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Humanitarian sciences

Izotova A.I. CZECHIC NATIONAL CORPS AND ANALYTICAL IMPERATIVE: THE EXPERIENCE OF CORPS ANALYSIS OF INFREQUENT AND MARGINAL LANGUAGE UNITS Categorical status and functioning of constructions, allowing being interpreted as forms of analytical imperative at the modern Czechic language is regarded in this article on the material of electronic Czechic national corps (more than 200 million word usage).
Bolotova M.I., Biushkin G.I. PEDAGOGICAL CONDITIONS OF MORAL RESPONSIBILITY UPBRINGING OF TEENAGERS AT ADDITIONAL EDUCATION OF CHILDREN (ON THE BASE OF V.A. SUKHOMLINSKY’S IDEAS)In this article proving pedagogical conditions of moral responsibility upbringing of teenagers at additional educational of children we lean on methodological experience of V.A. Sukhomlinsky’s pedagogical heritage and science-theoretical positions of “condition” category essence, distinguishing among them those which are created wittingly for upbringing of regarded phenomenon and can provide its more effective forming.
Matveeva T.A. METHODIC SYSTEM OF INFORMATIONAL AND COMMUNICATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES USE AT FOUNDATION OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE OF TECHNICAL INSTITUTES OF HIGHER EDUCATION STUDENTS Methodic system of informational and communicational technologies use for forming of general competences of technical profile specialist, which integrated at professional competence, is presented in this article.
Nikitina T.A. SOCIAL-POLITICAL AND LEGAL CONDITIONS OF ECONOMIC COLLABORATION OF ORENBURG REGION AND WESTERN KAZAKHSTAN AT POSTSOVIET PERIOD Dynamics of two-sided relations of Russia and Kazakhstan at 90 years is regarded in this article. The important documents and agreements, promoted economic contacts of these two countries are illustrated here. The analysis of legal base development on state and regional levels is given. The author determines political and legal factors and conditions, composed modern condition and perspectives of economic collaboration of Orenburg region and Western Kazakhstan.
Ksenofontova M.V. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC NORMATIVE SYSTEM: LEGAL AND ILLEGAL CONSTITUENTS This article is devoted to the problem of normative regulation of modern international economic relations. One of specific peculiarities of modern international economic relations is their “regulative component”, which includes as international-legal norms as increase value of illegal norms. Community of regulation subject allows joining such different norms in international economic normative system.
Shmelev V.D. RELIGIOUS SEARCH OF V.V. ROZANOV Postreformed Russia proposed many bright personalities, aspired to revise universalies of religion. Among them the important role belongs to V.V. Rozanov, who brought in essential contribution to Russian philosophy development. His work had happened at breaking years of our Motherland life, when the period of further social shocks came after serfdom abolition. The country began to solve hard and complicated tasks of feudal partitions liquidation and social foundations of life reorganizations. As at our days, intelligentsia of that time had urgent need to provide ideological constituent of existent economic and political processes at society.
Yuzhaninova E.R. RATIONAL AND IRRATIONAL AT PHILOSOPHICAL IDEOLOGY OF M.A. BULGAKOVNotion of rational and irrational at specific philosophical-anthropological conception created by M.A. Bulgakov is regarded in this article. Deep logic and original justice of the universe are opened at grotesque fantastic actions, and author’s picture of the world is revealed.
Knizhnik O.V. DAVOS DISCUSSION BETWEEN E. KASSIRER AND M. KHAIDEGGER: SYMBOLICAL AND EXISTENTIALIST TREATMENT OF BEING PROBLEMIn this article the author appeals to the most interesting and tense philosophical discussion of XX century – meeting of Ernst Kassirer and Martin Khaidegger at 1929 in Davos and makes an attempt of its philosophical commentary, analyzing history, cultural context and bases of those philosophical conceptions which were presented during this discussion. The materials not published earlier from the archives of E. Kassirer at Yells University (New-Kheven, USA) were used in the text.

