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№ 6 2007

Humanitarian sciences

Rykhlova O.S. TO THE QUESTION OF CATEGORY OF TYPE IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGEThis article is devoted to the problem of grammatical category of type of presence in the English language. The English language is presented here as a language of research, the Russian language is chosen as a metalanguage. Presented material is a brief review of opinions and theories of famous native and foreign linguists on the problem of category of type presence and its status in the English language.
Simutova O.P. TYPES OF WORD-FORMATION AND THEIR GAME POTENCIES AT THE GERMAN AND RUSSIAN LANGUAGESThe research of word-formation types and their game potencies at the German and Russian languages is presented in this article and also different methods of word-formation which present specific majority of opportunities for game are regarded here. The comparison between language game at the Russian and German languages is conducted and game abilities are revealed in this work.
Kuzyakina T.I. MUSIC AS A TIME OF HUMAN EXISTENCETime is a fundamental "axis" of world events, conceptions of which are strengthened and developed in a culture, specifying depending on the content of its concrete areas. Music time as a special modification of art time is a specific, material-ideal form of music existence, which finds incarnation at composition musical work and expresses mental, ideological-content essence of music art.
Sukonkina E.A. SOCIAL INSURANCE IN THE CONTEXT OF NON-CLASSICAL SOCIOLOGY General theoretical approaches to the determination of social insurance essence: from the point of view of risk theory and fund theory of insurance are regarded in this article. Social risk is distinguished here as a key category of risk theory of insurance; general approaches to its determination are regarded in this work.
Frolov N.A. ANALYSIS OF THE PROBLEM OF COMPLICATED ORGANIZATIONAL-TECHNICAL SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT Three groups of management problems: psychological, interaction of man and machine and technical, the solution of which can guarantee necessary effectiveness of complicated organizational-technical systems functioning according to the author’s opinion are regarded in this article.
Semchenko I.V. PROJECTING OF SOCIAL ADAPTATION PROCESS OF CITIZENS EXEMPTED FROM THE PLACES OF IMPRISONMENTThe importance if research is determined with necessity of complex approach to the solution of problems of social adaptation of citizens exempted from the places of imprisonment for guarantee of social control at the society, decrease of recurrent criminality and determination of corresponding social institute at the management of this process.
Kruglova L.Yu. TO THE DETERMINATION OF THE CONCEPT "CREATIVE INDEPENDENCE OF A PERSONALITY"The foundation of a personality of a growing person represents complicated process which includes such concepts as "creation", "independence", "motives" and "needs", the essence of which is regarded in this article. The features and factors variety influenced on the development of creative independence of a personality are analyzed at the presented material, the types of activity and ways of perfection of creative independence of a personality are revealed and the author gives his opinion to the concept "creative independence of a personality".
Getmanskaya E.V. EDUCATION SURROUNDING OF LITERARY MUSEUM The process of pedagogic interaction of a school and literary museum is analyzed in this article. The core of this process is a realization of historical-cultural and historical-functional principals declared with modern school programs at museum surrounding. The means of historical-cultural principal realization at museum surrounding is a museum culture of a student.

