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July 2015, № 7 (182)

Myakinnikov S.P. HE SPECIFICITY OF THE WESTERN WORLDVIEW OF THE SOCIETY AS AN OBSTACLE FOR GLOBAL GREENING Postulated that worldview determines any activity. Marked specificity of the ideological determination of environmentally oriented activities related to the culture of the West. Pointed out that the Western powers intensified the attempts of the expansive remodeling of the traditional consciousness of other Nations under the standards produced by relying on the values of their worldview. The attention is focused on the environmental aspect of the worldview of the Western world based on the premise that ecologism is holism. Emphasized that the creation of an optimal system of relations between different social communities and their natural environment is possible only through the organization of an integral system of the social relations of mankind. In this regard, the analysis of the characteristics and components of the worldview of Western society, not only transforming social and cultural traditions and norms of other countries, but detrimental to the globalization of environmental trends social activities. Investigated the specificity of Western (Western European and North American) worldview in relation to the relationship between man and nature. Describes the features of the traditional worldview of the West, having special ecological significance (anthropocentrism, individualism, sociocentrism, technocentrism, scientism, self-centeredness, theocentrism, etc.). Shows its anti-ecological essence of orienting man in the world artificial. It is noted that the increasing trend of imposing Western ideological values in the world not to contribute to global greening. In the end, it is stated, that the worldview of the West in General, all of his options in one way or another antiecological because oriented human artificial world, created by man from natural and better meet the needs of Western man. It is concluded that the worldview of the West has a position of disengagement from the nature in the world of technology, culture, man is a created being existence. For him nature or only the outer shell, a certain length which functions as a source of livelihoods (Western anthropocosmism), the application of will and power (extreme anthropocentrism and sociocentrism), or a source of vanity and sin, it substitutes the true divine essence of the world of the unbeliever (theocentrism).Key words: worldview, greening, anthropocentrism, the technocracy.


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Author: Myakinnikov S.P.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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