Economic sciences

Lapaev S.P. FORMING OF SOCIETY INNOVATION RENOVATION THEORYForming and development of innovations theory are researched in this article and also the stages of development are distinguished here. Great attention is given here to the contribution of the Russian scientists to development of innovations theory.
Romanov V.V. ANALYSIS OF INTEGRATION VARIANTS OF ENERGY COMPANIES AND MUNICIPAL ENERGY PROPERTIESThe analysis of electrical supply network complex of two regions: Orenburg region and Republic of Moldova is given in this article. Variants of this situation solution are regarded here. More possible and acceptable solutions, responded to interests of all participants of electrical supply network business are suggested. Effectiveness of reorganizations conducting in this branch is determined in this work.
Denisov V.T., Slyusarev A.V., Medvedeva Yu.P. ECONOMIC QUESTIONS OF COMPLEX PREPARATION OF PRODUCTION AT MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Determination of production complex preparation essence and its place at economy of mechanical engineering enterprises are presented in this article. General trends of its development and influence on projecting of competitive products are given.
Elistratova T.G. INTERNAL RESERVES – SOURCE OF HUMAN CAPITAL OF A COMPANY DEVELOPMENT Internal possibilities of organization development at conditions of postindustrial economic model activity, based on knowledge are regarded in this article. Constant “reserves” are analyzed and components of worker’s reserve potential are researched here. Great attention is given to more important conditions of effective use of human capital of a company.
Kazakov V.A. PERFECTION OF ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIVITY OF INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION ON THE BASE OF METHODS OF THE BEST EXPERIENCE ADAPTATION The approach to perfection of administrative processes of institute of higher education based on methods of knowledge management is regarded in this article. Architecture of management structure and algorithm of adaptation of the best practice of institute of higher education organized as typical models of activity is presented in this work.
Plyutova A.V. ECONOMETRIC MODELING OF STRATEGIC POTENTIAL OF CHEMICAL AND OIL-GAS MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ENTERPRISES Methodical questions of strategic potential analysis of chemical and oil-gas mechanical engineering enterprises are regarded in this article on the example of OAO “Kurgankhimmash”. Econometric modeling of some components of strategic potential is conducted. Recommendations of practical use of received results are given in this work.
Razuvaev I.G. INTEGRATION OF CAPITAL FORMS ON DIFFERENT STAGES OF ECONOMIC SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT Financial capital has changed into system composed element of economic system, its organizational and institutional base. Increasing of information and knowledge role at economic processes dictates necessity to study in detail influence of human abilities on processes of capital formation. Clasters become one of more effective mechanisms of capital different forms integration on the modern stage of development.
Yarullin R.R., Kinzyabulatov R.Z., Sharifyanova Z.F. DEVELOPMENT OF ACCOMMODATION INSURANCE AT THE REGION This article is devoted to the development of accommodation insurance at conditions of housing and communal services reforming. Peculiarities and perspectives of accommodation insurance development at the region on the example of Ufa city are revealed here. The analysis of the system of municipal accommodation insurance is conducted. As a result of this analysis the lacks are revealed and trends of perfection of this system are suggested.