Economic sciences

Rysak N.V. INSTITUTIONAL-TECHNICAL TRANSFORMATION AND SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT OF RUSSIAThe problems of process expansion of spatial-technological transformation of Russian economy at the context of heterogeneity and uncertainty factors are regarded in this article and also its necessity is caused here. The conclusion of institutional entrepreneurship imperatives introduction and also interactive management of transformation process is made on the base of analysis. New aspects of institutional-informational accompaniment of transformation process, the revelation logic of which appears in combination with spatial perspective of researches, are suggested in this work.
Lepskaya A.P. EFFECTIVENESS OF CORN PRODUCTION AND ITS QUALITY IN ORENBURG REGIONThe level of development and economic effectiveness of corn production in Orenburg region are regarded in this article. Also the peculiarities of forming of corn products quality and general methods of production effectiveness increase and improvement of corn quality at modern conditions are revealed.
Shipovskikh A.Yu. TO THE QUESTION OF ACCESSIBLE MEANS OF EFFECTIVE EFFICIENT MARKETING CONSTRUCTION ON AN ENTERPRISE The questions of forming of marketing programs oriented on using of balanced indexes of marketing complex which allows influencing on the market more effective are regarded in this article.
Nurimukhametov R.M. INVESTMENT CONSTITUENT OF ECONOMY AT CONDITIONS OF TRANSFER TO MARKET RELATIONS The categorical apparatus of investment processes is analyzed in this article and the content and correlation of the concepts "investments", "investment resources", "investment potential" are specified here. Summarizing of some problems at the development of investment activity in modern Russia is made and also the characteristic of structure of investments at fixed capital at branches of economy and at forms of property is given in this work.
Valishevskaya T.I., Sorokina N.G. OUTSOURCING AS A STRATEGIC MODEL OF COMPETITIVENESS GUARANTEEING OF RUSSIAN ENTERPRISES The reasons of transferring on outsourcing, factors, influenced on its development, types and characteristics, peculiarities each of them, world and Russian experience of introduction into the practice of management are revealed in this article.
Lisitskaya E.L., Reznik A.E. THE CONCEPT OF INVESTMENT DECISION WITH FORECASTING OF EFFECTIVENESS AND RISK The methods of investment decision making, based on the forecasting of investments effectiveness and risk of its changes are regarded in this article. Statistical method of analysis and forecasting of asset profitability and cost of liabilities attraction is used here.

Natural sciences

Mushinskaya O.A., Ryabinina Z.N., Mushinskaya N.I. TRANSPIRATION AS A COMPONENT PART OF WATER PLANTS REGIME AND ITS STUDYING OF TYPES OF POPULUS L SPECIESThe questions of plants transpiration, its role and dependence on environment conditions and cells condition of leaf tissue are regarded in this article. Intensiveness data of leaves transpiration of Populus L species during 24 hours and vegetation period is presented here. P. nigra L has the greatest importance of transpiration.
Semenov A.V. METHOD OF BACTERIA ANTAGONIST ACTIVITY INCREASEThe method of bacteria antagonist activity increase based on activation of antagonist with components of culture regarding to which antagonism increase is obtained, is shown in this article. At using as an indicated culture S. aureus, the fragments of its cell wall which can be used for strengthening of antagonist action of probiothics and representatives of indiguen flora of organism have more expressed ability to increase antagonism.
Zavaleeva S.M., Chirkova E.N. MORPHOLOGY OF HEART INTERNAL STRUCTURE OF ORDINARY FOXThis article is devoted to the questions of peculiarities of heart internal structure of ordinary fox. The morphology of internal surfaces and separate structures of heart using the methods of preparation and morphometry are studied here. Received results of morphological modification of heart characterize one of general types of land creatures’ adaptation.
Zhirnova N.S., Lyubovtseva L.A., Gurianova E.A., Mulendeev S.V. LUMINESCENT-HISTOCHEMICAL STUDYING OF HISTAMINE AT THE STRUCTURES OF SKIN AFTER HYALURONIC ACID PREPARATION INTRODUCTION Introduction of gel on the base of stabilized hyaluronic acid, used at cosmetology for correction of wrinkles and skin atrophic defects, causes qualitative and quantitative changes of eyelids skin. Under its influence essential changes of luminescent-histochemical characteristics and histamine providing of skin structure at the early terms after introduction disappearing at the end of tenth day happen. Gel injection stimulates increase of mast cells population, promotes ripening of heparin in them and increasing degranular forms lobe to the third day after introduction of hyaluronic acid. Received data is necessary to account at patience choice on contour plasty and at complications prevention at postinjection period.
Safina N.P. STRUCTURE AND PRODUCTS OF NEAR-BOTTOM TRANSFORMATION OF SULFIDE CYCLITES OF YAMAN-KASINSKY AND SAFIYANOVSKY SULFUR FIELDS (URAL) Characteristics of diagenetic differentiation of minerals and elements-admixtures in clastogene ore, associated with jasper and black-shale depositions are revealed at the first time on combination of lithofacies, mineralogical and geochemical researches. The tendencies of diagenetic mineral-formation correlate in many points with the structure of precipitation non-metallic material reflected different oxidative-reconstruction conditions of diagenesis.
Kucherenko M.G., Palem A.A. ANISOTROPY KINETICS OF PAIRED MOLECULAR BORES LUMINESCENCE AT CRYSTALLINE LIQUID NANO-DROPS Kinetics of degree changes of sensitized luminescence polarization of molecular centers interstitial at spherical nano-pores, filled up with nematic liquid crystal with homeotropical texture is researched in this article. The case of selective impact activation of radially built two-component system of luminophors with line polarized light with following distance nonradiating passing of energy of electron excitation to p-type molecules is regarded here. Also the theoretical model of the process at conditions of excitation migration absence at n-type centers and at its presence is constructed. Temporary dependences of sensitized luminescence anisotropy from the radius of nano-pores, speed of festers transfer and other parameters are got in this work.
Balapanov M.Kh., Zinnurov I.B., Mukhamediyanov U.Kh., Musalimov R.Sh. SUPERIONIC CONDUCTIVITY AND DIFFUSION OF CATIONS AT COPPER SULPHIDE, ALLOYED WITH ALUMINIUM AND MAGNESIUM The measuring results of kinetic characteristics changes of ionic constituent of hard solutions on the base of Cu2-хS with temperature interval 320-430°С are presented in this article. It is shown that alloy addition of the given mixture with aluminium and magnesium does not lead to abrupt change of ionic conductivity. Unhydrogen type of temperature dependence of coefficient of conjugate chemical diffusion of cations and holes is marked as for binary compound Cu1,98S as at alloy addition.

