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2014, № 1 (162)

Dogareva N.G., Bogatova O.V., Stadnikova S.V. INFLUENCE OF DIFFERENT VEGETABLE FATS OVER QUALITY OF RECOMBINED CONDENSED MILK.The lack of milk-product problem has been examined. It is possible to solve this problem replacing milk fat by fat of vegetable origin. The problem of directed and balanced nutrition can be also solved using fat methods in food industry in terms of vegetable oil. The results of experimental researches according to the usage of different vegetable oils in recombined condensed milk production are analyzed in this article. The best results are obtained replacing milk fat by "Soyuz 5/2 L" fat. Key words: milk-product, vegetable oils, technology, recombined condensed milk.


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Authors: Dogareva N.G., Bogatova O.V., Stadnikova S.V.

Year: 2014

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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