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Humanitarian sciences

Astakhov A.A. TO IMPROVE THE TRAINING OF SPECIALISTS IN FINANCIAL SYSTEM. Nowadays it's very important to staff all branches of our national economy with qualified specialists and this problem is rather urgent for our country. The central department of the Ministry of Finance and its local bodies form the integral system. The bodies of the federal treasury are represented in 78 regions; the auditing bodies - in 77 and the bodies of the insurance inspection - in 12 regions. The share of the specialists with the Higher Law, Economics and Management Education in the Ministry subdivisions and in the regions is 44,4 %, 28,4 % of the state officers, acting for the chief and senior officials in the local bodies of the Ministry, don't have the basic higher education.
Futoryansky L.I. THE INITIAL PERIOD OF CIVIL WAR IN COSSACK REGIONS OF RUSSIA. This article presents the very first analyses of native and foreign literature on the problem, On a scale of all Cossack regions of Russia. It is explained here, why in the given period only an insignificant part was involved in struggle, and it's clearly said of difference between that time which was "The Civil War prologue" and the subsequent period of long, bloody, violent Civil War in Russia.
Polyakov A.N. KINDELI OUTPOST OF ILETSK COSSACK TROOPS IN XVIII - XIX CENTURY. This article is the first hisforical essay of village kindeli, Tashlinski district, Orenburg region, and deals with the guestions of its origin and development of XVIII - XIX centuries are considered. The problems of administrative, economic, demographic and cultural life of the village of the given period are also described.
Andrusenko V.A. OBJECTIVE BASES OF HOPE (THE WORLD VIEW ASPECT) This article is deolicated to the analysis of objective base of hope, which the aubeor regards as multidimensional phenomenon. The problem of exposure of hope's generalized fosmula is discussed. The hope is determined and substantialed as a measure of the necessary in shown as a system human beings quality, satisfying self - determinalion in the life.
Belyaev I.A. FORMATION OF ABILITIES IN THE CONTEXT OF HUMAN INTEGRITY The article is devoled to the ideas about integrily of the human abilities and the process of their bormation. A man is cousidered as a natural, social and spisitual being, who gets the integriry in the process of his formation. It is shoun tuat ouly the realization of all natural, social and apritual forces of the man provides the harmonions formation of abilities.
Kargapoltsev S.M. MAN AND PERSONALITY AS AESTHETIC PGENOMENA The "Man" and the "Person" are two different aspects of man's substance in connected, but don't identical planes of morality and humanity. From aesthetical point of view this phenomens are expressive unitu "interior" (unvisible) and "exterior" (visible)/ The Man is unity of "soul"-"body-face", and the Person is unity of "breath"-"lik (image)".
Kulagina S.G. CULTURAL ASPECTS OF PERSON EDUCATION AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION The aim of this paper is to discuss the language role in the cross-cultural education of an individual, interconnection of culture and universal, human mission of education in widening the knowledge about the world and for self - actualization.
Komarov V.P. PRIORITY TRENDS IN TRAINING OF CULTURAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION OF THE YOUTH Nowadays it is necessary to train good specialists to work in multinational work-teams, creature and other groups. The system of education and up-bringing should be based upon the cultural principles in order to form a human individual in the sphere of cross-cultural communication.
Sakharova N.S. PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE OF STUDENTS IN CONTEMPORARY EDUCATIONAL PARADIGME This paper deals with contemporary forms of educational paradigme. The aim and tasks of traditional and innovative education as well as their interconnection are being touched upon. The notion of "competence" and "professional competence of students" are also being discussed here.
Popov E. GENERAL TRENDS OF HUMANISTIC APPROACH IN MODERN PEDAGOGICS. The article defines the following terms: modern humanism, paradigm, trend in pedagogics. It comprises the characteristic of trends, which are traditionally described as humanistic, among them: facilitative and affective pedagogics, holistic education and so on.
Povzun V.D. VITAL VALUES OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS IN A NEW SOCIOCULTURAL ENVIRONMENT Nowadays our country goes through a very difficult period in its history. The value notions are being changed, new life orientations being formed. Under these circumstances the matter of current inferef is to srudy the transformation of students' alletude towards the application of the future young specialists' abilities in defferent spheres of our life. First of all, it's necessary to find out the dominant life orientations of students in modern society.

