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Humanitarian sciences

Guskova A.P. MEANING OF SPECIAL SKILLS USING OF SPECIALISTS PSYCHOLOGISTS AT CRIMINAL LEGAL PROCEDURE IN RUSSIAThe important questions of special skills using of specialists psychologists at Russian criminal legal procedure are regarded in this article.
Tarnavsky O.A. TO THE QUESTION OF PROCEDURAL FUNCTIONS AT CRIMINAL LEGAL PROCEDURE IN RUSSIA Criminal-procedural functions as general trends of criminal-procedural activities of its subjects caused with its role and purpose are regarded in this article.
Arabuly D.T. CONDUCTING BY A DEFENDER OF PERSONS’ EXAMINATION WITH THEIR AGREEMENT AS A METHOD OF EVIDENCES COLLECTING One of methods of evidences collecting – examination of persons with their agreement is regarded in this article. Proving of opinions is based on understanding of p. 2 p. 3 art. 86 CPC RF as a defender’s activity at collecting not evidences but information.
Karyakin E.A. TRUTH FORMING OF CONVICTION AT PRODUCTION OF SPECIAL ORDER OF TRIAL Theoretical basis of decision making with court at criminal case at production of special order of trail are researched in this article. A number of conclusions characterized the role of parties’ agreement at conditions of adversary proceedings of court production and regime of free using of procedural right on criminal suit and derivative from it rights, is formed in this work.
Mishchenko E.V. BINDING PRODUCTION OF LEGAL-PSYCHIATRIC EXAMINATION AT CASES OF COMPULSIVE MEASURE USING OF MEDICAL CHARACTER Question investigation of binding production of legal-psychiatric examination is presented in this article as very important. Typical mistakes, originated in practice of legal-psychiatric examination setting at cases of compulsive measure using of medical character are analyzed here.
Galyukova M.I. PECULIARITIES OF CRIMINAL-LEGAL DEFENSE OF A PERSON FROM HIV-INFECTION Distribution of HIV-infection obtains uncontrolled character not only on the territory of Russia but in other world countries too. Legislation of the Russian Federation creates measures of limitation of lethal infection distribution. The analysis of criminal legislation at given discussed problem is given in this article. Insufficiently known aspects are determined and ways of this problem solution are suggested.
Biksitova Zh.A. PECULIARITIES OF ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITY OF INFANTS IN THE SYSTEM OF YUVENAL LAW OF RUSSIAThe problems of administrative responsibility of infants, necessity of their special legal defense, activity of commissions of infants’ cases and their rights defense are revealed in this article. The necessity Russian court system reforming regarding to infants and introduction of Yuvenal justice in the Russian Federation are argued in this work.
Kucherenko M.A., Ilyasova T.V. MODEL OF TEXT ACTIVITY AS A PROCESS OF STUDYING TEXT UNDERSTANDING SKILLS FORMING OF STUDENTSStructural and containing aspects of didactic model of students’ text activity as a method of organization of one of intellectual activity – critical thinking are regarded in this article. The conceptual base of regarded model is hermeneutic approach in studying guaranteeing pedagogical conditions of studying information understanding by students, development of new style of thinking and base characteristics of a person.

