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November 2017, № 12 (212), pages 102–105

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-212-102

Sviridova Т.G., Salnikova Е.V., Romanenko N.A., Kanygina O.N. CONCENTRATION OF ORGANOCHLORINE PESTICIDES ON THE SURFACE OF C18-HYBRID SILICA GEL FOR SAMPLE PREPARATION IN WATER QUALITY CONTROL METHODSThe solid-phase microconcentration of organochlorine pesticides (alpha-hexachlorocyclohexan (α-HСН), gamma-hexachlorocyclohexan (γ-HСН) and a 4.4-dichlordifeniltrikhloretan (4.4-DDT) on the surface of the sorbent C18-hybrid silica gel, is an alternative to the classical method of preparing water samples for gas chromatographic analysis on the separation of two liquid phases. The need for a transition to solid-phase extraction of samples is dictated by the fact that this modern method significantly saves the sample preparation time, reduces the number of races of walking materials several times, and also avoids secondary contamination of samples. The degree of extraction of pesticides from water samples was analyzed in static and dynamic conditions. The conditions of sorption extraction were optimized by varying the type of desorbent solution and the contact time of the phases. As a result, it was shown that the nature of the desorbent had no significant effect on the time to achieve sorption equilibrium, but an increase in the extraction rates of organic pesticides with an increase in the volume fraction of acetone in n-hexane was observed. In addition, it was found that the degree of recovery of 4.4-DDT in all variants of the experiment was lower in comparison with α-HСН and γ-HСН in similar conditions. The use of dynamic mode with the use of the semi-automatic microsyringe SGE-Chromatec eVoLXR made it possible to slightly increase the recovery of all organochlorine pesticides used in comparison with the corresponding experiments in the static regime. In general, the results confirm the possibility of switching to this method of preparation of water samples for analytical control over the content of the examined organochlorine pesticides in the samples, and the calculated characteristics of the extraction rates make it possible to carry out the studies without losing the quality of the analysis.Key words: оrganochlorine pesticides, hexachlorocyclohexan, dichlorodiphenyltrichloromethylmethane, C18-hybrid silica gel, concentration, sorption, desorption, microextraction by packed sorbent.


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Authors: Salnikova E.V., Sviridova T.G., Romanenko N.A., Kanygina O.N.

Year: 2017

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-212-102

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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