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Vasilieva Yu.V. FORMATION OF COMPETENCES OF A TEAM OF PROFESSIONALLY-ORIENTED INTERACTION TECHNIQUE FOR THE FUTUREIn secondary vocational education in technical disciplines there is the problem of preparation of students to new conditions of labor. Studied the working conditions of the technicians of oil and gas wells. Used questionnaires to employers. It is established that in conditions of the shift method interaction is of team character. Communication within the watches may be of foreign language. In the literature was not considered in preparing College students for teamwork. In this regard, consider the concept of “team”, “professional team”, “professionally-oriented interaction”. Proven pedagogical conditions of formation of competences of team interaction. Conducted training of teachers of the College. Provided motivation to the development of a team of professional interaction. Created models of production situations on the integrated and binary lessons. Developed methodical complex. Used German language lessons and technical disciplines. A growth of the level of formation of professional competence of the command-oriented interaction of students in the experimental groups.Key words: team, tech, vocational education, College, professional team-oriented interaction, the troubled industrial situation, foreign language professional interaction.
Gilazieva S.R., Shumilina N.S., Simonenkov V.S. PROBLEMS OF FORMATION OF CULTURE HEALTH OF STUDENTS IN THE LEARNING PROCESS IN HIGH SCHOOLHigh demands of society to the level of health graduates and unfounded in practice, the content of education and the process of formation of culture of health of students identified the importance of our research. The main condition for human self-realization in any field of activity is the necessary level of organization of his psychosomatic, since virtually all aspects of human life are determined by the level of health. An analysis of questionnaire data revealed the attitude of students to the values of health and the level of development of physical culture of the person. These results allow us to determine: the competence of students in matters of physical culture, motivation and the degree of responsibility for their health. Dependence Liability studying the health of his self-esteem necessitates the formation among the students conscious attitude towards their health, to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. This requires the development of a comprehensive high school program, which is based on inherent value-semantic attitude of students towards a healthy lifestyle through a variety of means of athletic activity for the formation of a culture of health, psycho-physical training and self-study to the future professional activity.Key words: studying, health, health culture, sports activity.
Zaritskaya L.A. DIDACTIC MINIMUM FOR MAGISTRANDS ON THE DISCIPLINE “BUSINESS ENGLISH”Higher education in high school is designed to prepare graduate students not only in his future profession, but also to expand his professional horizons by means of humanitarian disciplines of the block. The purpose of discipline “Business Foreign Language” in high school is the formation of a professional identity. Preparing undergraduates of the university from the perspective of trade is complicated by the fact that not effectively use innovative technologies and not flexible methodology in teaching discipline “Business Foreign Language”. Review of regulations discipline “Business Foreign Language” and the scientific literature in this area has allowed to analyze the innovative technology of the project method, the history of his emergence and development as a pedagogical innovative technologies at the present stage. Project-based learning within the discipline of “Business Foreign Language” in the learning process acts as a unifying, a link to a professional, linguistic, cultural and lingvokulturologicheskoj training graduate high school. Thus, analyzing the regulations, requirements, goals, objectives, discipline “Business Foreign Language”, we compiled didactic least in the discipline. Based on the developed didactic minimum for classroom use and a method of projects in extracurricular time the motivation of undergraduates has increased significantly. In other words, preparation of undergraduates of the university has been successful and efficient subject of innovative technologies in the teaching of humanitarian disciplines in the university unit.Key words: discipline “Business Foreign Language” project method, didactic minimum.
