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2014, № 10 (171)

Volnov A.S., Tretiak L.N., Gerasimov E.M. NEW APPROACHES TO PURIFICATION OF THE FULFILLED GASES OF INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINESThe patent search showing the direction of world scientific and technical progress on catalytic purification of fulfilled gases of internal combustion engines is carried out. The analysis of essential signs of the devices intended for neutralization (neutralization) of fulfilled gases of an internal combustion engine with use of chemical ways of neutralization is made. Pilot researches are conducted according to efficiency of use of gas reactors on the methanation basis for decrease in concentration of carbon oxide in fulfilled internal combustion engine gases, and also according to efficiency of use of liquid converters for decrease in the main component composition of the fulfilled gases of an internal combustion engine on the domestic cars which haven't been provided with converters.Key words: the vehicle, the internal combustion engine which have fulfilled gases, converters, methods of neutralization of component composition of the fulfilled gases of an internal combustion engine, catalysts, methanation.


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Authors: Tretyak L.N., Volnov A.S., Gerasimov E.M.

Year: 2014

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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