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November 2015, № 13 (188)

Erokhina Е.V., Letuta Т.V., Shagivaleeva I.Z. ALTERNATIVE FORMS OF CIVIL RIGHTS PROTECTION IN ORENBURG REGION: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED RESEARCH Study alternative forms of civil rights protection, which traditionally includes arbitration and mediation, assumes importance due to the need to expand the scope of their application in Russia. The study materials of the State Archive of Orenburg region and the Documentation Center of the Modern History of the Orenburg region has revealed a number of significant moments in the history of alternative forms of civil rights protection in the Orenburg region, and distinguish two types of arbitration forms of civil rights protection. Comparison of the key features of arbitration in the pre-revolutionary, Soviet and modern period of Russian Law development and the court practice allowed us to estimate the status of the arbitrator and mediator (with fiduciary theory of judging), the principle of competence and the principle of confidentiality in the modern arbitration. Forming the modern legal regulation of alternative forms of civil rights protection advocated the need for consider foreign legislation and peculiarities of the Russian cultural heritage. On the basis of statistical data and surveys in the framework of ascertaining experiment formed conclusions about the practical need for extending the application of alternative forms of civil rights protection, and legal measures aimed at promoting these forms. In particular, the need to consolidate the principle of legislative competence; to reduce the role of the principle of confidentiality; concrete definition in Law alternative mediation procedures (promoting mediation, evaluative mediation, negotiation), the mechanism of their implementation; the proclamation in Law decision of the arbitration court in all cases be final; the introduction to the Russian practice online dispute resolution.Key words: alternative forms of protection, arbitration, mediation, international acts.


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Authors: Erohina E.V., Letuta T.V., Shagivaleeva I.Z.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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