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Arkhipov .., Valetov M.R. THE METHODOLOGY OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAINING IMPLEMENTATION IN THE FORMATION OF STUDENTS' CONSCIOUSNESS Educational practice in higher educational establishment must not only provide a regulartransmission of knowledge andits qualitative perception for the reason of further practical skills formation,but also create a supportive atmosphere for consciously applied knowledge. The motivation for knowledge estimationis just the basis for the further professional thinkingformation. Students' learning activity is closely connected with the psychosocial derivatives of reasonable influence on the process of identity formation. In this context, psychophysical training has a fairly complex potential of impact on mental and biopsychiatric regulatory mechanisms of individual's behavior, creating optimal conditions for its development and identity formation. Psychophysical training can be easily adapted in the basic and variative forms of university educational practice and be combined with a variety of interdisciplinary forms of its components. It can also be applied in the self-evaluation meaning in relation to the psychotropic forms (inspired relaxing sleep to the sounds of nature), there is no need to use expensive equipment (besides instrumental methods). Psychophysical training is easily applicable in usual and situational conditions as it develops person's inner abilities and motivation for self-consciousness. The process of theoretical knowledge and practical skills integration,the application of the acquired knowledge in the future isthe process of appropriate professional self-identityformation. The learning activity becomes rather complicated as a result of large information flows to bememorized or associated with their location, requiring special psychological and pedagogical support for a qualitative change of this trend. For the purpose of consciousness formation in the process of knowledge perception and student's identity development, the following basic directionsin the psycho-pedagogical influence implementation and namely the introduction of psychophysical traininginto the educational practice of university are offered. These directionscan be realised due to the application of ideomotor, somatopsychic, instrumental and mixed methods of psychoregulation in the basic and variative forms of the university educational process.Key words: educational practice, psychophysical training, consciousness of the identity of the student, professional thinking.
Salov A.I. TEACHER'S ETHICAL OUTLOOK: CHARACTERISTIC AND PURPOSEBased on the statement that teacher's ethical outlook is generic as regards to holistic outlook as part of awareness, and part of teacher's ethical outlook is his/her ethical awareness to which a certain type of knowledge, a certain way of defining categories and notions corresponds and which as reflexive awareness "works" with "its own" knowledge the paper puts the following questions: "What knowledge does the teacher's ethical awareness work with?", "How is ethical awareness formed?" The author proves that ethical awareness is theoretical, while moral awareness is practical, that ethical awareness is formed in categories, while moral one is formed in notions. Further, the author states that teacher's ethical awareness being theoretical "works" with categories of ethics, pedagogical ethics but not with notions of morality, pedagogical morality. The paper explains why one should not speak about primary school children's ethical outlook in the sense that its part is ethical awareness as theoretical one. Considering the essence of such outlook functions as "conducting", value orientation, explanations of the world and a person's place in it, regulative, organizing, setting values, the author describes characteristic and the purpose of teacher's ethical outlook, which is that such outlook guides his/her activity aimed at understanding moral notions, moral knowledge, values, ideals; at prioritization values, which organize the system of teacher's relations with the world, people, pupils and their parents, etc.; at normalizing such relations according to moral criteria; at developing pupils' moral outlook. The author proves that revealing teacher's moral outlook characteristic on the basis of ethical awareness characteristic is theoretically inappropriate as ethical awareness is part of ethical outlook which does not increase with ethical knowledge as ethical awareness does. Key words: teacher, ethical outlook, ethical awareness, characteristic, purpose of teacher's ethical outlook.
Speranskaya N.I., Yatsevich O.E. TO THE QUESTION OF ESTIMATION OF KNOWLEDGE OF STUDENTS IN HIGHER EDUCATION: THE MARK, CREDIT, RATING, MONITORINGThis article discusses different approaches to the evaluation of students and pupils' knowledge at different stages of national education (preschool, primary, basic, secondary complete and higher), identifies the advantages and disadvantages of various control forms (a traditional mark, testing, rating, two-point scale system), the need for their motivating role is emphasized. Particular attention is paid to such controlfunctions as the implementation of feedback in the organization of the educational process and determining its degree of success at different levels: the individual student, to the University as a whole. The authors describe in sufficient detail the rating and objectified system of control— EDUCON used in Tyumen industrial University. The article focuses on the need to use multilateral (self-evaluation, evaluation of classmates and teacher), qualitative, verbal definition of the learning progress of students, ensuring the realization of student-oriented learning, and emphasizes the viability of the active teacher's role in the choice of those or other means, forms and methods of control. The authors concluded that only the combined use of various forms and methods of assessment provides effective feedback and implementation of all functions.Key words: mark, valuation, rating, monitoring, testing, student-centered education, control, motivation.

