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2014, № 9 (170)

Timofeeva D.V., Popov V.P., Antimonov S.V., Zinyukhina A.G. DEVELOPMENT OF SCREW DESIGN OF STANDARD EXTRUDEROn the basis of experimental research design is proposed to develop a working body press extruder for the production of foodstuffs. This construction provides the ability to control the feed rate of the material in the compression zone, by adjusting the angle of the screw revolutions. Thus, the proposed modification of the working body of the press extruder allow: to optimize the process, improve the performance of the extruder and receive high quality extrudates. In research work carried out the conversion of pasta in each zone in terms of its density and, consequently, strength.Key words: extrusion, the pasta, a screw, density, durability, productivity, extrusion barrel zone.


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11. Korotkov V.G., Popov V.P., Zinyukhin G.B., Khanin V.P., Salikov D. G. The forming knot of a press extruder: patent for invention of RUS 2132277

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Authors: Zinyuhina A.G., Timofeeva D.V., Popov V.P., Antimonov S.V.

Year: 2014

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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