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March 2015, № 3 (178)

Mikhaylova N.R., Kalinin T.N., Leggings E.I., Tuchkov D.Yu., Meshcheryakov V.G., Korneev A.G. RARE OPPORTUNISTIC DISEASES AT HIV-POSITIVE PATIENTS: ATYPICAL MYCOBACTERIOSISRecently at HIV-positive patients with the expressed manifestations of an immunodeficiency in the Orenburg region the secondary diseases which are found earlier in rare instances, including atypical микобактериоз began to be registered. Mikobakterioz is among opportunistic infections which develop at HIV-positive people at late stages of a disease and can be indicators of a deep immunosupressiya, that is is the HIV-associated pathology. Often микобактериоз coincides on a clinical, laboratory, radiological picture with other opportunistic infections, such as tuberculosis, a tsitomegalovirusny infection, limfoproliferativny defeats that causes the necessity of carrying out differential diagnostics with these diseases. The main diagnostic criterion of not tubercular mikobakterioz is allocation and identification of mikobakteriya which is carried out in establishments of a ftiziatrichesky profile and causes difficulties of diagnostics in other medical institutions. The clinical case illustrating features of a current and complexity of diagnostics of not tubercular mikobakterioz at the patient with HIV infection at a stage of secondary diseases with a deep immunosupressiya is presented. The symptoms, laboratory indicators testifying to need of carrying out diagnostic search for verification of an atypical mikobakterioz at HIV-positive patients are allocated.Key words: HIV infection, immunosupressiya, atypical микобактериоз, differential diagnostics.


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Authors: Kalinina T.N., Mihaylova N.R., Korneev A.G.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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