Philological sciences

Dubrovskikh T.S. THE PROSIMETRICAL COMPOSITION OF N.ASEEV'S TRAVELOGUE "THE EXPOSED BEAUTY"The book of travel notes "The Exposed Beauty"by NikholaiAseev, which accumulates the Soviet writer's diverse experience of visiting the bourgeois European countries in 1927, is built on the principle of prosimetrum. Regular introduction of verse components in the prose significantly expands the artistic possibilities of the journalistic work. Continuing the series of prosimetrical literary experiments of the 1920-ies, the author integrates elements of poetic reflection and typical for the genre of travel ethnographic details, sporadic documentary evidence, background information of a guide book, fragments of propaganda rhetoric in the heterogeneous unity. Different poetic inclusions, functioning as semantic parallels of the prose and forming a kind of "internal travelogue" within the text, may perform in various contextual roles: they emphasize the ideological orientation of the book, strengthen the public voice, serve as a conductor of "external" observations or, on the contrary, neutralize the pathos of social procurement, actualizelyrical modus, translate subjective feelings. Verse expansion is also clearly detected at the level of the prose parts: sporadically occurring fragments of metric prose, techniques of phonetic stylistics, lexical and grammatical symmetry mark the orientation to the poetic culture. The strategy of combining traditionally opposedkinds of speech allows the writer to achieve the effect of heterogeneous integrity of the book. Heuristically open, semantically and stylistically free structure of a travel narrative becomes a convenient platform forAseev's creative research. The complex polymorphic model of the travelogue demonstrates the author's objectiveto convey a system of impressions of the foreign travel in the most expressive and accurate way.Key words: Nikolai Aseev, travelogue, prosimetrum, artistic unity, "the prose of the poet".
Shevchenko V.D., Shevchenko E.S. AXIOLOGICAL DOMINANT IN THE DISCOURSEThe present paper is devoted to the study of interrelations between the contexts of a quotation and the quoting text. Presently, the issue of interrelations between discourses has not been studied fully yet. The analysis of a citation and a quoting text belonging to various discourses implies analyzing the referent situations and their cognitive models determining the semantics and pragmatics of the interacting texts. The intention of a speaker serves as the means of creating the hierarchy of the cognitive model's components. Depending on the author's will one or several components of both the situation and its cognitive model acquire specific significance becoming dominant within the framework of a particular referent situation. The meaning of an intext indicates the dominant, i.e. the most significant component of the situations mentioned. The present paper studies the peculiarities of the axiological dominant actualized as a result of inserting a quotation into a text. The authors make a conclusion about the peculiarities of axiological dominant component realization in the interacting discourses: the positive and negative assessments can be realized simultaneously; they can also be realized implicitly and explicitly, which proves significance of the axiological dominant component for the participants of a communicative situation within the media discourse.Key words: media discourse, quotation, quoting text, cognitive model of a situation, axiological dominant.

Philosophical sciences

Kolomiets G.G. NATIONAL DIGNITY AND UTOPIA ETHICAL SYMBIOSISNational dignity in the context of today's global challenges, it is a pressing issue. It is noted that national dignity is based on national-ethnic and civic national human identification. It puts forward the idea that dignity becomes the dominant consciousness, claiming the recognition of the subject (the individual, the nation, humanity). It is proposed utopia idea of ethical symbiosis, opposing international terrorism, as a supranational vector of civilization development in a globalized world will have to be related to virtue ethics, the ethics of duty, ethics, justice, ethics, happiness, ethics of nonviolence— ethical symbiosis.Key words: global challenges, national dignity, ethics, ethical symbiosis.


Amineva A.A., Suyundukov Y.T., Yanturin I.S. MIGRATION OF HEAVY METALS IN WATER ECOSYSTEMS OF THE GEOCHEMICAL PROVINCE OF ZAURALIE (ON THE EXAMPLE OF LAKES TCHEBARKUL OF THE REPUBLIC OF BASHKORTOSTAN)To determine the content of copper, zinc, iron, manganese and cadmium in water, sediments, aquatic plants and organs of fish of the lake Chebarkul. The total index of pollution of water with heavy metals (Zc) forms a series of decreasing Fe> Zn> Mn> Cu>Cd.The water quality corresponds to the category from "moderately dangerous" to "dangerous".In the sediments the heavy metal compounds decreases in the series Fe> Mn> Zn> Cu>Cd. Elodea canadensisL. is the hub of Zn and Mn, Sphagnum DillL. and Carex paniculataL. reject all heavy metals.In all studied plants by heavy metals form a decreasing series: Mn> Zn> Fe> Cu>Cd. According to the degree of concentration of heavy metals in the organs of common carp and perch ordinary can be arranged in the following decreasing range: gills> liver> kidney> bones> scales> muscles. For the studied organs and tissues of both fish species characterized by the following ranges of accumulation: Fe (Zn)> Zn (Fe)> Mn> Cu>Cd.Key words: heavy metals, maximum permissible concentration, sediment total contamination index, distribution in the organs.
