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July 2016, № 7 (195)

Pankratovich T.M., Mikheeva T.M., Pankratovich Y.G., Stepanov V.M. PRACTICE-ORIENTED ASPECTS OF ENDURANCE AMONG STUDENTS AT PHYSICAL CULTURE LESSONS DIFFERENT SPECIES ORIENTATIONIn any activity there are specific requirements to abilities of the person a long time to perform the work without compromising its efficiency, resist fatigue, effectively to recover after work. This ability is identified as one of the leading physical qualities — endurance. A sufficient level of development of endurance allows each person to better cope with any prolonged work (whether work training, mental or physical). That is why in all curricula in physical education on all educational levels education endurance is very important, provides a basic level of development. Educational practice in higher education has shown that most students experience some difficulties in the implementation of the control requirements for assessing the level of development of endurance. This determined the search areas of the ways to improve indicators of endurance among students at physical culture lessons. In our study, we considered the practice-oriented aspects of endurance, substantiate and verify the effectiveness of pedagogical conditions aimed at improving General endurance of the students at the lessons of physical culture of different species orientation. Key words: general endurance, students, classes in physical culture of various species orientation.


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Authors: Miheeva T.M., Pankratovich Yu.G., Stepanova M.V., Pankratovich T.M.

Year: 2016

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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