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February 2015, № 2 (177)

Naseykina L.F., Tagirov V.K. STRUCTURALLY FUNCTIONAL MODEL OF FORMATION OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE OF FUTURE IT-SPECIALISTSModern labor market needs the IT shots of new generation, capable to work in the conditions of the developing information society, quickly adapting for constantly changing situation in the field of information technologies. However, at the higher school, when training graduates of the technical directions specifics of new IT professions and requirements to the content of their preparation aren't considered. When training future IT specialists teachers are based on Federal educational standards of higher education which contents doesn't conform fully to requirements of new professional standards in the field of information technologies, and, therefore, and to requirements of employers of the sphere of IT services. Therefore, the actual task of improvement of quality of vocational training of future IT specialists is set for system of the higher education. The structurally functional model of formation of professional competence of future IT specialists consisting of set of four interconnected blocks providing its functioning was designed: target, methodological, substantial and methodical and diagnostic. The offered model is used as the instrument of research of process of training in higher education institution of students of the technical directions for the purpose of improvement of quality of their vocational training. Inclusion of the developed model by preparation of IT shots promotes effective formation at future IT specialists of professional competence by means of development of professional and significant and personal qualities, and also the valuable relation to future profession and is characterized by readiness of graduates for self-realization in the sphere of information technologies. Key words: modeling, structurally functional model, professional competence, training of future IT specialists.


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Author: Naseykina L.F.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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