Borisyuk S.V., Notova S.V., Kvan O.V. THE ELEMENTAL COMPOSITION OF BONE PREGNANT FEMALE RATS ON THE BACKGROUND OF DIFFERENT LEVELS OF CONSUMPTION OF DIETARY FIBER IN THE DIETThe paper presents the results of a study of the elemental composition of bone pregnant female rats who were on a diet with excess and deficient intake of dietary fiber before and during pregnancy (6weeks). The basis of power was a semisynthetic casein diet that ensures adequate intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates, dietary fiber (2g microcellulose), vitamins and salts. Deficiency of dietary fiber was modeled by excluding from the diet microcellulose, excess diet— by increasing the level of consumption microcellulose to 4g/day. Modeling fiber deficiency in the diet of treated animals resulted primarily in a reduction of macroelements such as calcium and phosphorus. Among the essential trace elements mentioned only a change in the content of selenium— lower values as when scarce, and in excess diet. No significant changes in the content of toxic elements in the experimental groups were not observed.Key words: Key words:regnancy, rats, dietary fiber, diet, elementalstatus, bone tissue.
Garitskaya M.Yu., Chekmareva O.V., Chernysheva K.S., Aleeva O.N. EVALUATION OF CHEMICAL CONTAMINATION AND DEGRADATION OF SOILS IN THE INFLUENCE ZONE OF VAKHITOVSKY FIELD Orenburg region is rich in minerals, the main ones are gas and oil, in its depths explored more than 2500deposits of 75kinds of minerals, and in terms of reserves and mining region is among the leading group of regions of Russia, this industry has a significant impact on environment. Soil pollution by oil and oil products refers to a very popular type of negative anthropogenic impacts, especially in the industrial regions of Russia. A key element in the chain of the environmental impacts of oil pollution is a change in the species composition of vegetation and reducing its productivity until the complete destruction of all plants in the contaminated area. Investigated the problem of soil contamination in the zone of influence Vakhitovsky deposits (Orenburg region). Vakhitovskoe oil field is located in Perevolotskaya district, 32kilometers north of the regional center Perevolotskiy.Mestorozhdenie was commissioned in1995, is currently 20wells listed in the mining fund. Soils were analyzed for the content of acid impurities, metals, benzo (a) pyrene, petroleum and pH. They were calculated: the concentration of pollutants, concentration ratio relative to the background impurities values in soil and soil contamination indicator chemical profiling using the method. Identify priority among the impurities of acidifying substances and metals. A ranking by total chemical pollution of soils, which showed that issleduyumuyu contact area at a distance of 1500meters from the source of pollution can be attributed to the zone of ecological emergency. Identify indicators phytotoxicity of soil from which it follows that the soil in the zone of influence in the fields Vakhitovsky rasstoryanii up to 1500meters are highly degraded.Key words: soil, pollutants, concentration, concentration factor, background, chemical pollution, degradation rankings.
Gorbachev A.L., Pokhilyuk N.V. ELEMENTAL STATUS OF ABORIGINAL ETHNIC GROUPS IN NORTHEASTERN RUSSIAPurpose to work is to study the characteristics of the element status of ethnic indigenous groups of the North-East, Russia and the establishment of the main factors ensure the mineral metabolism. We presented the results of a study level trace elements in the indigenous groups of the North-East of Russia— Koryak, Chukchi, Evens. Elemental status was assessed by quantifying the elements in hair by atomic emission and mass spectrometry with inductively coupled argon plasma at the Center for Biotic Medicine (Moscow). The content of 25 chemical elements: aluminum, arsenic, boron, beryllium, calcium, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, copper, iron, mercury, iodine, potassium, lithium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, nickel, phosphorus, lead, selenium, silicon, tin, vanadium, and zinc. Statistical analysis was performed using "Statistica6.0" program. Some of the elements that had a significant between-group differences (p<0.05) was taken for analysis. A higher content of Na, K, Fe, I, Cr was observed in the group compared to Evens Chukchi. The lower the content of Cu, Si was found in the group with respect to the Koryak and Chukchi, Evens. At aboriginal residents marked deviation with respect to some elements of the reference values. Thus, in the Koryak reduced content of Cr, I, the Chukchi— K, Na, Cr, I, Evens— I. Evens increased content of Na and K. We have considered the possible consequences of deficiency and excess bio-elements in the body of native inhabitants. Common elements in the ethnic group "Koryak— Chukchi" are the Na, K, Fe, I, Cr. Group "Chukchi— Evens" combined Cu and Si. The content of most of the investigated elements comparable in the Koryak and Chukchi, and significantly different from their performance in the Evens. It has been suggested that mineral metabolism traits in indigenous ethnic groups of the North-East of Russia are genetically determined.Key words: indigenous peoples of the North, the element status, adaptation.
