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Humanitarian sciences

Kashin V.V. TO THE CENTENATY OF ZHAN-POL SARTR’S BIRTHDAYZhan-Pol Sartr, the French philosopher, Romance philologist and dramatist, was born 100 years ago on June 21, 1995. He was the founder of the original version of atheistic existentialism, a new type of philosophy novel and was one of the founders of intellectual theater.
Gorokhov P.A. OUR CONTEMPORARY DANISH PRINCE (PHILOSOPHY PROBLEMS OF TRAGEDY "HAMLET")Basic philosophic problems touched upon by the great dramatist and philosopher in the everlasting tragedy "Hamlet" are considered in the article. The author draws the conclusion that Shakespeare in "Hamlet" is the greatest philosopher-anthropologist. He speculates upon the essence of nature, space and time only in a tight connection with thoughts about human life.
Demetieva O.I. PROBLEMS OF RATIONAL AND IRRATIONAL IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF I. KANTThe article is dedicated to the rational and irrational correlation problem in the philosophy of I.Kant. The problem is topical for the modern philosophy knowledge. The author concludes that Kant’s critical treatment of mind is not the basis for the convergence of Kant’s philosophy and modern irrationalism.
Demchenko L.M., Karpeeva E.V., Osipova Y.S. THE PECULIARITIES OF EXISTENCE AND TRANSCENDENCE CORRELATION IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF KARL YASPERS. The problems of exposure of "existence", "transcendence", "transcendental codes" notions which mediate a human’s mastering the spiritual culture are considered in the article. The attention is paid to the exposure of existence as "a personality’s spiritual unity" which "demands" a human to become "a person of integrity", to the transcendence as "humanity’s spiritual source", unity of all people living a spiritual and moral life and to the "transcendence codes" as the efforts to unite the world culture and history into a unified uninterrupted process when a person feels correlating his or her being (existence) with transcendence.
Kashin V.V. GEGEL’S TEACHING ABOUT MORALITYBy now a lot of books have been written about Gegel’s indifference to the problems of morality, about his morality’s "logisism". But we believe that Gegel’s ethics still waits for its researcher. If, as Marxism classics pointed out, Gegel’s philosophy represents "riches of ideas astonishing up to the present" then on what basis shall we ignore Gegel’s teaching about morality? This article is the effort to examine the problem.
Popova A.V. EVOLUTION OF A.A. BOGDANOV’S CREATIVE WORK TO TEXTUAL STUDY – GENERAL ORGANISATION SCIENCEThe analysis of A.A.Bogdanov’s scientific and philosophic work is carried out in the article. His creative work’s basic stages are pointed out, each of them is analysed. It is demonstrated that the evolution of A.A.Bogdanov’s creative work ended with the formation of a general organization science – textual study.
Belova O.M. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AS ONE OF THE PERSONALITY FORMATION ASPECTSThe social responsibility problem which lately has acquired the categorical status in philosophy is considered in the article. The author examines the notion of "responsibility" in the light of the ethical categories (morality, duty, good and evil, freedom) which contribute to the formation of a personality. A lot of attention is paid to the consideration of a scientist’s responsibility in today’s world.
Gorokhov P.A. SOCIAL AND PHILOSOPHIC PROBLEMS OF A.N.TOLSTOY ‘S FANTASY PROSEThe social and philosophic and philosophic and anthropological problems of the fantasy novels by A.N.Tolstoy, the Russian-Soviet literature classic of fantasy novels, are considered in the article. Powerful heuristic potential is hidden in them. The author concludes that by means of philosophy analysis A.N.Tolstoy foresaw many important problems of the 20th and present centuries in his fantasy works.
Istyufeev A.V. ANTIHISTORISM: ITS PLACE AND ROLE IN HISTORICAL PHILOSOPHY In the article the basic regulations of the so called "antihistorical approach" to history are considered by means of the social and philosophy analysis. The author concludes that history as a whole and a single process is inexplicable. That is why the forecast of future on the basis of studying past centuries’ experience is impossible.
