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June 2015, № 6 (181)

Svyatokha N.Yu., Filimonova I.Yu. SPORTS TOURISM IN ORENBURG REGION: CURRENT STATE AND DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTSTo date, the development of sports tourism in Russia and in the Orenburg region in particular, is associated with a number of problems. To date, the development of sports tourism in Russia and in the Orenburg region in particular, is associated with a number of problems. Firstly, despite the presence of favorable recreational resources, population dynamics involved in sports tourism tends to decrease. According to official statistics, in 2012 the Orenburg region ranks 12th in Russia by the number of persons engaged in sports tourism. Secondly, the number of firms engaged in organizing sports tours, is much inferior to the number of firms that specialize in the more popular forms of leisure (beach, cultural sightseeing, adventure tourism). Thirdly, there is practically no base of statistical information in order to assess the level of development of this type of tourism, and has not developed a unified approach to the terminology that characterizes this area. Orenburg region has a great potential for the organization of many types of sports tourism. Water sports tourism can be developed on major rivers (Ural, Sakmara) and on the reservoir areas (Iriklinskoe, Chernovskoye). Snowkiting, the winter's kind of sports tourism, can be further developed everywhere in region, but now — near the training centers, ski tourism is developed in the eastern part of Orenburg region. Speleotourism in the region is underdeveloped, although resources for its development are in Belyayevsky and Kuvandyksky districts. Great prospects for the development has a horse tourism (mainly in Orenburg, Novosergievsky and Kuvandyksky districts). The region's territory is also promising for jeeping and driving. Great resources region (especially the eastern part) has for the development of sport hunting and fishing tourism. To assess the prospects for the development of sports tourism authors analyzed the popularity of physical activities among the people in the districts of the Orenburg region, the most active people live in Saraktashsky, Gaysky, Novoorsky, Krasnogvardeisky, Novosergievsky and Ileksky districts. The authors conclude that for the development of sports tourism in the region are necessary, first of all, the revival of tourism clubs, development of special programs by authorities, and to promote this type of tourism and a healthy lifestyle.Key words: sports tourism, adventure tourism, classification of sports tourism, recreation, tourism and recreational sphere.


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Authors: Svyatoha N.Yu., Filimonova I.Yu.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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