Natural sciences

Tarasova T.F., Chapalda D.I. PLANT FOR DEPRECIATED MOTOR TYRES WORKING WITH MECHANICAL RAPID METHODThis article is devoted to the problem of depreciated motor tyres utilization. Mechanical method of working is chosen and construction of plant of depreciated motor tyres decomposition at rubber powder is worked.
Kozmenko G.G. PROBLEM OF AGRICULTURAL USE, RECREATION DEVELOPING AND EXPEDIENCY OF FORBIDDEN RESERVATION OF LAGONACK PLATEAU TERRITORY Historical, natural and economic peculiarities of Lagonack plateau of Republic of Adygeya are regarded in this article. It is shown that meanwhile the whole territory has no definite status. The greatest her part is disputed lands, which has no exact borders. It is suggested using the part of Lagonack plateau as recreation zones.
Khairullin R.M., Nedorezkov V.D., Mubinov I.G., Zakharov R.Sh. INCREASING OF WHEAT FIRMNESS TO ABIOTIC STRESSES OF ENDOPHYTIC STRAIN BACILLUS SUBTILISIt is shown that cells of endophytic strain 26D of В. Subtilis bacterium (the base of phytosporin preparation) are able to penetrate into plants, increase wheat yield and its firmness to root rot. The ability of endophyt to increase plants firmness not only to diseases but to abiotic stress-factors – salinization and moisture deficit is revealed at the first time.
Khasanova Z.M., Khasanova L.A., Naumov L.G., Zamanova N.A. DYNAMICS OF HYDROXYCINNAMON ACIDS ACCUMULATION BY PLANTS ECHINACEA PURPUREA AT DIFFERENT CONDITIONS OF WATER SUPPLYThe influence of irrigation on hydroxycinnamon acids accumulation at the process of E. purpurea plants growth and development. It is shown that irrigation of E. Purpurea (200 m3/ hectare) promotes the increase of plants production. Maximal number of hydroxycinnamon acids is accumulated at leaves of E. purpurea at the stage of rosette on the second and third years of vegetation. It is recommended to use irrigation as effective afromethod for receiving of qualitative medicinal raw at great values (double hay harvest) from E. purpurea plants, introducted at conditions of Southern Ural.
Askarov A.A. ZONAL DIFFERENCES AT EFFECTIVENESS OF AGRICULTURE CONDUCTION AND QUESTIONS OF STATE SUPPORTIt is shown in this article that uncontrollable natural conditions, which is impossible to eliminate without state support, are the main reason of interzonal differences at effectiveness of rural region conduction at the modern agriculture. As a result of this the author attempts to prove the necessity of working out and realization of some measures of selective state support of agriculture of less favorable ("problematic") regions.

Technical sciences

Bondarenko V.A., Fot S.A., Fot A.P. APPRAISAL OF DIESEL ENGINE EFFECTIVENESS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF FUEL AUTOMOBILES The questions of experimental research of diesel engine work of different types of fuel automobiles are regarded in this article with aim to determine engine’s suitability to using of new types of fuel.
Mirkitanov V.I., Perchatkin Yu.V. PNEUMOELECTRIC MECHANISM OF SPEED CONTROL Existing schemes of remote control by transmission are analyzed in this article. New construction of pneumoelectric drive distinguishing with simplicity and reliability is suggested here. Using of such drive at buses and lorries improves essentially labor conditions of drivers.
Plugatyr V.I., Kravtsov V.V., Makarenko O.A. INCREASE OF ADHESION STRENGTH OF EPOXIPHENOL COVERING TO STEEL FACE WITH DISPERSION AND MODIFICATION OF STUFFThis work connects with studying of mineral stuff influence on adhesion and other physical-mechanical characteristics of coverings with aim to increase their safety properties. The object of research was epoxiphenol composition. It was established that adhesion strength of paint films increased visibly with growth of stuff dispersion. Experimental concentration of stuff was established at which adhesion strength was maximal. The greatest effectiveness of modification was reached at using of diethyleneglycol.
Obukhova T.G., Kuznetsov O.F. INFLUENCE OF COLUMNS AXLES DEVIATION FROM VERTICAL LINE ON BEARING CAPACITY OF FOUNDATIONS Columns deviation from vertical line, reaching 100 mm., takes place at assembling of buildings’ carcass which causes more pressure on soil under bottom of foundation. As a result of this the authors recommend executive mapping of buildings’ carcass directly after its assembling finishing and for columns with deviation from vertical line to make calculation of pressure on soil according to results of which to make foundation strengthening till full loading of a building.
Sultanov N.Z., Khludeneva G.A. TO THE QUESTION OF INFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES USING AT TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS OF AERIAL-CHEMICAL WORKSAt the present time it is practically impossible to get good harvest without conducting of aerial-chemical works. Values of its conducting are limited although it has been increased at the last years, but to fulfill all needs of agriculture is impossible, therefore the ways of development and perfection of aerial-chemical works are important tasks of contemporaneity. One of perspective ways of perfection of aerial-chemical works conducting, connected with introduction of modern information technologies is regarded in this article.

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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