Technical sciences

Shashkova L.V. FRAGMENTATION OF 20 STEEL PERLITE AT NONSTATIONARY DIFFUSION OF HYDROGENThe phenomenon of 20 steel perlite observed at hydrogenation is described in this article. The method of electron microscopy for studying of metal defective structure transformation is used here. It is shown that the reason of the phenomenon is a relaxation of concentration hydrogenous microstress. Observed phenomenon of perlite fragmentation is accommodative process of repeated type and is observed at room temperature on the stage of disbalance diffusion of hydrogen.
Kostina I.S. TECHNICAL-ECONOMIC MODEL OF REDUCE EXPENSES DETERMINATION OF TECHNICAL OPERATION UNIT AT CONDUCTING OF AVIATION-CHEMICAL WORKS The aims and tasks if scientific school of Orenburg State University at increase of aviation use effectiveness at national economy are regarded in this article. Analytical model of aviation-chemical works conducting process, which allows realization of complex calculations of technical and economic indexes for different types of air crafts (plane and helicopter), different technologies of aviation-chemical works, territorial and climatic conditions, is described here. Technical-economic model gives the opportunity to formalize and to solve mathematical task of finding of optimal parameters of aviation specialized system.
Chepasov V.I., Sinyugin V.A. FORMALIZATION OF POLYNOMIAL MODELS CONSTRUCTION OF FORECASTING ON BASE PARAMETERS Base parameters for construction of polynomial models of emergency calls number forecasting at tidal changes of gravity are founded with the help of factor analysis. Forecasting models for calls number at death-rate and stroke are regarded in this work. The same approach can be used at different spheres of polyvalent researches.
Nazarov V.V. EQUIPMENT FOR RESEARCH OF FLOW CHARACTERISTICS OF BIOLIQUID IN CENTRIFUGES WITH CONIC INSERTS Equipments description measured flow characteristics of bioliquid which worked out on centrifuges and separator with conic inserts is given in this article. The equipment worked on the base of stream-handling flowmeter with regulated measuring backlash, mechanizing the process of measuring is suggested.
Akhmedova E.A. STRATEGIC TRENDS OF TOWN-PLANNING DEVELOPMENT OF POVOLZHIE CITIES AT GENERAL PLANS OF NEW GENERATION This article, on the example of Samara city, raises the problem of town-planning development of large Povolzhie cities and their reflection in new general plans worked on the base of new social-economic conception of the society, town-planning Code of RF and Town-planning doctrine of Russia. The ways of solution of such problems as housing problem in Povolzhie cities, perfection of transport-communication structure of city, optimization of land tenure within the precincts of a city, mastering of territorial town-planning reserves are regarded in this work.

Zhanna Anatolievna

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