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Philosophical sciences

Krivykh E.Yu. WILL METAPHYSICS IN GERMAN PHILOSOPHY AND CULTURE: A. SCHOPENHAUER, R. WAGNER, F. NIETZSCHEWill metaphysics in views of Arthur Schopenhauer, Richard Wagner, Fridrich Nietzsche is analyzed in this article. Understanding of unity and differences of their voluntaristic conceptions are regarded here. Evolution from negative understanding to positive understanding of World will is proved. Synthesis of ideas of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche in German culture, where the most brilliant exponent is Wagner’s creation, shadows in this work.
Nurullin R.A. METAPHYSICAL MODEL OF INFORMATION FOUNDATION OF REAL BEINGRefusal from metaphysics becomes the slogan of post-modernism. If idealism leads to theological solution of necessary laws of being of world existence, so materialism leads to objective contradictions in the system of scientific world picture. Such scantiness is a brood of monoontic thinking which needs the go out to polyontic (virtual) conceptions about the world, responding to modern achievements of science and culture on the whole.
Nosova I.P. FORMING OF COMPLEX METHOD IN RESEARCHING OF ART CULTUREThis article is devoted to the proving of complex method using for studying of art culture, where starting principal of researching is a system approach. As general elements of complex method of research are chosen social conditions of epoch, society needs, in interaction with creative peculiarities of a painter’s personality and creative by him genre.
Belyaev I.A. LIMITS AND COMPENSATION OF CAPABILITIES AND NEEDS OF INTEGRAL HUMAN BEING This article is devoted to the regarding of capabilities and needs of human being as a complex of system characteristics of his integrity. Revealing peculiarities of organizing and functioning of this complex the author forms the law of limits and compensation of capabilities and needs of a man and other following consequences.

Social sciences

Timirova L.N. GENERAL DETERMINANTS OF INTELLIGENTSIA REPRODUCTION PROCESS AS A SOCIAL GROUPIn this article there is a complex of general factors, influenced on intelligentsia reproduction on micro level, regarding depending on stage of reproduction process, starting with professional self-determination of a student, finishing with his placing in a job at specialty after graduation from institute of higher education.
Shmelev V.D. L.N. TOLSTOY ABOUT HARMONY OF RELIGION AND SCIENCE Ideological constructions of V.S. Soloviev and F.M. Dostoevsky did not touch upon cardinal principals of Orthodox dogma but concerned just form of cult practice. Holy dogmas were inviolable. Therefore the church did not see in spreading of their views any dangerous or threat. But other attitude of Orthodox priests to the ideas of L.N. Tolstoy was observed. His suggestion of science and religion harmonization caused anger and indignation in row of Russian theologists which leaded to excommunication of the writer.

Historical sciences

Alieva R.R. CONTRIBUTION OF RUSSIAN TRAVELERS AND SCIENTISTS AT STUDYING OF HISTORY, ETHNOGRAPHY, ECONOMY AND POLITICAL STRUCTURE OF TAJIK PEOPLE This article is devoted to the contribution of Russian travelers and scientists at history studying of Tajik people. The great place in this article is given to orientalists of Russia V.V. Bartold, A.A. Semenov, M.S. Andreev and others, making main contribution in some branches of native oriental studies: history, source study, archaeology, architecture, studying of miniatures, applied art, Islam study (especially at studying of Sufism and Moslem sectarianism), Iranian philology, science history, which is undoubtedly a great contribution in historiography of Tajik people.

