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October 2015, № 10 (185)

Stepanova I.A., Stepanov S.A., Ivleva J.S., Manuel L.Yu. ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IN FACTOR NOISE POLLUTION ON THE EXAMPLE OF ORENBURGIn article features of noise as physical factor of environmental pollution, namely, atmospheric air are considered. Its influence on mental and physical health and efficiency of the person is described. In article it is allocated as the main source of noise for research — a transport stream as makes more than a half of all noise pollution and is available to carrying out measurements. For measurements of noise level the choice of the territory of the central region of the city of Orenburg — the most crowded part of the city with a set of places for a recreation and a dense transport network is reasonable. The purpose of work is drawing up the noise card and identification of zones with excess and observance of standards of maximum permissible noise level. For drawing up the noise card the audio-noise meter of the second class of accuracy by which 280 measurements on 23 city streets were carried out was used: along transport roads, adjacent buildings, recreation areas, the inhabited yards. The measurement technique is given in compliance by methodical indications of determination of the noise level created by a transport stream the choice of the measured size is reasoned. Data of maximum-permissible noise level of the normalized size for the studied objects are provided. The noise card is created with use of geoiformatsionny ArcGIS 10.3 system and made without a housing estate. All measured indicators are given in the card in average value during measurement of March, 2015. On a total conclusions are drawn on the general noise pollution of the central region, the reasons for the developed adverse situation in respect of noise pollution on streets with the maximum excess of admissible noise level are described. In work the lowered noise level on the weekend is also reasonable and shielding of noise along highways is considered by green plantings.Key words: noise, noise pollution, noise map, physical factor of pollution, residential development, geographic information systems.


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Authors: Ivleva Ya.S., Manuev L.Yu., Stepanov A.S., Stepanova I.A.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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