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Economic sciences

Aralbaeva G.G. MONITORING OF INNOVATION ACTIVITY IN THE REGIONThe aim of monitoring of regional social-economic ystem development is providing of management strucutres with reliable, modern, full enough and relevant information about all changes influenced on dynamics of its development. This article is devoted to the monitoring of innovation activity in Orenburg region.
Baltina A.M., Palnichenko S.A. THEORETICAL BASIS OF METHODS OF FINANCIAL STANDARD CALCULATION ON SERVICES OF ADDITIONAL CHILDREN EDUCATION The necessity of calculation of common finacial standard taking into consideration principals lying in the base of authorities differentiation in the sphere of additional children education is proved in this article, also it is suggested in the structure of standard distinguishing two groups of expenses – connected with organization of studying process and support of institution.
Beliy M.E. MECHANISM OF COMPETITIVENESS GUARANTEE OF INTERNET-MASS MEDIA Theoretical aspects of competitiveness guarantee of mass media operating on Internet are regarded in this article. The mechanism of competitiveness guarantee is worked out in this article, also the complex of competitiveness advantages forming strategies of Internet-Mass media is suggested here.
Bobyleva A.S. STIRRING UP OF CREDIT COOPERATIVES ACTIVITYThe objective necessity of additional capital attraction in agrarian sphere of economy is revealed in this article. Some advantages of credit cooperatives to commercial banks are indicated here. The modern situation in development of credit cooperation is regarded, critical observations of current legislation in this sphere are given, some offers of stirring up of agricultural consumers’ credit cooperatives activity are suggested in this work.
Denisov V.T., Malysheva D.A., Denisov D.D. EFFECTIVENESS OF CAPITAL INVESTMENTS INTO THE PREPARATION OF PRODUCTION AT REALIZATION OF EXTERNAL ECONOMIC ACTIVITY STRATEGY Methodical positions of basing of economic effectiveness of capital investments realization into the complex preparation of production on functioning machine-building enterprises at the processes of realization of eternal economic activity strategy are regarded in this article. The recommendations of YuNIDO methodics using allowing reaching full understanding in communication of specialists of financial analysis and investment projecting from different countries are given in this work.
Dolgova G.N. NECESSITY OF STATE SUPPORT AND DETERMINATION OF ITS LIMITS AT BEEF PRODUCTION IN MEAT CATTLE-BREEDINGThe brief basis of necessity of state support of high-quality beef production at specialized branch – meat cattle-breeding is given in this article. For the basis of the methodics of its limits determination the author took the positions of economic theory about reproduction, and also normative level of expenses on products production with accounting natural and economic conditions of concrete region.
Drogobitskaya K.S. NEW IN METHODOLOGY OF SYSTEM RESEARCHES The fundamental bases of modern methodology of social-cultural systems researches including integrity of perception, interative thinking, self-organization and interactive modeling are analyzed in this article. It is proved that classic and neoclassic schools of management and also the theory of complex management of quality are private occasions and create relatively independent methodological trends in frame of common system methodology.
Egorychev S.A. ORGANIZATIONAL-ECONOMIC MODELING OF SYSTEM OF REION DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM IN CONDITIONS OF POSTINDUSTRIAL ECONOMY FORMATIONThis article is devoted to the basis of organizational-economic model of modernization of region development management into the structure of interactive members of different directions of activity, interested in increasing of region functioning effectiveness. Informational system of support of regional development management in conditions of postindustrial economy is given in this work.
Kalmykova D.Yu. DISTRIBUTION OF PRODUCTS FROM THE POSITION OF LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT OF ENTERPRISE ACTIVITYIn this article the terminological analysis of such concepts as "distribution", "sale", "movement" of products is conducted and on the base of logistic approach to the enterprise management the attempt to regulate terminology using for characteristic of processes distribution is made.
Kolesnikova K.G., Lisitsky I.I., Kushnarenko V.M., Agishev V.N. PERFECTION OF MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF QUALITY OF ANO HTP "TECHNOPARK OSU"The structure of ANO HTP "Technopark OSU" and its divisions is given in this article. The analysis of accordance of management system of quality of "Technopark OSU" to the standards if ISO 9000 is given here. The way of services quality increase and consecution of actions of management quality system perfection in an organization is suggested in this work.
Lapaev S.P. THE SYSTEM OF INDEXES OF THE REGIONAL INNOVATION COMPETITIVENESSThe analysis of different approaches to the appraisal of innovation competitiveness on the national and regional level existing in the world practice and in Russia is given in this article. Also the conclusion about necessity of special methodics forming which would take into account multi-factorial and vagueness of process of innovation competitiveness forming is made here.
Lapaeva O.F., Ovcharenko E.V. GAS INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT IN RUSSIAIn this article there is an analysis of gas industry in Russia: the dynamics of gas production, the condition of recourse base, changes of production geography are shown. Peculiarities of gas industry development and the problems and perspectives are distinguished here.
Levanovich I.V. FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF DEVELOPMENT OF SYSTEM OF EFFECTIVE CIRCULATION WITH HARD DOMESTIC WASTEThere are financial conditions of creation of effective system of circulation with domestic waste. The author regards organization of separate rough fractions assortment based on the experience of foreign countries. The structure of financial support of activity of enterprises occupying in the sphere of hard domestic waste processing is presented in this article. Also the general measures of effectiveness increasing of consumption residue management system.
