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March 2016, № 3 (191)

Zaritskaya L.A. ABOUT CULTURAL LINGUISTIC DEVELOPMENT OF FUTURE DESIGNER IN HIGH SCHOOLIn the article the author gave a detailed analysis of the formation of cultural linguistics as an independent branch of linguistics. This article from a scientific point of view describes the origins of humanitarian disciplines "Cultural linguistics", its object, subject, identified the main contradiction. Relevance of the work is engaged in cultural linguistics language, it makes it possible a systematic study the language and culture. The article shows and analyzes in detail the scientific categories such as "language", "culture" "society" and "professional linguistic development". Language is seen as a social and culturally conditioned phenomenon. Culture acts as a product of social activity of the people. Society served as a collection of people united not only the mode of production of material wealth but spiritual goods, where the language is organizing its fundamental element. Professional linguistic development is seen by the author as a combination of professional and linguistic knowledge in the disciplines of directions "Design" and "Foreign Language". So, the article is referred to as a language, culture, cultural linguistic development and professional linguistic development in teaching students a foreign language in high school. This aspect is multifaceted and multidimensional. The article answers the question why cultural linguistics has extensive research, interpretive modeling potential. The importance of this work is obvious from a position of cultural linguistic development of high school students. Key words: language, linguistics, cultural linguistics, cultural linguistic development.


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About this article

Author: Zaritskaya L.A.

Year: 2016

Zhanna Anatolievna

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