Sakharova N.S., Raptanova I.N. IMPLEMENTATION OF COMPETENCE APPROACH THROUGH SIMULATION TECHNOLOGYNowadays the modernization of higher education in Russia is the main condition for the society development and competitive capacity guarantee of our economy. One of the priority aspects of the modernization is to strengthen the importance of independent work of bachelors. The reason is, first of all, a significant reduction in the number of classroom hours and the increase provided for independent work. Independent work becomes the basis for the professional formation of the bachelor. It stimulates his cognitive interests, contributes to the realization of the main goals of education— to form the communicative and professional competences. Within the framework of the competence-oriented education the relationship nature between lecturer and bachelor has changed. The lecturer, released from the simple transmission of knowledge, have the freedom to choose the forms of interaction with the bachelors, or rather, to choose the methods for teaching such discipline as “Foreign language”. Classic teaching methods are replaced with the new ones. The appearance in our lives information and communication technologies has led to their rapid implementation into the educational process. Improving the independent work of bachelors through the usage of information and communication technologies is of great interest to many pedagogues and practitioners. A special place among the information and communication technologies takes simulation technology. The specificity of this technology is to create an educational process in various kinds of relationships and real life conditions, requiring the bachelors not only to know some professional knowledge, but also to immerse them into a given image and professional environment. The usage of simulation technology contributes to a cognitive-search activity of bachelors; motivate them to learn foreign languages. That is why the question of the effectiveness of its application nowadays is especially important.Key words: independent work, competence, competence approach, cognitive-search activities, information and communication technologies, simulation technology.
Yankina N.V. THE STUDIES OF INTERCULTURAL CHARACTERISTICS OF RUSSIAN BUSINESS CULTURE AS A COMPONENT OF A PERSON'S PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION Every stage of society development set up special claims to professional characteristics of employees. The results of the research conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, a leading analytiacl agency, demonstrated that modern processes of globalization and intergration send a challenge to professional training— a future specialist is expected to be able to cooperate with foreign colleagues. That is why professional training implies the studies of the intercultural communication basics. Since special national characteristics of a culture become more apparent in interactions, the author of the article analyzes such terms as “national culture” and “intercultural characteristics of business culture”. Presented in the article the key values of Russian business culture disclose the peculiarities of Russians interactions in intercultural communication. This knowledge can assist in tracing your behavior with foreign partners, addapting to cultural differences and interpreting the results of intercultural contacts. The article presents one of the methods of comperative cultural studies, the method of case-study. It is a real-life situation of business communication that enables to analyze Russian and American business cultures and find the solutions to professional tasks by taking into account national characteristics of the given cultures. Constantly changing social and econimic life predetermines the dynamics of intercultural theory and practice. The author comes to a valid conclusion that a person should update intercultural knowledge and skills during his or her professional education and career.Key words: national culture, business culture, values, intercultural communication.

Philological sciences

Shcherbakova M.V. THE IMPORTANCE OF FUNCTIONAL STYLE IN THE PERCEPTION OF TEXT STRUCTURE AS THE SELF-ORGANIZED SYSTEMModern development stage of linguistics is characterized by interdisciplinary relations. Linguosynergy is young and rapidly developing science. It differs by applying experimental methods of research and positioning approach to the text. Emergence of the new doctrine assumes formation of new methodology of a text research which allows receiving unique results. Application of system approach to text studying is capable to reveal value of functional style in language units perception taking into consideration positions of the text. In the course of experimental data processing it was revealed that 78% of matches are registered in the text interval post-HC, 74% of matches are fixed in the text zone pre-HC, 57% of matches are registered in the text interval “beginning”, 46% of matches are found in the text zone pre-HC, 51% of matches are in the intervals post-HCb, 53% of matches are found in the text zone “end”. Thus, areas of the text pre-HCb and post-HCb are the most sensitive to perception. The structure of the text as the self-organized system plays an important role in perception of the whole text.Key words: experiment, positioning text structure, functional style, close procedure.


Bolodurina I.P., Skalny A.V., Tsyganova I.A. INTELLIGENT SYSTEM FOR PRE-DIAGNOSIS LEVELS OF TRACE ELEMENTS IN THE HUMAN BODYCreation of information Intellectual preliminary diagnosis system is an important tool for monitoring the health of people. Within the developed intellectual system is considered a preliminary prediction of the level of micronutrient intake without analysis. As a result of the experimental treatment of medical data of trace-element composition analysis, a system of production rules underlying the adoption of the diagnostic decisions on the level of trace elements in the human body on the basis of the intellectual pre-diagnostic system.Key words: trace, data mining, intelligent system bioelementny human status.
