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February 2020, № 1 (224), pages 49-54

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-222-49

Markova Т.О., Hovrina А.V., Bykovskaya N.V., Maslov M.V. USING THE ACTIVITY APPROACH AT EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ON BIOLOGY IN COREIDAE (HEMIPTERA) STUDYINGAn active approach to learning is provided in the process of working with reliance on internal incentives and the maintenance of educational motivation and makes it possible to move to a relatively active and performing active (creative) level. This can be achieved by setting problematic creative tasks and specific tasks, during which students understand the material of the topic, enrich the experience and knowledge of scientific researchers. Thus, new knowledge is remembered by using to solve the set educational tasks, and interested students receive additional information. They show interest in the subject, read special literature, expanding their knowledge in the field of biology, while the development of abilities takes into account individual characteristics. To achieve the result, the teacher needs to provide a psychologically comfortable climate that contributes to the activation of cognitive activity of students, their inclusion in the work and the development of independence.
We have presented the author’s development of an event for secondary schools using an activity-based approach to teaching biology. Tasks: selection of a relevant research topic, collection of collection and photo material, familiarization with literary sources on the ecology of the regional fauna, development of methods for conducting the event, generalization of the results.
Such classes contribute to the formation of the student’s personality, his communicative preparedness, cognitive skills, interest and a positive attitude towards learning, creative thinking. The information presented can be used by biology teachers as a local history material in secondary schools as a regional component of the educational program.
Key words: activity approach in training, insects, Hemiptera, Coreidae.


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Authors: Markova T.O., Hovrina A.V., Bykovskaya N.V., Maslov M.V.

Year: 2020

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-222-49

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