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2012, № 7 (143)

Hadzharov M.H. CAPITALISM, GLOBALISM AND RUSSIA: PROBLEM DEFINITION OF ITS PLACE IN THE WORLD OF CIVILIZATION (SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS)The article analyzes the social nature of capitalism and revealed the true nature of his anti-social. Politics of globalization is seen as a political ideology of capitalism, designed to meet the modern trends of the international community and to expand the geographical area of market relations and the capitalist system. He as a challenge and call of the times and the historical need for the integration of all countries and the establishment of a unified international community, globalism appears disguised as a realization of the strategic objectives of the West. In light of this trend, it is necessary problematization of Russia's place in the world civilization.Key words: capitalism, imperialism, globalization, integration, the international community, the crisis of social consciousness, social inequality, Russia, western civilization.


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Author: Hadzharov M.H.

Year: 2012

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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