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June 2015, № 6 (181)

Petrishev V.P., Noreika S.Y., Petrisheva N.V., Akhmedenov K.M. ANALYSIS OF FEATURES OF COMPONENTS OF LANDSCAPE GEOSYSTEMS SALT-ORIGIN WESTERN CASPIAN DEPRESSIONCaspian basin is the world's largest area of salt-dome structures. Vaults salt uplifts, whose total number in the region reaches 3000, form a complex laminar structure caused by overflowing salt overburden pressure from the lower to the upper floors of tectonic. A variety of salt domes make the region into a convenient site for the study of the processes of manifestation of salt tectonics in the structure of the landscape. Active salt dome is accelerating inter-component communication, which allows to evaluate their importance in the formation of natural systems in the general theory of landscape genesis. The article investigates the origin of poorly studied landscape salt dome western part of the Caspian depression — Inder salt dome, salt domes Aralsor, Bish-Choho and Small Bogd (Urpek). As a form of expression of salt structures in the landscape complexes geomorphological interest are manifestations of salt domes in the western part of the Caspian Basin, forming ridges on the basis of gypsum plaster ruined caprocks may mean particular origin are not directly dependent on the existence of salt tectonism. The specific properties of springs Inder salt-dome are of particular interest, is the nature of the output water is not peculiar to the area. Geochemical features of soils are in their desalination on Inder karst hills leading to the formation litomorphs soils. Geomorphological research facilities raised in the article, were conducted in the field, post-processing of the accumulated material and comparing it with the available sources affecting the study of geomorphology territory. The study of the chemical composition of the springs Inder conducted on the basis of laboratory findings water samples taken during the expedition. Soil survey carried out by the classical method of bookmarks soil catena, as well as laboratory tests. Geomorphological studies morphosculptural forms indicate that salt dome landscapes of origin is not always associated with the peculiarities of manifestation of salt tectonics. The spring anomalies consist in high salinity and concentration of chlorides and sulfates, as well as differentiation springs. The soil cover of the salt dome landscape of the Caspian Basin marked the processes associated with the formation of litomorphs soils. The result of the data shows that along with the high-output and output with highly groundwater important form landscapes are important springs associated with sulfate-halogen caprock thickness.Key words: Caspian basin, the landscape, geosystem, salt-dome tectonics.


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Authors: Ahmedenov K.M., Noreyka S.Yu., Petrishchev V.P., Petrishcheva N.V.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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