Economic sciences

Schastlivaya N.V. SMALL INNOVATION BUSINESS IN ECONOMY OF HIGHLY DEVELOPED COUNTRIES The role innovation activity of small business in economy of highly developed countries is regarded in this article. The reasons of origin and development of innovation entrepreneurship in a sphere of small business are researched here. The great attention is given to state support of small innovation business.
Korabeinokov I.N., Inevatova O.A., Dmitrenko O.V., Gamova O.N. PECULIARITIES OF SCIENTIFIC AND INNOVATION SPHERE DEVELOPMENT IN ORENBURG REGION This article is devoted to the studying of peculiarities of scientific and innovation sphere development in Orenburg region. The complex analysis of this sphere as a totality of interactive elements produced knowledge and provided their commercialization is given in this work. Also factors influenced on forming of scientific sphere are analyzed and suggestions effectiveness increase of scientific and innovation sphere functioning are formed.
Yudin A.A. ANALYSIS OF PERSPECTIVES OF AUTOMOBILE PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION The tendencies and perspectives of automobile production development in the Russian Federation are analyzed in this article. Priority directions of development are researched. The experience of other developed countries in automobile production development is regarded in this work.
Dorovskaya A.M. ASSOCIATIVE COMPLEXES AND THEIR INFLUENCES ON MEMORABILITY OF ADVERTISING PRODUCT The problems of studying of color associations, their influences on a person, perception peculiarities of color-sound, color-gustatory and color-olfactory combinations are regarded in this article. The main accent is made on possibility of using of above peculiarities in advertising product. Besides, the results of conducted research with conclusions about how harmonious color-sound combinations influence on memorability of advertising product, are given in this work.
Maremukov A.S., Balkarov A.A., Abaev R.M. AGROCAPACITY OF NATIONAL ECONOMY AND ITS INFLUENCE ON DYNAMICS OF LIFE LEVEL The new concept "agrocapacity" is suggested with help of which the authors try to prove their hypothesis and to disprove existing opinion about low influence of agriculture on dynamics of national economy. General factors influenced on dynamics of agrocapacity dynamics are revealed, formalized and quantified in this article. The authors suggest ways and mechanisms of agrocapacity management, connected with increase of national economic effectiveness of national economy.
Makeeva E.N. REGULARITIES MODELING OF SPECIAL DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL ECONOMY This article is devoted to the studying of peculiarities of special development of regional economy. Different approaches for data analysis of transformations (fractal, correlated-regressive and others), allowing studying without bias processes happened in the region, are given in this article.
Chekalina M.A. PRINCIPALS OF STRATEGIC PLANNING ON THE ENTERPRISEThe reaction of an enterprise on changes, happened in environment, is using of appropriate instruments complex, the most effective of them is strategic planning. Forming and realization of system of strategic planning specific principals with accounting of stages support of this process allow selecting active system of methods and methodics.
Pankova S.V., Kubatkina G.A. CONCEPT AND CLASSIFICATION OF HOTEL SERVICES AS AN OBJECT OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Discussion questions of essence determination of such concepts as "hotel business", "hotel", "hotel services" are regarded in this article, also addition of specific features characterized hotel product is suggested and classification of hotel services for aims of accounting organizing is given.
Zueva M.O. METHODOLOGY OF MONEY-CREDIT POLICY RESEARCH Theoretical bases of money-credit policy forming are regarded in this article, also the independence of Central Bank which is determinative at immediate its realization and determination of influence effectiveness on development of real sector of economy.
Tychinina N.A. THEORETICAL BASIS OF CONTENT OF ACCOUNTING-ANALYTICAL SUPPORT OF STABLE ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT Accounting-analytical information as a strategic resource gets priority meaning for realization of competitive enterprise advantage. Necessary condition of well-grounded management solutions getting directed on realization of development strategy and giving it stable character is an appropriate accounting-analytical enterprise support.


