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April 2015, № 4 (179)

Kosych D.A., Tretyak L.N. IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF OPERATIONAL MARKETING ACTIVITIES ON THE BASIS OF THE METHODOLOGY OF FORMATION OF THE PRODUCTION PROGRAMIn the present study, the authors proved the need to improve operational marketing activities through the development of tools and methods to influence the product, price, promotion and distribution. The purpose of research — to improve the operational marketing activities. The object of study — the marketing activities of the refinery. Subject of research — the means and methods of operating marketing activities that allow to develop a method of formation of the production program. The study developed a method of formation of the production program of the enterprise, which is realized by linear programming using spreadsheet Excel Microsoft Office. The technique includes economic and mathematical optimization model, which has a number of restrictions on raw materials, production possibilities, the minimum volume of production and number of employees. Optimization criterion adopted to maximize profits from sales. In developing the methodology used by the authors receiving equalization time series using the moving average with subsequent approximation that allowed us to obtain predicted values of sales in the next period of time (determined by the quality of the approximation model coefficient of determination). Technique of formation of the production program has been tested on the refinery for the production of oils and lubricants for various industries. Predicted values obtained in production volumes for each product, which significantly improve the quality of operational marketing activities of the enterprise in the preparation of a marketing plan for each product. The main advantage provided by the technique is that it can be implemented in any industrial undertaking, and that it does not require specialized software and implemented using spreadsheet Excel Microsoft Office.Key words: industrial enterprise, the production program, operational marketing, forecasting, extrapolation, economic-mathematical model.


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Authors: Kosyh D.A., Tretyak L.N.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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