Debelo P.V., Stepanov A.S., Stepanova I.A., Romanova A.S. SOME ECOLOGICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES OF THE DYNAMICS OF THE COMPOSITION AND ABUNDANCE OF WATERFOWL EAST ORENBURG (KEY ORNITHOLOGICAL TERRITORY OF RU-217, OB-002)Reservoirs East Orenburg are nesting and staging numerous waterfowl on an important migration route for the transcontinental Northern Eurasia. It found 56 species stay of 6 units, of which 3 (5.3%) are considered as vagrants, 15 (26.8%) occurred during seasonal migrations, for 36 (64.3%) species are known meeting in breeding season nature and stay two (3.6%) is not set. The article summarizes the literature, departmental and personal materials to change the species composition, the nature of the host, distribution and abundance of waterfowl in the region over the past two decades. This information can be the basis for developing a set of measures aimed at optimizing the use of bio-resources area and the preservation of its biodiversity.Key words: waterfowl, gagaroobraznye, copepods, pogankoobraznye, geese, gruiformes, Charadriiformes.
Dokuchaev P.M., Meshalkina Yu.L. DETERMINATION OF ORGANIC CARBON CONTENT USING A PORTABLE SPECTROMETER-RADIOMETERThe real-time measurement with a given accuracy of the organic matter content in the upper (fertile) soil layer is indispensable for competent agricultural production management. Using the spectral reflectance of soils in the visible and near infrared region of the spectrum is one of the most advanced techniques for determining organic matter content. The advantages of the method are: the speed of shooting, relative cheapness, less labor input in the preparation of samples, no need for special treatment with chemical reagents, etc. The determination of reflection spectra in visible and infrared region of the spectrum was conducted on natural and anthropogenic soils of Vyatka-Kama Province of sod-podzolic soils of the southern taiga, using a portable spectrometer-radiometer. The occurrence of relationship between the organic carbon content and the spectral reflectance of the samples was revealed in the visible and infrared region of the spectrum. It was shown that the best predicting results were obtained for the organic carbon content of undisturbed humus horizons using the Karmanov coefficient (R2=0.41). Correlations were significant for arable horizons too, but in general they were low: R2= 0.21–0.22. Vegetation Index NDVI could explain about 26% of the variation of organic carbon content in the upper mineral soil horizon, regardless of the land use. The study showed the presence of the potential use of the recording of the upper humus horizon reflectivity using a portable spectrometer-radiometer for rapid determination of organic carbon content for the purposes of agriculture, agro-ecological and soil mapping. However, it was noted that there is a need of development, calibration and setting procedures for each specific area.Key words: organic carbon content, reflectance, spectro-radiometer, NDVI.
Kononov V.M. MATERIALS FOR THE VISION OF AGRICULTURAL USE OF THE AGRICULTURAL TERRITORIES IN THE CONTEXT OF THE ORENBURG REGIONIn this region, as in the whole of the Russian Federation up to the present time used mainly resource-intensive style of agricultural land use. The active agricultural use of sloping areas without any protection leads to irretrievable losses of soil fertility and the overall action potential of the region. The mechanism of loss of soil fertility under cultivation of slopes is well known and is in violation of the environmental sustainability of the cultivated parts of the landscape and connecting with them. Among the degradation processes on the order more dangerous than others— water erosion. Considered a number of changes to the sustainability of various components of agro-landscapes to erosion and degradation. It is proposed to implement the transition from mass agricultural use of the territory of the region to using only the most fertile and most favourable hydrothermal conditions of agricultural lands transformation of the unproductive arable land in other, more sustainable types of land. In the author's concept of agricultural land use in the region is taken the main provisions of the doctrine of V.V.Dokuchaev on reasonable ratio of lands and the rule of measures of a radical transformation of landscapes N.F.Reimers. The proposed measures consisting in totality of organizational, protective and ameliorative technologies that can slow and partially neutralized the negative effect of land degradation processes on productive capacity of agricultural landscapes and their environmental sustainability.Key words: agricultural land use, environmental problems, land degradation, protection and reclamation technologies.