Natural sciences

Demina T.Ya. ON EVOLUTION OF NOTIONS IN GEOTECTONICS. Hypothetics of plate geotectonics conception states about conditions structure of subcrust substances and their interactions with crust formings given rise to complexity in crustforming processes understanding, structureforming and geodynamecs. Mutual connected devolopment through the interaction of profound and superficial systems is one of the modal evolutions of the subseguently united fragments of lithosphere and the fact defining structureforming in conditions of activity united geodynamic systems of different levels.
Kanyukov V.N., Vinyarsky V.F. TECHNICAL ADOPTATION OF SERIAL RAILWAY CARRIAGE FOR MEDICINE PURPOSES. The article gives the discription on the technically adopted serial railway carriage that promotes highlygualified othomological help in for districts of the region. The serial railway carriage has a number of advantages containing life conditions for the staff, "sensitive" apparatus needed for transportation, even power supply in condition of voltage overfall and unique systems providing with distil water.
Moshetova L.K., Notova S.V., Pischukhin A.M., Saburova G.Sh. GEOMETRICAL CRITERIA EMPLOYMENT IN MYOPIA PATIENT GROUP REVEALING AT TREATMENT METHOD PRESCRIPTION Criteria enabling the evaluation of effectiveness of different treatment methods have been proposed on considering versatile parameter space being significant for an eye condition while treating myopia. The proposed factor dispersion research promoted a method of patient group revealing for whom it'll give the best result.

Technical sciences

Polyakov А.N. ACCOUNTING FLUCTUATIONS OF HEAT EXHANGE CONDITIONS IN PROBABILISTIC THERMOELASTIC MODEL METALL-CUTTING MACHINE-TOOL Private case of probabilistic thermoelastic model for metall-cutting machine-tool is proposed. Heat transfer coefficients are considered as system of accidental magnitudes. Theory of linearizing for accidental magnitudes functions is used in representation of model. Here was demonstrated that main criterion of efficiency in practical realization to linearizing procedure is linked with accuracy calculation corresponding derivative. Therefore some scheme for computation derivatives are represented. At the same time the efficiency of the solving of the system of linear equations provides the quality probabilistic thermoelastic model. Taking into account the large number of degrees-of-freedom the determined system, new compact matrix storage has been proposed. Also an analysis various numerical methods of solving systems of linear equations is implemented.
Loktionov A.P., Portnikov B.A., Sultanov N.Z. TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE ON THE STRUCTURE AND SIZE OF AGRICALTURAL AIRCRAFT PARK AND THEIR INFLUENCE ON THE ENVIRONMENT Well grounded and effective application of agriculture aviation in agricultural chemical work for the plants protection against the vermin, diseases and weeds sets the task to change the approach and system of the criteria while forming the optimal market of agricultural airplanes and helicopters. This work is devoted to new principles of forming the park's optimizational model assorting to new approaches considering the requirements of the perspective and ecological reliability.
Beridse S.P. CLEAR ROTATIVE VIBRATONS OF THE CONICAL CORE This paper is devoted to the research of vibration core with broad built-in and narrow running end. This decision is obtained as decomposition in line on orthogonal system of functions, expressed through Bessel functions.
Mikitchenko A.J. ELABORATION OF FREQUENTLY MANAGED ELECTRICAL DRIVE ON THE NPCH-AD SYSTEM FOR MINING INDUSTRY MASHINES. This paper is devoted to the industrial science connections of the Orenburg State University in the field of practical Electrical Drive of Mining Mashines. Also to the analysis of technical expedience in the use of different drtguent types in the asynchronic Electrical Drive vith brake diet, and to the comparanve analysis of the example of dreguently-regulated Electrical Drive for excavatar EKA-81.
Vasilyev A.P. JOULE-TOMSON ADIABATIC THROTLING EFFECT IS CONSIDERED IN FLUS PAPER. Two-parametric second equation of Diterichi is chosen as termal equation of condition. The equation of crooked inversion of real gas in planes P.T is reached by means of small parameter method. Comparison with the results of calculation on the basis of two-parameter equation of condition of real gas van-der-vaals is given tere.
Ivanova A.P., Pavlov A.I., Voronkov A.I., Vasilyeva M.A. DISCOVERING OF OPTIMAL PARAMETRIC FIELD WHILE MODELLING TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS OF DRY SUBSTANCES PREPARATION. The work deals with the usage of the main principles of technological processes optimisation. The authors lead the reader from the common principles of mathematical statitics to the solution of complex tasks conserning with the determining and construting optimal field of projecting the muetipurpose experiments. From geometrical point of view that is a discovering of optimal parametric field with a help of super imposed flat charts constructing. Mathematical model of dry substances process of mixing is presented in the ball of Kolmogorov-Focker-Plank equation.
Polycshuk V.I., Zubkova T.M., Fisenko K.A. TO DETERMINING OF THE WORKED UP FORCE ON A PRESSED MATERIAL IN SOME SECTIONS OF THE AUGERED EXTRUDER FUNCTIONING SPACE. Product's quality which is reached while extruding on the dingle augered presses may be appreciated by crumbling and the degree of material homogenisation. These parametries may by appreciated by criterial dependences which are based on a mechanical inpact description in a augered functioning space. But such dependences were not reached later of sections of compressed block and leakages.

Science events

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