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May 2016, № 5 (193)

Speranskaya N.I., Yatsevich O.E. TO THE QUESTION OF ESTIMATION OF KNOWLEDGE OF STUDENTS IN HIGHER EDUCATION: THE MARK, CREDIT, RATING, MONITORINGThis article discusses different approaches to the evaluation of students and pupils' knowledge at different stages of national education (preschool, primary, basic, secondary complete and higher), identifies the advantages and disadvantages of various control forms (a traditional mark, testing, rating, two-point scale system), the need for their motivating role is emphasized. Particular attention is paid to such controlfunctions as the implementation of feedback in the organization of the educational process and determining its degree of success at different levels: the individual student, to the University as a whole. The authors describe in sufficient detail the rating and objectified system of control — EDUCON used in Tyumen industrial University. The article focuses on the need to use multilateral (self-evaluation, evaluation of classmates and teacher), qualitative, verbal definition of the learning progress of students, ensuring the realization of student-oriented learning, and emphasizes the viability of the active teacher's role in the choice of those or other means, forms and methods of control. The authors concluded that only the combined use of various forms and methods of assessment provides effective feedback and implementation of all functions.Key words: mark, valuation, rating, monitoring, testing, student-centered education, control, motivation.


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Authors: Speranskaya N.I., Yatsevich O.E.

Year: 2016

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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