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April 2018, № 4 (216), pages 71-75

Rudneva T.I. PEDAGOGICAL RISKS IN EDUCATION – NEW SOCIAL REALITYIn the article the problem of pedagogical risks caused by education modernization, competition in the educational services market, new strategy of students’ vocational training in higher education institutions is considered. Risks are understood as possibility of losses and unplanned results obtaining. Several types of pedagogical risks on the basis of the researches results analysis dedicated to the quality of innovative education are updated: organizational risks are connected with transition to a multilevel education system that gives new research directions in the field of modern pedagogical processes management; methodical risks where the result of their overcoming is the higher education institution graduate’s model which meets time requirements and the model of teacher identity as a factor of risks counteraction; educational risks of professional students’ identity formation. It is claimed that teachers’ readiness to risks overcoming in educational and disciplinary environment is a factor of modern education quality achievement.Key words: risk, pedagogical risks, organizational risks, methodical risks, educational risks, quality of education, innovative education.


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Author: Rudneva T.I.

Year: 2018

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-216-71

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