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April 2015, № 4 (179)

Hasanov R.H., Balovnev S.V. JUSTIFICATION OF THE INDICATOR EVALUATION OF VEHICLE SAFETYThe paper presents results of research aimed at ensuring the safety of the transport complex and one of its elements — vehicles. The article is devoted to analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of road transport over other modes of transport. According to the data of the Transport ministry of the Russian Federation, the contribution of road transport in freight transportation is 75–77 %, in passengers transportation (excluding private cars) — 53–55 %. Any vehicle has such important advantages as mobility, ability to deliver passengers and cargo "from door to door" and "just in time". However, road transport and its infrastructure continue to take the leading role in harmful effects on human health, the environment and the natural world as a result of activity. It is therefore necessary to develop new principles of international policy to ensure comprehensive safety of the transport complex. The safety of the transport complex is divided into following types: road safety; ecological safety of transport activity; transportation safety in emergency situations; labour safety on vehicles and transport infrastructure; anti-terrorist security of transport infrastructure and vehicles. The article considers the problem of accidents due to technical malfunctions of vehicles. One of the directions in the solution to this problem is the analysis of the causes and consequences of emergency situations in vehicles. Therefore, the research aim was to evaluate the safety of vehicles. A factor of safety of vehicles will be an integrated measure of damages in case of emergency. This indicator takes into account the cause and time of occurrence of each type of accidents in vehicles.Key words: transport complex, safety, motor vehicles, an indicator of the safety assessment.


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About this article

Author: Hasanov R.H.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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