Mukhamedzhanova N.M. THE THEORY OF MODERNIZATION IN THE CONTEST OF SYNERGETIC PARADIGMThe problem of modern modernization theory transformation under influence of new ideas and science trends is researched in this article. The author represents her own sight of social development problem; also she proves cyclic character of society development, its social and cultural conditionality. The base of author’s position is the idea of synergy of pulsatile dynamics of complex selforganized systems.
Nedorezov V.G. THE PROBLEM OF SOCIAL ACTION PROJECTIVITYProjective placing of thinking and social action rationality are regarded in this work. Social action projectivity is considered here on the material of classical and postclassical philosophy. It is marked that the phenomena of projectivity regarding to social action has displaced the sphere of its application, transforming from nature changes to the sphere of social being. In further primary task of man’s subject environment forming has been extended on social sphere, and later on introduction of technological methods in thinking procedure, changes of man’s nature.
Semyenova R.U. THE NOTION OF "VIOLENCE": SOME FOUNDATIONS OF CONCEPTUALIZATION OF SUBSTANTIAL SENSEOne of the most important and debatable subjects of modern political theory is considered in the article – the problem of violence. The author criticizes both the broad interpretation of violence (violence is the overcoming of difficulties) and its narrow one (violence is the physical compulsion) and offers the comprehension of the phenomenon in the light of compulsion reflecting the specific character of power and authoritative relationships.
Skopintseva T.Y. FOLK TRADITION AND RUSSIAN STATE ORGANIZATIONThe Russian culture phenomenon is considered in the article. Folk tradition plays the large role today. The traditional character of the Russian society is a determining factor in the interaction of people and state. The traditional forms of the cultural regulation are custom and tradition depending on traditional constants of eternity and frailty and determining the forms and ways of not only everyday life but also political, economic and legal culture. For this reason one must not fail to take into account the traditional grounds in the modern processes of modernization and westernization of the Russian culture.
Gabdullin I.R. MODI OF INTENTIONALITY AND THE PREJUDICE PROBLEMThe article is dedicated to the possibility of correlation of intentionality of consciousness and the prejudice notions in the context of the unified categorial system. Hypothesis was offered on the basis of results of the conceptual comparative analysis of the mentioned notions. According to the hypothesis the prejudice can be interpreted either as a necessary consequence or the element of intentionality. But for all that intentionality is considered not only in phenomenological sense but also existentialism one. Prejudice is interpreted not only as gnoseological category but also in the germeneutic and ontological aspect.
Dyukov A.B. "SELF-DEFINING (PERSON)". THE PROBLEM OF DENOTATIVEThe article is dedicated to the consideration of "a self-defining person" from different positions of modern philosophy anthropology. The author understands "self-defining" as an ethic, value purpose, position on the clear conscience act, sincerity of judgments and statements, desires, impulses, disclosure of passions and affections, disclosure of attractions.
Zavialova G.I. EXISTENTIAL TRANSFORMATIONS OF FREEDOMPhilosophers-existentialists’ views on the problem of freedom and its transformations are considered in the article. The author analyses the creative work of F.Nizshe, E.Fromme, Z-P Sartr and H.Ortegi-and-Gasset and concludes that a person is doomed to freedom but can not count on guaranteed support. The increase of personal liberty including spiritual and intellectual ones has tight connection with the increase of desertion, isolation from roots that is so characteristic of the present.
Ivanov A.N. GLOBALIZATION OF HOMO OECONOMICUS: "ADDED COST" PHENOMENON ("VIRTUALIZATION OF PRODUCTION")The notion of "economic human" in connection with a new conception of "virtualism" where "price" is "subjective" cost function (imperative of "virtual production") is specified in the article. Modifications which do not touch upon the functional qualities of a thing and do not demand real labour resources in the hyperreality of "brands" look like the goods creation simulation leading to the virtualization of market’s institutions and business undertakings.
