and productively, with advantage for artistic aims. One of the more typical methods of its reunderstanding is "reflection" of other’s speech manner and derision of authors, resorting to "passing to personalities". Such authors make it roughly and primitively, and their exposers turn this trick into witty method of parody.

Economic sciences

Khamitova L.K. CONTENT AND PECULIARITIES OF STATE-MARKET REGULATION OF REPRODUCTION PROCESS AT AGRICULTUREThe content and peculiarities of reproduction approach to regulation of agrarian sector at conditions of unsaturated agrofood market is revealed in this article. The trends of system forming of state-market regulation of reproduction process at agriculture at the modern stage of its development are determined here.
Zueva E.G. ALTERNATIVE APPROACH TO RESTRUCTURING OF RUSSIAN INDUSTRYThe problems of organizational structure adaptation to new conditions, changes at style and methods of management: the role of enterprise top managers is shown, positive approach to restructuring of enterprise is given instead of attention concentration on the problems, are researched in this article. Belonging and full involvement of personnel to projecting and realization of organizational changes are regarded here. The conclusion of open vision of dominated values by personnel – as starting moment of restructuring is made in this work.
Degtyarev A.N., Degtyareva S.V. COMPARATIVE TRANSFORMATIONS MODELING OF INSTITUTIONAL MATRIXES OF SOCIAL-ECONOMIC SYSTEMS This work is devoted to the problems of institutional matrixes transformation, composed the base of social-economic systems (SES). From the position of systematic approach supposed the synthesis of historical-economic science and evolutional economy, theory of institutional matrixes and systems theory, and also principals of philosophy and social science in frames of this research, historical-economic reconstruction is passed and on its base transformational processes at the system of base institutions of social environment allowing making conclusions of forecasting character concerning possible vectors of further development of SES are modeled. Revealed regularities are correlated with existing historical-statistical materials and scientific conclusions of other researchers.
Asadullina A.V. TO THE APPRAISAL OF PRODUCTION OF INSTITUTIONAL REGIONAL SPHERE This article is written at development of the earlier published scientific works of native and foreign researchers, devoted to the problems of regional competitiveness. The system of productive institutional factors of regional competitiveness and instruments for analysis of quality (production) of institutional regional sphere are presented in this work.
Aliev A.A. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF OIL-GAS COMPLEX AT LABORSUPERFLUOUS-DEPRESSED REGIONSocial functions of large, middle, small companies, separate entrepreneurs at solution of accumulated social problems of depressed region are proved in this work, the appraisal of oil and gas reserves at the region is given, the dynamics of development of economic and social indexes of region development is analyzed and social-economic consequences of oil-gas complex development are proved in this article. Different appraisals of new work places number which can be created as a result of oil-gas sector development and creation of corresponding social and production infrastructure are regarded in this work.
Baltina A.M., Komarova E.I. METHODIC PERFECTION OF CALCULATION OF TAX LOAD INDEXES ON REGIONAL ECONOMYDifferent variants of calculation of tax load indexes on regional economy are regarded in this article. The comparison of usage for calculation depending on analysis aim of accrual and paid tax indexes (with accounting and without accounting of cancelled arrears), gross regional product, gross value added, balanced financial result, is conducted in this work.
Merkitanov A.P. THEORETICAL BASES OF STEADINESS, STABILITY AND RELIABILITY OF BANKINGTheoretical bases of steadiness, stability and reliability of banking are regarded in this article. The content of concepts: steadiness, stability and reliability with reference to banking, is revealed here. The appraisal of different approaches to the treatment of the concepts "bank" and "banking" is passed in this work.

