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May 2015, № 5 (180)

Savelyeva I.N., Upine A.M. ON THE QUESTION OF DETERMINING THE PREFERRED COMPOSITIONAL AND STRUCTURAL CHARACTERISTICS OF CLOTHING FOR OLDER WOMENThe article describes the set of experiments devoted to clothing for older women. The problem of design and manufacturing service for this category of consumers for many years is still not fully resolved, and therefore relevant. Clothes for older women little satisfies their requirements to the range, the style, the materials used, design features and the level of modernity. One important issue to solve is to analyse the components of the service of pensioners, expressed through its composition and design. Has developed a comprehensive methodology for conducting experiments. The first phase included the identification of a number of characteristics of a representative sample of women, including the definition of personality type test Eysenck. The second stage included a description of the methodology and results of the artistic analysis of the elements and means of composition, used in clothes from her own wardrobe women in the older age group. This analysis, the results of which are shown in the two diagrams in the frequency of occurrence demonstrated what compositional-structural elements and tools dominate the clothing of women in the older age group. The next stage of the work is devoted to the study of the elements and means of service composition, which is preferred for women with different personality types. These data also clearly shown in the diagrams. Reviewed the following items: assortment, style solution, silhouette, cut the sleeves and collar, division form horizontally and vertically, materials, color, texture, pattern on fabric, proportion, rhythm.Key words: costume design, art and design analysis, preferences, closet, age.


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Authors: Savelyeva I.N., Upine A.M.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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