Taran G.S. BOTTOMLAND EPHEMERETUM OF OB AND IRTYSH REVERS NEAR KHANTY-MANSIYSK CITY Societies of bottomland ephemeretum with domination – subdomination Limosella aquatica, Coleanthus subtilis, Callitriche palustris (асс. Rorippo dogadovae-Limoselletum aquaticae Taran 2005, class Isoëto-Nanojuncetea), described on run-of –river shoals of inner-bottomland flows near Khanty-Mansiysk city, are characterized in this article.
Bobenko O.A. ECOLOGY OF CUSHAT (COLUMBA PALUMBUS) IN STAVROPOL KRAY Peculiarities and ecology of cushat in Stavropol Kray and its intensive immigration into urbanized landscapes of Ciscaucasia are regarded in this article. Spreading, number, phenolog, locule ecology, effectiveness of propagation, interaction with other types is analyzed here.
Barnikov K.A., Starikov V.P. FAUNA AND ECOLOGICAL-BIOLOGICAL PECULIARITIES OF CHIROPTERANS (CHIROPTERA) IN KHANTY-MANSIYSK AUTONOMOUS OKRUG The modern condition of chiropterofauna in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug is presented in this article. The peculiarities of spreading, ecology and biology of rats of tested theory are revealed on the base of researchers results analyses conducted by the authors during five years and literary sources.
Bogoslovskaya O.A., Sizova E.A., Polyakova V.S., Miroshnikova S.A., Leipunsky I.O., Olkhovskaya I.P., Glushchenko N.N. STUDYING OF SAFETY OF COPPER NANOPARTICLES INTRODUCTION WITH DIFFERENT PHYSICAL-CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS INTO ANIMALS’ ORGANISM The appraisal of safety of metals nanoparticles introduction into animals’ organism was conducted at indexes of toxicity (MPD – maximal tolerable dose, LD50, LD100) of copper nanoparticles, which are different at size and content of crystalline copper in nucleus of particles. It is established that particles with size 33,8 ± 0,3 nm have more toxicity in comparison with nanoparticles with size 103,0 ± 2,0 nm. The toxicity of modified copper nanoparticles is in 2.5 – 6 times less then toxicity of copper salts.
Kolyada A.S., Kolyada N.A. CLASSIFICATION OF WOODY PLANTS FRUIT IN THE PRIMORSKY KRAY In the Primorsky Kray 187 types of woody plants have cenokarpnous fruit. Among them the largest spreading have box-like fruit (82 types), predominant types of fruit are box (67 types) and berry (42 types). 64 types have apocarpous fruit. Among them leafbird fruit (26 types) are prevailed, the most spreading types of fruit are multi-leaf fruit and stone-fruit (15 types).
Khairullin R.M., Minina T.S., Irgalina R.Sh., Zagrebin I.A., Urazbakhtina N.A. EFFECTIVENESS OF NEW ENDOPHYTIC STRAINS BACILLUS SUBTILIS IN INCREASING OF WHEAT STEADINESS TO ILLNESSES New endophytic strains Bacillus subtilis with economic-useful characteristics are distinguished in this article. It is shown that using of biopreparations on their base for wheat seeds processing promotes yield increase due to improvement of harvest structure indexes, increases steadiness of plants to root rot and hard firebrand. It is revealed that using of growth-promoting factor humi-20 is not good for processing of seeds spored with causative agents of hard firebrand – fungus Tilletia caries (DC) Tul.
Karimov I.F., Ivanov Yu.B., Deryabin D.G. INFLUENCE OF THROMBOCYTE CATION ALBUMEN ON BIOLUMINESCENCE AND VIABILITY OF RECOMBINANT STRAIN ESCHERICHIA COLI WITH CLONED LUX-OPERON PHOTOBACTERIUM LEIOGNATHI High sensibility of bioluminescence response of recombinant strain E.coli K 12 TG1 with cloned luxCDABE with gene P.leiognathi 54D10 to the influence of thrombocyte cation albumen (TCA) is established in this article. Determined for TCA quantities IC50, corresponding to 50-percent inhibition of luminescence intensity from starting level form in the same system 3,3-7,1 mkg/ml. It is shown that concentration dependences of bioluminescence suppression at the presence of TCA are inferior a lot to the development true bactericidal effect regarding to used bacterial cell-targets. As one of the possible reasons of such phenomenon it was named direct abscopal influence of TCA on enzymatic system of luminescence generation.
Chepasov V.I., Rusanov A.M., Smirnykh T.A., Kuryakova T.A. ANALYSIS OF PARE AND GROUP CONDITIONALITIES AT TIME CHANGE OF SOIL PARAMETERS Comparative analysis of conditionalities for unranked and ranged matrixes is conducted for small regions of changes soil parameters of normalized matrixes. Normalized matrixes are constructed for different time counts.

Physical-mathematical sciences

Aykunin I.N., Berdinsky V.L. QUANTUM MEASURING OF CONDITION AS IMPULSIVE FORCE OF COHERENT EVOLUTION AND "HEATING" OF MEASURING SYSTEMOn the example of two-level system it is shown that measuring instrument induces quantum evolution in measuring system, if operator of measured quantity does not commute with Hamiltonian which happens even if at the starting moment the system is in general condition. The authors suggest the solution of task about system transfer into orthogonal excited condition. Also they suggest two types of quantum evolution: oscillating and kinetic (nonoscillating), and also conditions of their appearance. It is confirmed that measuring instrument can increase the energy of non-singular system ("heat" it).
Lysakov V.S. TO THE APPRAISAL OF CONDUCTION BAND WIDTH IN α-QUARTZ The appraisal of conduction band Ec size is tested in low-temperature quartz. Calculated width Ec is in good concord with one of two well-known meanings, adduced in literary sources. Change of conduction electron energy near the band bottom Ec is calculated.

Technical sciences

Rassokha V.I. SYSTEM OF ACTIVE REGULATION OF CONVERGENCE: PLACE, TASKS AND REALIZATION IN THE PROBLEM OF RESOURCE ECONOMY OF AUTOMOBILE TYRES The analysis of dependences between automobile tyres parameters and their operational characteristics, role of steerable wheels convergence in increase of tyres life time, passive and active methods of convergence regulation, is conducted. Directions and results of system perfection of convergence active regulation, produced with participation of the author are given in this article.
Fot A.P., Yakunin S.N. FORMING OF FLEET OF TAXIS STRUCTURE FROM AUTOMOBILES OF DIFFERENT TYPES The question of determination of total cost of production on automobile exploitation with accounting of income from following sale is regarded in this article. Change of named costs meaning is described with curve with clearly defined minimum on a definite year of exploitation, which is depended on not only from the age and conditions of exploitation but also from the model of automobile. The authors suggest the methods of fleet of taxis structure determination with using of alignment chart.



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