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Humanitarian sciences

V. A. Bondarenko NATIONAL DOCTRINE AND UNIVERSITY EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT The article is about national doctrine of Russian Federation's education which would define the educational system's reformation. Education efficiency can be achieved only in the presence of powerful net of large universities which are created on Federation subjects basis by means of different institutions integration which would define the educational policy in regions and in the country as a whole. OSU (the leader of education in the Orenburg region) has the inestimable experience in this field.
S. A. Matyash THE RHYME OFV.A.ZHUKOVSKIY'S BALLADS The results of research of the principle genre of the first Russian romanticist are presented in the following article. The points of analysis are: phonetic, morphology-grammatical, semantic. The role of rhyme in the poet's "picture of the world" is given.
A. V. Florya LINGUAESTHETICAL EFFECT OF THE NOUNS ACCUMULATED IN A LITERARY TEXT The theme of the article is the disposition of the nouns in the extremal points of a poetical text. The main meaning of this method is the interiorizating a fictional reality of the text by the readers. The fragment of the manual "Descriptive Decoding Stylistics. Part II. Grammar"
N. E. Bannova ANTHROPOLOGICAL DETERMINISM IN THE CONTEXT OF THE CONCEPTIONAL AND HISTORICAL LINEAR PARADIGM INSOLVENCY OF THE SOCIAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM EVOLUTION The third article which, as wellas two previous ones, is devoted to the influence of the anthropological determinism on results of the social economic system evolution control. Within the concepts of sinergetics this analysis is defined as the analysis of the microlevel fluctuations on the macro level evolution tendencies. The author stresses the topicality of the sinergetic appoach to the eleboration of the subject-priented paradigm of the social economic system evolution control, which lets to give an adequate conrol limits evaluation when solving the dilemma paternalizm - sovereignty.
B. I. Kutuzov, L. P. Kutuzova, I. A. Kulantaeva, T. N. Tarasova ABOUT THE NECESSITY OF THE REVISION OF LAW EDUCATION CONSEPTION The article deals with a new approach to building the higher law education conseption, based on a wide use of information technologies in the teaching process. This approach is based on the plan of a continuous computer training course which permits to train a qualified lawyer, whose knowledge and skills are up to the present day requirements.
V. P. Kovalevsky, A. P. Tyapukhin THEORETICAL YROUNDS OF CONCEPTIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT IN MARKET CONDITIONS The article is devoted to the reveating tendency development of educational establishments as the elements of Russian Federation educational system. Conceptional approaches to the administration of this educational establishments are considered and theoretically proved in the conditions of imperfect market relations.
V. A. Krasilnikova INFORMATIONAL SYSTEM'S POSSIBILITIES IN ADMINISTRATION OF A SINGLE EDUCATIONAL SPACE OF THE REGION The using possibilities of modern informational technologies in the creation of a single administrative system in the social regional infrastructure are given in the article. Searching for interacting mechanism and co-ordinated work of all interested structures of the region in the development of educational and cultural level of region's population is the main idea of this publication.
V. P. Erunov, I. I. Morkovin OPTIMIZATION OF THE HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULING The description of the automated forming of the optimal high school timetable is considered in article. Scheduling is divided in two steps: at first, a depersonalized time-table automatically, using genetic algorithms forms; then it is completed with titles and kinds of disciplines according teachers desire and purposes of the optimization of teachers work.

Economic sciences

A. M. Baltina BUDGET PLANNING AS A CONDITION FOR BALANCED STATE FINANCES The article considers budget planning as a functional element of running financial resources of the state. It defines the evaluation of budget commitments and taxation potential of the region as an integral process of working out a balanced budget. The author suggests the representative taxation system method for evaluating the income taxation potential of Orenburg region from the aspect of municipal institutions.

Natural sciences

A. A. Tsytsura, E. A. Starokozheva THEORETICAL PRINCIPLES OF COMPLEX ATMOSPHERE QUALITY ESTIMATION IN AN INDUSTRIAL TOWN Atmospheric air quality of an industrial city is defined by waste quantities incluoling polluted things and forecast parameters, responsible for transformation and transportation of admixture in the air. We systematized information about waste sources to the air in Orenburg which is the largest industrial center of the Orenburg region, as an example.
V. N. Kanyukov, O. M. Trubina, D. P. Sergienko MANUFACTURING OF TEFLON SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Medical instruments adaptation to new microsurgical operations technologies is viewed upon in this article. Teflon, being physiologically neutral and obtaining peculiar properties absolutely suits for manufacturing of surgical instruments. The article gives the description of three Teflon instruments used during operations performed on various eye pathology. The application of these instruments optimises the operation procedure and eliminates tissue traumas as well as promotes the final result of treatment.
E. V. Kvitek MEASURING SIGNALS FILTRATION PRESENTED ON THE BASIS OF WALSH FUNCTIONS This article deals with the measuring signals filtration method based on the use of Walsh functions as the orthogonal basis. The authors obtained correlation's which ensure the filtering property of the orthonormalizing basis by means of the equiamplitude Walsh polynomial reproduction. The article shows the possibility for practical use of the filtering device based on the peculiarities of the Walsh equiamplitude polynomials. It gives the frequency coefficient of lower frequencies filter transmission for considered class.
V. I. Stolypin, A. F. Molchanov, A. I. Shkoryapkin, V. L. Yashchenko, V. D. Lomavskikh, V. I. Bryukhov, A. D. Shakhov, S. A. Molchanov, A. V. Stryapkov INDUSTRIAL TESTS OF THE ZEOLITE SAA-U CARRIED OUT ON THE ETHANE FRACTION CLEANER AT ORENBURG HELIUM PLANT The article cartains a positive experience of the home tzeolit SAA-U use. Industrial tests were carried auf in the Orenburg helium plant. Some practical recommendations on the use and on regeneration, in particular, of tzeolit were given.

