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2009, № 12

Zhurlov O.S., Gritsenko V.A., Brudastov Yu.A. INFLUENCE OF CULTIVATION TEMPERATURE ON PHYSIOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL-CHEMICAL FEATURES OF ESСHERICHIA COLI К12 The analysis of influence of cultivation temperature on the dynamics of reproductive capacity and physical-chemical features (hydrophobicity, z-potential) of Essherichia coli K12 in periodic cultures is presented in this article. Chronological conjugacy changes of these features are observed at the optimal temperature of 37?C of Escherichia. Adaptation of E.coli to the sub- and supraoptimal temperature (27?C and 42?C) is accompanied with a marked modification of the analyzed characteristics and desynchronization of their dynamics.Key words: Essherichia coli K12, periodical cultivation, hydrophobicity, z-potential.


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About this article

Authors: Zhurlov O.S., Gritsenko V.A., Brudastov Yu.A.

Year: 2009

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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