Nikulina A.V., Sereda N.V. SCIENTIFIC REASONS FOR APPOINTMENT TO YOUNG GROWTH OF PRODUCTIVE ANIMAL BIOACTIVE ADDITIVES IN THE CONDITIONS OF THE SELENIUM-POOR REGIONAs the territory of the Chuvash Republic refers to the high-risk areas of selenium deficiency, and the levels of trace element in the biological material of the population below the physiological norm, the development and introduction into production the methods of correction morphological status of man and animals selenium bio-additives is of great importance not only for modern physiology and elementology, but also for the economy of the country. The influence selenoorganic drugs: DAFS-25 and “Selenopiran” on hematological and biochemical parameters of calves of milk period, taking into account the biogeochemical features of the Chuvash Republic is studied. The authors conducted four series of scientific and economic experiments involving 80 calves-analogues. The excess number of erythrocytes (P<0.01) and level of albumin and gamma-globulins (P<0.05–0.001) in calves treated with DAPS-25 and “Selenopiran” is established. Growth of concentration of immunoglobulins at experimental calfs throughout researches is recorded. The intensity of lipid peroxidation was significantly higher at calfs from group of control, and activity of antioxidant system of experimental animals. In the conditions of the lowered temperatures the effect of the studied medicines was more expressed. It is proved that the calves on adaptive technology in terms of high and low temperatures on the background of the main diet with the use of DAFS-25 and “Selenopiran” had a favorable effect on the character of metabolic processes, lipid metabolism, hematological and immunological profiles of the animals. It was accompanied by a pronounced anti-stress and immunomodulatory effects. We recommend the use of these drugs in the practice of animal husbandry in the selenium-poor regions.Key words: DAFS-25, selenopyran, young productive animals, selenium-poor regions, Chuvash Republic.
Poluboyarinov P.A., Golubina N.A., Glebova N.N. PROSPECTS OF SELENOCYSTINE UTILIZATION IN PRODUCTION OF COTURNIX COTURNIX JAPONICA MEAT AND EGGS FORTIFIED WITH SELENIUMPoultry meat and eggs enriched with selenium are widely used all over the world for improving food quality and chicken health. Effect of selenocystine utilization on the quality of quail muscles, organs and eggs is investigated using selenocystine additives in feed of birds (0.15 and 0.30gSe/t). Selenium supplementation was shown to elevate significantly selenium content in eggs, muscles and liver. Consumption of five quail eggs fortified with selenocystine was shown to provide half of the adequate selenium consumption level. Selenium supplementation decreased concentration of As, Pb, B and Sn in quail muscles and liver. ompared to literature data selenocystine utilization enhances selenium content in egg shell more significantly than selenomethionine (Sel-Plex) that may have significant prospects in egg shell utilization.Key words: selenium, selenotsistin, quail eggs, heavy metals.
Skalny A.V., Salnikova E.V., Kwan O.V., Sizentsov A.N., Salnikov I.A. EXAMINE THE RELATIONSHIP OF ZINC BIOACCUMULATION IN FOOD AND HUMAN ORGANISM IN THE ORENBURG REGIONThe influence of essential elements of the human body and animals is by far one of the most pressing issues bioelementologii. Of particular interest are the vital chemical elements from the group of heavy metals involved in metabolic processes. Excessive intake of data elements entails the development of a variety of pathological conditions, in connection with which there is a necessity of monitoring the content of the data elements at different levels of the food chain, particularly in the geochemical provinces with high levels of these elements. In connection with this great interest is the study of the relationship of zinc bioaccumulation in food and the human body. The article presents data monitoring research content of zinc ions in foods and biosubstrates population of the Orenburg region. Study of food, indicates that in areas of the West and Central Orenburg content of zinc ions below the permissible concentrations, while in the Eastern zone of the Orenburg content of the studied elements exceeds analog values of 2.2 and 1.9 times, in Central and West zone, respectively. The study of biological substrates (hair) produced by the population of the Orenburg region are above the acceptable level of zinc ions in the hair of women living in the eastern region by 10%, which is confirmed by correlation and regression analysis, testifying to the direct correlation content of the metal in food and the human body.Key words: bioelements, environment, ecology, Orenburg region.
