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August 2015, № 8 (183)

Dedeeva S.A., Lapaeva O.F. INNOVATION AS A MAJOR FACTOR OF AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE REGION OF IMPORT SUBSTITUTION Russian agriculture, as well as all branches of the Russian economy requires a huge investment. From the capital invested in agriculture depends not only on the development of agriculture, but also the entire agricultural sector, as well as the development of infrastructure in rural areas and of course the solution of social problems in rural areas. In agriculture, there are a number of factors that hinder the stable growth of the innovation activity. These include: reducing the production of agricultural products; weak policy of the state; the high cost of new equipment and technologies; unfavorable investment situation of agriculture. To solve the problem of increasing the efficiency of agricultural production requires its modernization. In this connection it is necessary to solve the following tasks: to ensure the growth of investment attractiveness of the agricultural sector to private investors, both Russian and foreign; increase the growth rate of technical — technological re-equipment of agricultural enterprises and organizations; to develop and introduce new technologies based on innovation. To these objectives have been implemented, it is necessary to create a favorable climate for sustainable rural development. To do this, you need to implement a set of measures including the improvement of social infrastructure, the allocation of state and regional subsidies, in order to improve the living conditions of the village, increasing employment and rural incomes due to the various activities of both agricultural and non-agricultural (crafts, rural tourism, etc.). In addition, the need to improve land and tax legislation, c. mpetent to carry out anti-monopoly policy, c. eate associations and unions of agricultural organizations, to improve the information base and access to it, to maintain soil fertility. This will ensure the growth of competitiveness of Russian agricultural products and import substitution throughout the country, as well as to increase the profitability of agricultural enterprises and organizations.


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Authors: Dedeeva S.A., Lapaeva O.F.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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