Natural sciences

Nikitina O.A., Shkundina F.B. ALGOBENTHOS ECOLOGICAL-FLORISTIC CHARACTERISTIC OF RUNNY PONDS ON THE TERRITORY OF STERLITAMAK TOWNThe studying results of benthos algoflora of runny ponds on the territory of Sterlitamak town (Republic of Bashkortostan) at the period from November 2005 till September 2006 are given in this article. 253 species and varieties of algae among 73 genus, 4 suborders, 20 orders, 10 classes and 5 sections are revealed. Ecological-floristic characteristic of studied species is conducted in this work.
Baitelova A.I., Shabanova S.V. APPRAISAL OF ECOLOGICAL TROUBLE OF THE TERRITORY BORDERING TO BOILER-HOUSE OF TOTSKY DISTRICT OF ORENBURG REGIONThis article is devoted to the complex appraisal of atmospheric air quality of village Totskoe of Orenburg region according to criteria and parameters characterized the condition of air and "accepted" environments (precipitations and soil). Given results can be used for appraisal of ecological condition of Totsky district natural environment, for their ranking at air quality, precipitations and soil, and also for working of recommendations and technical decisions of their optimization.
Karpova G.V., Mannapova R.T. INFLUENCE OF HARDPHASE BACTERIAL FERMENTATION OF CELLULOSECONTAINING FORAGES ON THE LEVEL OF VITAMINS IN MILK OF COWSIt is established that additional bringing of cellulosecontaining forages (husk of millet, buckwheat, sunflower peelings) in usual ration of milch cows after hardphase bacterial fermentation with celluloselytic, pentosefermented, lactate and propionicacid bacteria promotes the increase of content in milk of A, D, E liposoluble vitamins and С, В1, В2, В3, В6, В12, РР water soluble vitamins.
Khabirov I.K., Batanov B.N., Gabassova I.M., Asylbaev I.G., Yakupov I.Zh. MINING COMPLEX INFLUENCE OF OF ZAURALIE ON CHEMICAL STRUCTURE OF SOILThe content and distribution of 63 chemical elements in rocks, soils of meadow and forest ecosystems of Zauralie mining region of Republic of Bashkortostan, confirmed with heterolevel antropogenic load, are studied in this article. The peculiarities and regularity of chemical elements distribution by soil profile depending on ways of their entrance, soil quality, presence of different geochemical barriers, natural anomalies and man-caused factors, are established here.
Kolesnikov P.N., Manakov N.A., Tolstobrov Yu.V. MICROMAGNETIC MODELING OF DOMAIN STRUCTURES AT MULTICHIP PRISM OF TRIANGULAR SECTIONThe results of numeral modeling of magnetization distribution at infinitely long multichip prism of triangular section are presented in this article. Several types of domain structures arisen at variation of magnetic parameters and size of monocrystal are revealed here. The sphere of every discovered structures existence is shown on diagram.
Kozminykh V.O., Goncharov V.I., Kozminykh E.N., Nozdrin I.N. CONDENSATION OF KLAIZEN’S METHYLKETONES WITH DIALKYLOXALATES AT SYNTHESIS OF BIOLOGICAL ACTIVE CARBONYL COMPOUNDS (REVIEW, PART 1)Known information is summarized and modern data of ester condensation of Klaizen’s methylketones with dialkyloxalates at synthesis of biological active tricarbonyl compounds, and also some polycarbonyl systems (polyketides), containing connivent 1,2- and 1,3-dicarbonyl links are discussed in this article.

Technical sciences

Kushnarenko V.M., Fot A.P. APPRAISAL AND FORECASTING OF METALS AND ALLOYS CAPACITY FOR WORK OF EQUIPMENT, WORKING AT CONDITIONS OF CORROSION ENVIRONMENT INFLUENCE Appraisal of existing properties and search of new metal materials for production of high-reliability and perennial equipment, working at hard climatic conditions at influence of high-aggressive environments, need setting of appraisal criteria of corrosive steadiness of materials and effectiveness of protection measures with aim of timely and efficient appraisal of conditions of equipment units and details and forecasting of term of its safety exploitation, foundation of equipment and methods of experimental researches.
Klevtsova N.A., Fot A.P., Klevtsov G.V., Frolova O.A. INFLUENCE OF SINGLE AND DOUBLE AGING ON MECHANICAL PROPERTIES AND FAILURE MECHANISM OF AUSTENITIC STEEL 06ХН28МДТAustenitic steels are one of general constructive materials, which is used widely at mechanical engineering, instrument-making and other branches of technique because of high mechanical and technological properties in wide range of temperature. However at the process of cooling and deformation some steels of this class show inclination to phase transformations, which not always unambiguously influence on their properties at different types of weighting. This article is devoted to the results analysis of steel 06ХН28МДТ experimental research, which was exposed with thermomechanical processing.
Vladov Yu.R., Kushnarenko V.M., Vladova A.Yu. ANALYTICAL IDENTIFICATION OF HEAT-AND-POWER ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT TECHNICAL CONDITION. GENERAL ASPECTS OF SCIENTIFIC TRENDTheoretical and practical aspects of important problem of technical condition (TC) identification of energointensive industrial objects are regarded in this article. Multilevel decomposition, supposed revealing of scientifically proved aggregated, correlation, analytical and prediction models of TC changes is suggested and realized here. The models of all levels power boiler TC, received at the process of automated identification at data of conducted diagnosis are given in this work.
Efanov A.M. RESEARCH OF MACHINE WITH ELECTRIC DRIVE DYNAMICSMethods of dynamic research of rotary and cyclic types machine aggregates with accounting of dynamic characteristic of driving motor are regarded in this article. It is shown that accounting of dynamic characteristic gives not only numerical correction at the researches’ results but can lead to qualitative new dynamic effect.
Shashkov V.B. COMPUTER MODEL OF THE EXPERIMENT The methodic of experiment’s modeling with given dispersion of s2в repeatability of the research object response is worked out in this article. Computer experiment at wide range of s2в dispersion (from 200 till 1600) with ten parallel vectors of responses for every task allowing specifying some regularities determined exactness of experiment and regression polynomials, is conducted here.
Popov V.P., Malyshkina V.A. METHODIC OF GRAPH-ANALYTIC CALCULATION OF RHEOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF FOOD SUBSTANCESThe methodic of rheological characteristics calculation of food substances and equipment for its realization is suggested on the base of experimental research. This methodic can be used for calculation of the processes which can be necessary to produce at creation of new machine constructions and reconstruction of existing one, and also for choice of more rational moods of equipment work and optimal technological schemes of production.

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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