Economic sciences

Yarullin R.R., Latypov A.A. PERIODIZATION AS A SCIENTIFIC METHOD OF HISTORICAL PROCESS REGULATINGThe possibility of economic history periodization using at frames of general conception of historic development is regarded in this article. Historic process as a whole as and economic theory in particular, their periodization are regarded from theoretical positions as objective process of division of human history in epochs, caused by economic progress and contained in acceleration of historic time, which has form of spiral, coiling into point of historic singularity.
Egel E.A. ROLE OF HUMAN CAPITAL AT MODERN ECONOMY The essence and content of the concept “Human capital” from the point of view of different schools of economic theory are regarded in this article. The conclusion that education is lied in the base of human capital forming because it is presented itself the source of future satisfactions and future earnings, is made on the base of analysis of statistic data. Further development of Russia will be connected with intellectualization of production, and consequently with development of human capital. Therefore the task of state is to lead out human capital from latent state and to activate the development of spheres influenced on its forming.
Zhirnova T.V. ECONOMIC ESSENCE OF MATERIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL FACTORS OF PRODUCTION AT RESOURCE-PROVISION OF AN ENTERPRISE The determination of material and organizational factors of production is given in this article. The author regards general methodological trends of appraisal of material factors of production. And also general principals of material factors appraisal are analyzed and classified here. The influence of environment conditions on choice of any trends and principals of appraisal is examined in this work.
Bantikova O.I. CONSTRUCTION OF INTEGRAL INDEX, CHARACTERIZING THE LEVEL OF DEMOGRAPHY SAFETYThe approach (on the example of Orenburg region) to the construction of free (integral) latent index allowing conducting comparative analysis of administrative-territorial units at such synthetic category as demography safety is realized in this article.
Bochkov D.V. PRINCIPALS AND APPROACHES TO THE NORMATIVE BUDGET FINANCING OF GENERAL-EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS ON THE LEVEL OF REGIONAL SYSTEM OF EDUCATIONGeneral approaches to the construction of mechanism of normative budget financing of general-educational institutions on the level of regional systems of education are regarded in this article and also principals of construction are analyzed here. The distinguishing feature of this article is the fact, that there are the results of researches at revealing of regional peculiarities of introduction of new mechanism of budget financing on the example of Orenburg region in this work.
Voyutskaya I.V. ACCOUNTING EXAMINATION AT PREVENTION OF ECONOMIC DELINQUENCIES The thesis that accounting examination is effective form of control under revelation, disclosing and prevention of delinquencies in economic sphere is proved in this article. Additional grouping of accounting examination measures at prevention of delinquencies in economic activity and also searching methodic of special accounting information researching are conducted here.
Ivanova Yu.O. MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT OF FIXED ASSETS AMORTIZATIONThe approaches to forming of amortization policy of an enterprise and to the control under purposeful using of capital allowances as a source of capital investments financing are revealed in this article. The author suggests introduction of elements of management account into the system of fixed assets reproduction.