Renner A.G., Yarkova O.N. ANALYSIS OF PAYING CAPACITY OF INSURANCE COMPAN WITH TAKING INTO ACCOUNT INVESTMENTS INTO RISK ASSETS The dependences of possibility of insurance company nonbankruptcy from the opening capital in paussonov’s model of collective risk taking into account investments into risk and nonrisk assets are constructed in this article. The character of risk process parameters influence on the opening capital of a company at fix level of nonbankruptcy is revealed here. The criterion for choice of strategy of investments into risk and nonrisk assets is constructed in this work.
Simkin D.G. SOME PECULIARITIES OF DEVELOPMENT OF ORGANIZATIONAL-ECONOMIC MECHANISM OF REGION MANAGEMENTThis article is devoted to the studying of peculiarities of development of organizational-economic mechanism of region management. Elements and principals of this mechanism realization are determined. The problems are proved and tasks of regional management are presented.
Smagin S.V. OPTIMIZATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION OF OAO "URAL STAL" BY MEANS OF REALIZATION OF INVESTMENT PROJECTS OF INNOVATION DEVELOPMENTIn this article the author regards the projects of new technology introduction, finished and realized on OAO "Ural Stal" at the period from 2002 till the present time, which allowed optimization of financial condition of the enterprise. Indexes calculation of investment projects of innovation development at different parameters are presented in this work.
Subkhankulova A.I. BANK CAPITAL APPRAISAL ON THE RUSSIAN MARKETDifferent approaches to the appraisal of bank capital cost on the Russian market are regarded in this article. The analysis of methods of this appraisal conduction is given here. General problems at capital appraisal conduction of Russian commercial banks are revealed and the ways of their solutions are proved in this work.
Taeasov D.A. TO THE QUESTION ABOUT ECONOMIC APPRAISAL OF AGRICULTURAL FUNCTION LANDSIn this article the questions of economic appraisal of land recourses are described, also general methodical approaches are analyzed and it is suggested the methods of appraisal of agricultural lands specifically tillage on the base of analysis of using crop rotation.
Tuyakova Z.S., Chertkova A.A. CLASSIFICA-TION OF ECOLOGICAL EXPENSES AT MODERN ACCOUNTING This article is devoted to the important problem – classification of ecological expenses at modern accounting. The authors on the base of summarizing of modern classifications variety and their critical analysis prove their own position about necessity of ecological expenses classification at following characteristics: at connection with the process of production, way of capitalization, time of realization, types of conducted measures, articles of expenses for analytical account conducting.
Frolov D.V. WORKING OUT OF ALGORITHM OF ENVIRONMENT FACTORS INFLUENCE ON REGIONAL SOCIAL-ECONOMIC SYSTEMResearch of environment factors influence on the regional development determines the search of ways guaranteeing condition of their steadiness. The situation of appraisal of environment factors summary influence with aim of working out of methods of setting and determination of features and reasons of deviations of regional development is regarded in this article. Fir this the author presents the algorithm of environment factors influence and gives interpretation of calculation results of integral index. Using of this index makes possible to accept this or another variant of administrative with taking into account corresponding factors. This article is suggested to managers taking decisions.
Chaikovsky D.G. CORPORATIVE MODEL OF REGION MANAGEMENT AS A CONDITION OF COMPETITIVE SURROUNDINGS FORMING ON REGIONAL AND INTERREGIONAL LEVELIn this article the author regards the necessity of management of process of competitive surrounding creation based on necessity of effective regulation and defense of within regional market and also support of possibility of competitive relations development on interregional level. It is suggested using of corporative model as a base of process of competitive surrounding forming management.
Chebykina M.V., Belyakova N.A. STRATEGY FOR DEVELOPMENT AND DIVERSIFICATION OF SERVICES OF GAS INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE OAO "ORENBURGOBLGAS"General financial indexes of 15 biggest gas-distributing organizations in Russia are given in this article. Strong and weak sides, threats and possibilities of OAO "Orenburgoblgas" are revealed on the base of method of SWOT-analysis. Also the authors analyze other types of activity of other gas-distributing organizations (GDO) for introduction of practical experience in GDO of Orenburg region.
Chebykina M.V., Galushko M.V. ANALYSIS OF COMPETITIVENESS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ENTERPRISES ON THE MARKET OF TRACTOR TRAILERS In this article the authors conduct the analysis of competitiveness of mechanical engineering enterprises with taking into account researches of structure of export activity of mechanical engineering enterprises functioning on the market of tractor trailers at following directions: 1) appraisal of country diversification of activity and analysis of its dynamics; 2) researches of factors’ influence on dynamics of country diversification of activity.
Chudaev V.N. METHODIC QUESTIONS OF GOODS STRATEGY WORKING OUT ON INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISESIn this article the author regards the questions of perspective goods strategy working out in frames of industrial enterprises with aim to reach steady position on the market and high level of financial prosperity in future. Also the place of goods strategy is determined in general strategy of the enterprise, the principals, tasks, functions and problem moments of goods strategy forming are indicated here.
Chudaeva A.A. RELIABILITY AND TERM OF EQUIPMENT WORK AS AN ECONOMIC CATEGORY The concepts of reliability and term of equipment work are regarded in this article. The necessity of regarding of these categories as economic is proved here. The author suggests the algorithm of determination of economically expedient limits of reliability increase with help of method of economic appraisal of investments effectiveness. Also the tasks which are stayed undecided in suggested scheme of calculations are noted here.

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