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September 2015, № 9 (184)

Pishchukhin A.M., Kolotvin A.V. ABOUT RAISING AND DECISION OF REGIONAL TASK OF WELL-BORING DIFFERENTLY RUNNING AROUND BORING CROWNSTense state of drillable breed at affecting her two running around in opposite parties circular and ring boring crowns is of interest. On such method of the boring drilling a positive decision is got about delivery of patent to Russian Federation. It a method decides the problem of removal of twisting moment from a boring column. The estimation of the tense state determines affecting on layer at the boring drilling. As boring crowns have a circular form in the axial plane of mining hole, an area of resilient deformation is not onecoherent. For the decision of this problem it offers to examine equalizations of theory of resiliency in the torus system of coordinates. This raising corresponds to the axisymmetrical task of twisting, set forth A.I. Lur'e. Problem is set the and decides in moving with pointing of the subsequent passing to tensions. A distinctive feature as compared to equalization of Laplace is a presence of additional element. Border terms it is here been equality to the zero of moving to the axis and on the walls of mining hole. The additional decision of task is then conducted in the cylindrical system of coordinates, displaced on the bottom of coalface. Two decisions are compared. The got results allow to draw conclusion about admission of raising and consideration of further tasks of dynamics of the described cooperation in the cylindrical system of coordinates.Key words: the tense state, theory of resiliency, boring drilling, torus coordinates, regional task, border terms.


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Authors: Pishchuhin A.M., Kolotvin A.V.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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