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April 2015, № 4 (179)

Zubkova T.M., Kolobov A.N. OPTIMIZATION OF EXTRUDER GEOMETRICAL PARAMETERS FOR PRODUCING GOODS WITH THE SET QUALITIESThe article provides the analytical description of the extrusion process preparation parameters, characterizing the quality of the products — these are the impulses of shear and normal stresses. The strength of the granules depends on the compressive stress, while mixing and uniformity of the product — on shear stresses, which are essential in the screw, compression and gate array in the die of the extruder. The software system "Calculation of technical and economic parameters of single screw extruders" allows to find the parameters of the extrusion process: efficiency, productivity, the force acting on the working bodies of power, pressing time, the torque pulses of normal and shear stresses. The initial data are used by the geometric and constructive parameters of the extruder screw speed and rheological properties of the material. This article describes how to change the geometric dimensions of the screw changes the momentum of shear stresses. Varying the geometrical dimensions of the screw, the shear stresses for improving the homogeneity of the product increase. Parametric synthesis was performed with the help of the vector optimization software system. The technique of vector optimization auger (change of pace, height and thickness of the blade), and the software tools are described. The results show that by altering geometric parameters, it is possible to obtain extruded products with desired quality characteristics and to optimize the process. The software allows to automate engineer-designer's work in the design and improvement of extrusion technology. This makes it possible at the stage of conceptual design to create the extrusion technique for the production with specified levels of quality, taking into account the constraints on energy consumption of the process.Key words: extrusive process, mathematical modeling, impulses of tangent tension, impulses of normal tension, screw, compression lock, matrix, vector optimization, program system, computing experiment.


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Authors: Zubkova T.M., Kolobov A.N.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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