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September2015, №9(184)

Kanyukov V.N., Voronina A.E., Borshchuk E.L. MEDICAL AND SOCIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF PATIENTS WITH PRIMARY OPEN-ANGLE GLAUCOMA IN ORENBURG REGIONThe increase of glaucoma incidence is noticed in most of theRussian regions. So, its analysis during the period 1994—2002 had been conducted in 27regions of Russia and showed the increaseof glaucoma incidence, on the average from3.1 to4.7 per 1000 population.We conductedaretrospective reviewof 3851medical chartsof patients with primary open-angle glaucoma.The sample included patients with primary open angle glaucoma in both eyes, with follow-up for at least 3years, without cataractsand other comorbiditiesin a medical history.According to the results of the examinationwe selected 185patients corresponding to the selection criteria, and made data copies of outpatient cards. Over the follow up period, most patients applied during the period from2005 to2009. The longest follow up period was 19years. According to the Stages of glaucoma all patients were divided as follows: Istage— 56%; IIstage— 13%; IIIstage— 25%; IVstage— 6%.There was an increase trend by 2.5% among glaucoma patients with III and IV glaucoma stages.The principal difference according to the stages in the structure of glaucoma between the right and left eyes hasn't been detected. All patients had glaucoma in both eyes, but it was at 23.5% at the first visit in an advanced stage (IIIand IVdegrees).The main part of glaucoma patients was at the age of 60—69years, but 25% of all glaucoma patients were of working age at the diagnosis.Key words: glaucoma, medical examination, disease incidence.


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Authors: Kanyukov V.N., Voronina A.E., Borshchuk E.L.

Year: 2015

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