Natural sciences

Kozminykh V.O., Goncharov V.I., Makarov A.G., Shcherbakov Yu.V., Sviridov A.P., Zarchenko A.V. SYNTHESIS OF HALOGEN-DERIVATIVES OF 1,3,4,6-TETRACARBONIUM COMPOUNDS AND THEIR ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITYBromation or chlorination of hexane-1,3,4,6-tetraons and amides of 3,4-dihydroxy-6-oxohex-2,4-diene acids leads with preparative outlet to creation of a little toxic and having high antimicrobial activity of 2,5-dihalogen- and 2,2,5,5-tetrahalogensubstituted hexane-1,3,4,6-tetraons or amides of 5-halogen- and 2,5-dihalogen-3,4,6-trioxyhexane acids. The construction of received compounds set with help of ИК, УФ, ЯМР 1H, ЯМР 13C methods of spectrography and mass-spectrometry are discussed in this article.
Kokoreva A.A., Umarova A.B., Gorbatov V.S. APPREHENSIBILITY APPRAISAL OF MATTERS MIGRATION MODEL IN SOIL OF DIFFERENT LEVEL AT LYSIMETRIC DRAIN Water block of physically proved models of different level, models with homogeneous porosity (PEARL) and models, accounting double porosity of soil (MACRO) was parameterizated and tested at results of water regime studying of turf-podzol hardloamy soils of large lysimeters of MSU. Experimental laboratories and field dynamic data were used as in parameters. The analysis of models apprehensibility appreciated at data of lysimetric drain on the lower border (1,5 m) of soil showed that OGH parameters were the main physical supplying of models, accuracy making of forecasting. It is necessary to use there parameters for models tuning. The model MACRO described better lysimetric drain at vegetation period thanks to account of quick flows at macropores and cracks originated at the period of intense precipitations in the model.
Nikolaev V.M. NECESSARY CONDITIONS OF PRODUCTION ACTIVITY ECOLOGIZATION The problem solution of production ecologization is connected indissolubly with introduction of science intensive technologies allowing guaranteeing of modern conditions of power- and resources consumption minimized antropogenic influence on environment. The mechanism of innovation activity acting at the present time in regions, connected including with production ecologization and perspectives of its development are regarded in this article.
Kaverina S.A., Klimentiev A.I., Lozhkin I.V. GEOECOLOGICAL APPRAISAL OF TOP-SOIL TRANSFORMATION OF ORSK-NOVOTROITSK PRODUCTION CENTERRegularities of profile distribution of morphological, physical-chemical and bioecological characteristics of city soils and their transformations under the influence of urbagene loading are studied firstly. Definite types of reconstructions of morphological and ecological-geochemical structure of soil profiles which have no analogues among background soils of the region are determined in this article.
Petrishchev V.P. SALT-DOME LANDSCAPEGENESIS OF PRIKASPIYSKY-PREDURAL REGION Regularities of forming and development of salt structures geocomplexes of Prikaspiysky cavity and Predural flexure are given in this article and also theses of phenomenological conception of salt-dome landscapegenesis are regarded and the problems of morphostructural differentiation of salt-dome landscapes are given in this work.
Gulyanov Yu.A. INFLUENCE OF PLANTS GROWTH REGULATORS ON REALIZATION OF RESOURCE POTENTIAL OF WINTER WHEAT AGROCOENOSIS AT CONDITIONS OF ORENBURG PREDURAL More adaptive regulators of plants growth allowing increasing greatly steadiness and crop capacity of wheat agrocoenosis are revealed at working of cultivation methods trended on increase of winter wheat resource potential on chernozem of Southern Orenburg Predural.
Kulzhumieva A.A., Sartabanov Zh.A. TO THE QUESTION OF PERIODICAL AT MANY-DIMENSIONAL TIME SOLUTIONS OF DA-EQUATIONS SYSTEMSThe concept of function periodicity with many-dimensional time and variable period at arguments where characteristic of differential Da operator is given in this work. New insight of periodical solutions of regarded linear systems and based on it method of research of periodical solutions of nonlinear systems of many-dimensional time equations is suggested here.
Pavlikov S.V. METHOD OF LYAPUNOV’S FUNCTIONALS OF CONSTANT SIGNS AT STEADINESS RESEARCH OF FUNCTIONAL-DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Steadiness and asymototic steadiness of zero solution of non-autonomous functional-differential equation of delayed type by means of limit equations and Lyapunov’s functional of constant signs which has derivativeof constant sign are researched in this article. The example is given.

Technical sciences

Sultanov N.Z. METHODOLOGICAL BASES OF MOTOR TRANSPORT SYSTEMS FUNCTIONING EFFECTIVENESS AND QUALITY INCREASE Methodological bases of effectives and quality increase of motor transport systems functioning based on rational using of existing resources are given in this article. These existing resources are the structure and park of motor transport systems of one typical motor transport enterprise. The complex of approaches combined with both as purposeful and organizational as economic systems of appraisals is realized in frames of this work. Worked out methodology of parameters optimization of transport particularized system is based on optimization of properties and types of business-functions satisfied optimal dimension and structure of motor transport enterprises’ park.
Kuznetsov O.F. DETAILED LAYING OUT OF CIRCULAR CURVES AT BENDING DEFLECTIONThe method of detailed laying out of circular curves with way of bending deflection without using of angular instrument which suggested by the article author is actual and new.
Shakhov V.A., Gerasimenko I.V. FUNCTIONAL-TECHNOLOGICAL OPTIMIZATION OF CONSTRUC- TIONAL AND OPERATING PARAMETERS OF TEST BENCH FOR TEST OF MILKING TECHNICSMethodic of proving and creation of test bench construction for milking machines is given in this article. This test bench is able to reproduce adequately physiological, morphological and anatomical characteristics of lactation animal. The results of laboratorial tests show that milking machine "Nurlan" is more suitable for cows giving much milk because it has high draft ability at the equal value of vacuum at under mammillary area of teet cups.


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