Ivanova E.V. MYTH WORKS OF THE XX CENTURY: ABOUT THE NEW CULTURAL HERO FINDING PROBLEMThe article is dedicated to the typology problem of cultural heroes that can be met either in archaic mythic thinking or myth works of the XX century. The author draws the conclusion about mythic paradigms succession in culture and proves that there is no process of "demythologization" and "remythologization". Myth works is an uninterrupted process of a person’s behavior important meanings exposure in archaic and modern societies.
Kolomiets G.G. AESTHETICS AND THE CATEGORY "AESTHETIC"The author substantiates the thesis that today understanding and importance of aesthetics and its universal category "aesthetic" is tightly connected with philosophy and cultural anthropology, with human’s value relation to reality and the art as the way of human’s interaction with the world, as a specific way of being. Ontological and anthropological turn of the modern western philosophy has changed the idea of aesthetics’ function and in the second half of the 20th century featured the proper "aesthetic" as the fundamental category but not "the beautiful" and "the sublime". Axiological and culturological direction of native aesthetic thought also strengthened the idea of aesthetic as the quality peculiar to a human’s consciousness. The quality must influence a person in the eminent way.
Mantrov A.V. ABOUT THE EVOLUTION OF IDEAS OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS PHENOMENONBasic conceptions which tried to explain the consciousness phenomenon during the history of philosophy are considered in the article. The author proves that the consciousness problem in philosophy has two levels of its solution. The first level includes descriptions of the ways to which things are given in consciousness exist in it. The aim of the second one is to explain how the consciousness itself is possible. In the first case the task is to describe the phenomenon of consciousness, in the second one – to explain it.
Minaeva N.S. MODERN PSYCHOLOGY ABOUT THE METHODS OF HUMAN’S SOUL STUDYThe notions of psychic and soul in their functioning in the modern psychological knowledge are considered and specified. The principals of soul study, how they formed in the history of philosophy and psychology are analysed. The methods of soul study in psychology are showed and analysed.
Khripun V.I. RYTHMOLOGY AS THE METHOD TO SYNTHESIZE SIENCE AND ARTIn the article the author considers the role and meaning of rythmology which can be a connecting-link between science and art by means of philosophic analysis. Spiritual transcendence is possible by means of rythmology. It can expose the fact of striking similarity of the universe’s being foundations and its spiritual world.
Strelets Yu.Sh. DIALOGUE WITH THE ABSOLUTE AS THE BASE OF MORAL SENSE OF HUMAN LIFEThe article is devoted to the moral bases of human life sense, which have both as comparative as absolute contents. Thus there are two horizon of moral: common and existing. The last is made conditional upon man’s self-determination in his dialogue with the absolute. The absolute is the God in theological sense, it is the identity of essence and existence in ontological sense, in gnoseological sense it is the truth of being, but in ethic and axiological sense it is the higher blessing, kindness and higher value in dialogue with which the individual gets its own being, moral sense of his life.
Pisareva S.A. PHILOSOPHIC MEANING AND SOCIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF "THE QUALITY OF DISSERTATION RESEARCH IN PEDAGOGICS" PHENOMENONThe article is dedicated to the analysis of "the quality of dissertation research" phenomenon (by the example of pedagogical dissertations). Classical and modern approaches to the definition of "quality" phenomenon are considered and on this basis the conceptual idea about the understanding of modern dissertation quality is advanced. Modern approaches to the estimation of social sphere quality to which dissertations in pedagogics are reffered to are analysed in order to reveal the reserves of dissertations’ quality improvement.
Rusakova T.G. GENESIS OF THE "SOUL UPBRINGING" PROBLEM: PHILOSOPHIC AND PEDAGOGICAL ASPECTResearch of human essence in a person has led to his spiritual being’s content study reflected in spiritual life forms. Today the soul upbringing problem - humanity’s fundamental principle – is in the focus of interest of all human sciences. The consideration of this problem in the philosophy and historical light allows us to reveal the philosophic and pedagogical foundations for the formation of the conception to cultivate spiritual experience in modern children and teenagers. The experience includes human values expressed in cultural signs and symbols, the formation of their own positive judgments and the expression of humane treatment in actions and acts.

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