Zubkova K.A., Gonina E.S., Shikhova L.N., Lisitsyn E.M. THE ANALYSIS OF CLIMATIC STAGES OF BOGS FORMATION ON PEAT'S BOTANICAL STRUCTUREThe botanical structure of different layers of peat in two bog sites of central part of the Kirov region is considered for the purpose of revealing features of peat's botanical structure on different succession stages and the analysis of environmental conditions of formation of a peat deposit. Profiles were putted for the characteristic of botanical structure of a peat deposit up to depth of mineral horizon; their detailed description and peat sampling on layers were spent. Eight trial areas and 8soil cuts were putted in total; more than hundred soil tests were analyzed. Studying of botanical structure of peat-forming plants on different depth has allowed to assume environmental conditions of formation of corresponding phytocenoses and approximate age of peat deposits. Certain synchronism is traced in a structure of peat masses especially in the top layers though the history of their formation differs. Age of bogs the different. Presence of the "boundary" horizon is characteristic for both sites which characterized by considerable content of the wood rests. The age of this horizon is dated by the end of Atlantic— the beginning of sub-boreal periods. At all stages of bog formation specific structure of peat-forming plants in Zengino bog is more various, than in Karino bog. Probably it is connected with different geological conditions of formation of bogs and, accordingly, with their different geochemical structure. In peat mass of Zengino bog there are plant species which practically do not meet in peat of the Karino bog. Peat in Zengino bog is more richly with mineral components in comparison with peat in Karino bog that promotes increase in a specific variety. Besides on distinctions in formation of peat mass of bogs features of a hydrological mode affect. Studying of botanical structure testifies to alternation of different climatic epoch. In each stage there is a formation of phytosenoses the most adapted for the given climatic factors that is visually reflected in peat (organic) annals of bogs.Key words: bog, peat, botanical structure, climatic stages, holocene.
Nemtseva N.V., Gorbunova O.S., Bogoutdinov D.Z., Savin E.Z., Malenkova O.V. TO THE QUESTION OF WITHERING OF BLACKCURRANTIn certain regions of the Russian Federation and abroad mass withering of blackcurrant is observed in the last decade (Ribes nigrumL.). The area of distribution and injuriousness of a disease includes the Voronezh, Orenburg, Rostov regions, the Lower Volga and Central Volga area, regions of East Ukraine (The Kharkiv, Donetsk regions) and Northwest Kazakhstan. There is evidence that the death of R.nigrum may be caused by fungi of the genus Verticillium and Fusarium and Alternaria. In this regard, in recent years is the study of the mycological component of this culture. The aim of this work was the comparative characterization of complexes of microscopic fungi that live on trunks, roots, leaves of black currant. The results of studies in damaged plants revealed the presence of three genera of fungi— Fusarium, Alternaria, Verticillium. In addition, in some cases, discovered nematodes and spider mites, whose role is not installed. Comparing the received data with the temperature regime of the territory of the Orenburg region showed the greatest peak of microscopic fungi pathogenicity for R.nigrum in the period July— August. It is expected that wilt currant bushes initiated phytoplasma infection and subsequent contamination of fungi.The received results allow to specify the stages of the research and determine the methods of prevention and therapy of wilt blackcurrant.Key words: blackcurrant, microscopic fungi Fusarium, Alternaria, Verticillium, conidia.