Technical sciences

V. A. Bondarenko, S. A. Fot MANUFACTURING OF MOTOR FUELS ON THE INSTALLATIONS FOR THE HYDROCARBON RAW PROCESSING IN THE REGIONS OF ITS EXTRACTION The article gives a brief analysis of the motor fuels consumption in Orenburg region and considers the method of the motor fuels manufacturing by means of small-tonnage insfallations for the hydrocarbon raw processing.
A.N. Polyakov, I.V. Parfyonov THERMAL PROBLEMS ACTUALITY AND THERMAL MODELLING STATE IN METAL-CUTTING MACHINES The article deals with the main trends in improvement of modern machine constructions with consideration of their thermal stability increase. Modern state of metal-cutting machines thermal modelling is analyzed. The authors give classification of the thermal models. It was shown that the most perspective trends in the development of metal-cutting machines thermal modelling are the modal and scholastic methods.
I.M. Kiyanov OPTIMAL CABLE POINTER OF SUSPENSION BRIDGE PRESTRESSED BY PERMANENT EFFORT Optimal cable pointer of suspension bridge, prestressed by permanent effort during temperature and other shifts, doesn't depend on loading and perstressing. It corresponds to the maximum thrust from one and the same loading, other things being equal. Equation for optimal pointer was deduced.
A. P. Vasilyev ACCOUNT LAMINAR OF A BIPHASE BOUNDARY LAYER ON A PLATE ON THE BASIS OF INTEGRATED PARITIES The flow of a plate biphase by a flow is considered. The integrated parities of pulses and energy for a biphase boundary layer are deduced at presence of volumetric sources Heat-Allocation. The results of numerical account of thickness of a dynamic and thermal boundary layer for the large and small numbers Prandtle, and also factors Heat-Feedback are resulted.
V. B. Fateev, E. L. Grekov STAND FOR TRACTIVE ENGINES TESTING This article analyses the electromechanical characteristics of developed and applied in industry stand for tractive engines testing in open and closed control system.
A.S. Kostomarov, M.V. Moguchev, A.Ya. Mikitchenko SENSITIVE ELEMENTS OF INVERSE CONNECTIONS FOR ELECTRIC DRIVE This article deals with the construction of sensitive elements for electric current and voltage of the basis of Holl's effect. The sensitive element of electromagnetic moment for asynchronous machine was constructed. The article gives structural schemes and output characteristics of sensitive elements.
G. A. Sidorenko, V. L. Kasperovich, V. P. Popov ELABORATION OF NEW MEDICINE-PROPHYLACTIC BAKERY PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY This article deals with elaboration on technology of medicine-prophylactic crestless brad, produced by E-K-method of power supply. The authors show the expediency of special additions to the formula, extending the medicine-prophylactic characteristics of the crustless bread. A complete set of normative documents for technology and equipment was approved according to a set form.
P. V. Medvedev, A. S. Stepanov, G. B. Zinyuhin, M. M. Gluhovskaja, A. A. Uvarov ECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS IN COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY OF ENTERPRISES Ecological condition's estimation of OAO "Orenburg Bread-baking plant" is given in the article. These are practical recommendations on bringing enterprises' ecological indices tonards the system of intermational standards ISO 14000.
Villiam D. Ditman BASICS OF INTERNATIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT The program is designed to introduce students to a systematic process, developed by a professional management consultant, for solving discrete problems. The students will learn through experience by working on a project involving an international client seeking to do business with the region of Orenburg. They will work under the intense pressure created by facing a tight deadline. The program is organized into five classroom sessions; however, most of the work and learning will take place outside the classroom.
Maximilian Herberger 10 RULES OF LAWYER'S (MAY BE NOT HIS) WISE USE OF COMPUTER TECHNIQUE The article considers one of the approaches to the informatisation of legal educational process stated in the form of 10 rules of lawyer's wise use of computer technique.

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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