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2015, № 12 (187)

Perevozchikov P.A., Vasilyev Yu.G., Karban O.V. REACTION OF MESODERMAL TISSUE OF EYEBALL AT IMPLANTATION OF THE MECHANOACTIVATED BIOLOGICAL MATERIALDespite of state-of-the-art-technology, the mechanisms of reparative regeneration of connective tissue, in particular, of an eyeball are still not studied well. Understanding of such mechanisms is important due to wide-spread use of implantation of various bio-materials. The main reaction in recipient's tissue to the bio-material injection is the reaction of mesodermal tissue cells which must be evaluated when studying the process of reparative regeneration, including application of the specific markers. Authors researched experimentally the reaction of the cells of mesenchymal origin of a rabbit eyeball connective tissue in response to implantation of biomaterial of various size, using the specific marker of vimentin. It was shown that during implantation of bio-container with mechanically activated biomaterial of human placenta, at the implantation zone there was observed mesenchymal cell reaction, more intense in comparison with coarse-ground analogue and macroscopic implant. However, it was noticed the activation of elements of fibroplastic and endothelial cell, that means significant bio-response of recipient's mesenchymal tissue. Application of specific marker of vimentin reveals the reaction of the connective tissue cells of mesenchymal origin. This is important for understanding the process of reparative regeneration of recipient's tissue in response to implantation, also when using mechanically activated implants not studied before.Key words: vimentin, cells of a mesenchymal origin, biological material, human placenta, a reparative regeneration.


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Authors: Perevozchikov P.A., Vasilyev Yu.G., Karban O.V.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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