Pankratiev P.V., Vlackaya I.V., Petrishchev V.P., Stepanov A.S., Baranov D.A. DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE OF INFORMATION CARTOGRAPHIC DATA PORTAL OF ORENBURG REGION ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETYNowadays, when Internet communication increases the impact on all spheres of human life and society, the problem of providing the user with accurate and timely information on the state of natural objects and processing of Web-content is in the public domain, is extremely significant. The main objective of the development of the portal was the expansion of the information space of the Orenburg region in the field of ecology and the environment for scientific, educational and administrative purposes. Using the portal will significantly improve the quality of employment in educational institutions, institutions of higher and secondary education. Regional environmental portal can be viewed from one side, as a distance learning, and, on the other hand, as a means of interactive training elements study. Actualization of the portal new data research creates the possibility of the publication of scientific achievements and discoveries. Of particular importance is the information component of the portal to increase the efficiency management decision-making by public authorities in the field of environmental protection. In the operation of the portal is expected to saturate the thematic sections copyright specialized data posted on the cartographic basis. A database management system allows users to update the information portal, build queries, prepare local databases. Further development of the portal supposes the possibility of joining the development of photographic materials for specific projects, the development of Environmental Forum, the formation of the environmental pages of schools, publication of scientific papers students.Key words: environmental portal, GIS, mapping, information database.
Salmanov Z.S., Gashimova U.F., Miroshnikova E.P., Ponomarev S.V., Fedorovykh Yu.V. MORPHOMETRIC FIGURES OF PERSIAN STURGEON BROODSTOCK OF HILINSKI STURGEON HATCHERYFor a long time the decision on necessity of creation of sturgeon broodstock at the existing sturgeon hatcheries (SH) on reproduction was extremely difficult in biological terms and costly in economic. However, the catastrophic decline of natural sturgeon stocks in the Caspian Sea forced the experts to reconsider their opinion on the question of the formation of broodstock, as SH began to feel the acute shortage of breeders. Persian sturgeon lives mainly in the middle and South Caspian, preferring the warmer water. The Persian sturgeon catches are dramatically reduced. While fishing in the sea near the Iranian coast, when caught immature fish, the number of the spawning population is reduced, resulting in reduced volumes of natural reproduction. In Persian sturgeon, in contrast to the Russian, more elongated body with a bluish tint, with a longer head component to 17.6 % of body length, and a bigger snout and postorbital space. The building has a distinctive snout: in profile it is clearly bent downwards and comparatively short and pointed, but more bulky than that of the Russian sturgeon. Persian sturgeon is different from Russian also a relatively large thickness and volume of the body. The aim of this work was carried out to characterize the morphometric parameters of the Persian sturgeon Hilinski SH, Republic of Azerbaijan. Work on the formation of broodstock in terms of Hilinski SH began from annual fish of age with an average weight of 54.5 ±1.2 age fish renovation group morphological indices were little changed, with the exception of data related to body length, height and width of the head. Morphometry data obtained in the further cultivation of broodstock confirm the previous conclusion that with age, growth in length is reduced, increasing the girth of the body, which is supported by data length to end of middle beam, antianal distance, anteventral distance. The indicators characterizing the size of the parts of the head should be considered as species specific differences.Key words: Persian sturgeon, broodstock, morphometry, stocks, length, growth, catches, age.
Sidorova M.A., Borisova E.O., Nikiforova A.S. CONTROLLING OF THE HYDROLOGICAL REGIME OF SOIL OF THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPES RECREATIONAL PURPOSECurrently, great attention is paid to the initiation of adaptation processes in the system "soil-plant" of the cultural landscapes recreational purpose. A model field experiment, aiming to identify patterns in the variation of the parameters of the hydrological regime of the cultural landscape of recreational purpose was carried out on umbricalbeluvisol soil of Moscow region. It was obtained a significant change in the volumetric soil moisture (θ), soil moisture reserves (MR) and availability of moisture for plants. In the average entire growing period is characterized by the growth of θ and MR in the layer 0–50cm in comparison with control under the influence of mulching the soil with pine litter by 28 and 21%, under the influence of "dry stream" by 6–40% and 9–23%, under the elements of the path network (the incremental track) by 5 and 4–9% respectively. In rockery and decorative unsealed plots of soil, hydrological regimes were very similar, however, θ and MR was significantly reduced at 13–18 and 6–29% in rockery and 2 and 4% in decorative unsealed plots of soil. The hydrological regime of experience control variant in the dry conditions of vegetation period of2014 was the most suitable for the growth of xero-mesophytic plants. The application of the proposed planning decisions and mulching opens up the possibility of creating a variety of sustainable plant communities on the same type of the original soil within the single recreational area.Key words: soil-landscape design, planning elements, agro-meliorative techniquesmulching, hydrological regime, forms of soil moisture.

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