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October 2015, № 10 (185)

Verkhoshentseva Y.P., Hardikova S.V., Ukenov B.S. THE CHANGE OF PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF SOILS ROADSIDE AREAS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF AGROFORESTRY AND PLANTATIONSThe largest contribution to the pollution and degradation of natural ecosystems at the present stage automotive. Transport is a specific source of pollution of the natural environment, consisting of many ground-based point sources, focused on different highways. Areas of environmental pollution, generated by emissions of motor transport, characterized by high values of pollutant concentrations and distributed over a large area. The role of a single vehicle in the change of state of the roadside zone is negligible. However, when the regularity of such exposure, it is multiplied. A transport stream is converted into a permanent source of anthropogenic pollution. Anthropogenic impact on the ecosystem of roadside areas leads to air pollution, the change of physico-chemical properties of soils, their compaction, contamination by pollutants, in particular heavy metals (HM), which causes an increase in their phytotoxicity, leading to deterioration of growing conditions of green spaces. Green plantings of the roadside areas to reduce the negative anthropogenic impact on the environment, improve physico-chemical properties of the soils adjacent to the roadway. The paper presents the results of research of influence of shelterbelts on properties of soils roadside areas of Orenburg region. The characteristic of some physical and chemical properties of the roadside soil, the improvement which occurs as the distance from the road surface. Their maximum values these indicators reach the forest belt and in the zone of its influence. The study of phytotoxicity of soils showed that the highest indicator is characteristic of the soils located near the road surface, as the distance from the phytotoxicity is reduced, but remains at moderate levels. Key words: vehicles, roadside areas, soil contamination, phytotoxicity, chemical and physical properties.


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Authors: Verhoshentseva Yu.P., Hardikova S.V., Ukenov B.S.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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