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June 2015, № 6 (181)

Gamm T.A., Grivko E.V., Dolgikh E.S. EKOLOGICHESKOYOPTIMIZATSII OF URBAN ENVIRONMENT (ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT ORENBURG)The question of the natural landscape as a resource gradoobrazujushchego now becoming increasingly important. The modern city is fenced off from the natural landscape of the industrial, transportation zone or compacted residential multi-storey buildings. Deepening of the process of development of urban areas entails the development of the negative effects of human activities, expressed in pollution, abuse and degradation of the urban landscapes that form the basis of the urban environment. Orenburg, being the administrative center of one of the largest regions of the Russian Federation — Orenburg region, which is part of the Volga Federal District, located mainly in the arid steppes with low rainfall. Therefore, anthropogenic factors exert their combined and the associative property is particularly strong in the urban environment. In order to develop local mechanisms to optimize the urban environment on the example of the Southern District of Orenburg the authors conducted a comparative analysis in some respects the ecological state of the air, soil and one of the water bodies of the city of Orenburg. Calculation of the demographic capacity Environment Facility and the rate of natural protected areas of the Southern District allowed the authors to conclude that this part of the city is characterized by the excess of the threshold balance of the urban environment for its ability to residential and recreational resources for recreation in the forest area and the analysis of the proportion of green spaces public use of the area of the city to establish the fact of its failure. As a set of measures to improve detection of adverse changes in the urban environment by the authors it was justified local algorithm ecological optimization of the urban environment in the form of the multifunctional park with a central water body, and concluded the stabilizing role of the object, which can improve the microclimate of the city in the Southern District.


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Authors: Dolgih E.S., Gamm T.A., Grivko E.V.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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