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2014, № 12 (173)

Ezhova E.A., Melikhova I.A., Balalin S.V., Makovkin E.M. CYTOMORPHOLOGICAL AND BIOMECHANICAL CHANGES IN CORNEA ASSOCIATED WITH APPLICATION OF ORTHOKERATOLOGICAL CONTACT LENSES IN MYOPIC CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS Corneal status was assessed in 54 myopic patients (108 eyes) by means of confocal microscopy and rigidometry of corneoscleral membrane before and over the period of orthokeratological lens application. It was revealed that confocal microscopy enables evaluating cytomorphological changes in cornea, while rigidometry makes it possible to assess biomechanical after-effects of OCL wearing as well as their safety on a customized basis with regard to histomorphological state of corneal structures, findings of corneoscleral rigidity factor and level of intraocular pressure. Key words: orthokeratological contact lenses, cornea, confocal microscopy, rigidometry.


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Authors: Melihova I.A., Balalin S.V., Makovkin E.M.

Year: 2014

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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