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September 2015, № 9 (184)

Kucherenko M.G., Chmereva T.M. NONRADIATIVE ENERGY TRANSFORMATION OF ELECTRONIC EXCITATIONS IN MULTILAYER PLANAR NANOSTRUCTURES "METAL — INSULATOR"Characteristics of quasi-static field (near field) of a dipole source in a three-layer planar system are calculated by method of constructing dipoles images in conductive and dielectric media. In the dielectric medium a generation of collective electronic excitations — Frenkel excitons with the formation of the respective resonant frequency bands with frequency dependence of dielectric constant of the molecular crystal is considered. It is shown that the penetration of the field in each of the environments greatly depends on the balance between the use of the oscillation frequency of the primary (donor) dipole and frequencies of exciton and plasmon reso-nances of molecular crystalline and conductive environments. On the basis of the found characteristics of the fields frequency dependence of the nonradiative transfer rate of electronic excitation energy donor molecules, localized in a thin inner layer, which is in the same layer acceptor metal nanoparticles of spherical shape is calculated. The influence on the rate of energy transfer configuration characteristics of the composite system, as well as the characteristic frequency parameters of conductive materials is investigated. Key words: composite structure, the quasi-static field, excitons, plasmon resonance, nonradiative energy transfer.


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Authors: Kucherenko M.G., Chmereva T.M.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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