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2012, № 10 (146)

Garipova N.V., Miroshnikov S.A., Holodilina T.N., Kurilkina M.Yа., Vanshin V.V., Zelepukhin A.G., Ryabov N.I. NUTRITIONAL AND PRODUCTIVE ACTION OF BRAN, MODIFIED IN THE PRESENCE OF PARTICULATE IRONIn work the experimental data showing modifying action of different types of processings (the microwave oven andultrasound) on otrubny a product in the presence of iron microparticles are presented. In experiment of "in vitro" the fact of increase of bioavailability of substances of a product subjected to processing is elicited. On the "in vivo" model effect of the processed bran in a combination with metal microparticles on an organism of chickens is shown rostostimuliruyushchy.Key words: ultrasound, electromagnetic processing, micropowders of metals, digestibility, productive action.


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Authors: Kurilkina M.Ya., Miroshnikov A.M., Zelepuhin A.G., Garipova N.V., Holodilina T.N., Vanshin V.V., Ryabov N.I.

Year: 2012

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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