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January 2016, № 1 (189)

Prilepina A.V., Morkovina E.F., Shukhman A.E. METHODS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM CONTENT FOR IT INDUSTRYThe modernization of professional education leads to the problems of inconsistency of professional training programs at various levels, the mismatch between the skill level of graduates and needs of regional labor markets. The development of the content of educational programs for IT industry are often performed without regarding to the requirements of employers, the demand for certain competencies, the opportunities to continue education at a higher level. To solve the problem of correlation between graduate skills and professional competencies we analyzed IT professional qualifications, as well as professional standards. Model of educational content is based on a system of professional competencies. Various optimization methods are offered for selecting a subset of competencies that are optimal according to certain criteria and satisfy the given constraints. As a result, the classification of the content of all the developed competencies on four levels allows to set the appropriate levels of competencies for skill levels of specialties in IT industry. The developed methods have been successfully tested in the development of the content of training program "Software and administration of information systems" for the profession "Programmer". Testing methods showed the possibility of its widespread use for the development of training programs for the different professions of IT industry.Key words: competencies, professional standard, educational program, curriculum, optimization of educational program content, programmer.


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Authors: Shuhman A.E., Prilepina A.V., Morkovina E.F.

Year: 2016

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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