Spasov A.A., Bugaeva L.I., Lebedeva S.A., Tekutova T.V., Korzhova T.M., Getmanenko A.Y. THE INFLUENCE OF ALIMENTARY MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY ON THE PROCESSES OF EMBRYO- AND FETOGENESIS, RECORDED IN THE ANTENATAL PERIOD OF INCREASE OF THE FETUS RATSThe human body has a self-regulation of homeostasis system in which play important role nutrients. Pathological conditions, stress, increased functional activity of the body may be the cause of macro- and microelementoses, resulting in biochemical and functional changes in an organism. Magnesium deficiency is an important problem both abroad and in Russia. When magnesium deficiency reduced antioxidant protection, impaired insulin secretion, changes the metabolism of protein and fat metabolism, there is a pathology of the endocrine system. Magnesium deficiency is common among women in the 20-30% more often than men. Female body more sensitive to magnesium deficiency that biologically expedient in connection with the active participation of magnesium in the childbearing function. In chronic magnesium deficiency observed irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, there is a pronounced premenstrual syndrome, osteoporosis, most cervical pathology occurs. All of these disorders associated with magnesium deficiency in the female body can be pathologically changed during pregnancy and childbirth. In this regard, it was conducted preclinical study the effect of nutritional magnesium deficiency on the processes of fetal development in rats. The content of the diet to rats resulted in the development of blood without hypomagnesemia magnesium salts. Magnesium level in female experimental group decreased plasma to 18.6% (p<0.05) and 24.8% (p<0.05) in red blood cells compared to control. The females have a deficit of magnesium pre-implantation and post implantation fetal loss increased on 2.3 (p<0.05) and 3.8 (p<0.05), respectively. Magnesium-deficient state during pregnancy significantly increases the pre- and post-implantation fetal death increases the number resorption fetus reduces their weight and craniocaudally size, and the number of seats in the ossification of the sternum, metacarpophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal.Key words: rat, hypomagnesemia diet without magnesium salts, pregnancy, ossification processes.
Chernova .N., Lysenko .V. THE REGULARITY OF TRACE ELEMENTS TRANSFER OF THE FOOD CHAIN PLANKTON— MOLLUSCS The microelement concentrations (Pb, Zn, Cd, Cu) were studied in organisms of a trophic chain “plankton— mollusks (filter feeders)” from the lagoon lakes of the coast of the Sea of Japan comparing to published data. It was shown that microelements distribution on trophic chain “producer— first level consumer” depends from the specific surface area, microelement concentration and suspended organic matter in water and food, the form of existence an element in water. Microelements do not have biological magnification through the food chain plankton— filter feeders in the lagoon lakes from the coast of the Sea of Japan: Pb content is reduced, which is associated with a decrease of the specific surface area of consumers and probably with the predominant suspended form of the element in the water. The concentrations of Zn, Cu and Cd remain practically unchanged despite the reduction of the specific surface area. It is connected with the high rate of consumer's filtration, which is provided by low organic carbon and low heavy metals concentrations in the water. The concentrations of Pb, Cu and Cd in consumers-filter feeders from reservoirs contaminated by metals and organic matter can be increased, despite a decline of the consumers specific surface area and lower filtration rate due to feeding of the components with different original content of microelements.Key words: microelements, trophic chain, plankton, bivalves, the Sea of Japan coast lagoon lakes.


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