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2015, №12(187)

Bikbov M.M., Khusnitdinov I.I. CANALOPLASTY IN PATIENTS WITH PRIMARY OPEN ANGLE GLAUCOMAGlaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world. Advanced techniques in primary open angle glaucoma surgery tend to minimize the incisions and restore the natural outflow pathways of intraocular aqueous humour. The article presents the results of canaloplasty with the Glaucolight system in 31patients (35eyes) with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG). The average age of patients was 57.1±6.3years. There was an initial stage of POAG in 22cases, developed— in 8cases, far-advanced— in 5cases. None of the patients underwent antiglaucomatous operations previously. Postoperatively, increased intraocular pressure (IOP) in all patients was managed. The field of view had no changes. Visual acuity was corresponded to preoperative visual acuity. Two cases (5.7%) showed IOP increase in 1month after the surgery. Laser descemetogoniopuncture was performed and IOP normalized. Increased up-to 27mmHg. IOP was noticed in 4cases (11.4%) after 12months after the surgery. Antihypertensive drugs were prescribed for 2eyes; 2patients underwent reoperation— sinus trabeculectomy with implantation of drainage. Canaloplasty helps to restore the natural outflow pathways of intraocular aqueous humour without the creation of the filtering bleb by increasing the permeability of the trabecular meshwork, preventing re-collapse of Schlemm's canal and occlusion of the mouth of the collector channels. analoplasty efficiency in patients with POAG in follow-up period up to 18months in absolute terms amounted to 83% and with an additional treatment— 94%.Key words: canaloplasty, Glaucolight, primary open-angle glaucoma, Schlemm's canal.


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