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May 2018, № 5 (217), pages 27-35

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-217-27

Zavadskaya A.V., Dmitrieva N.M. THE SPECIFICS OF THE CORRECTIVE COURSE OF RUSSIAN GRAMMAR FOR FOREIGN MEDICAL STUDENTSWhen teaching Russian as a foreign language at the second and next stages of education, it is often necessary to face the problem of unformed grammatical competence of foreign students. For example, for students from India, English as a second state language is the interfering language, in addition to the native language (Hindi, Malay, Urdu, etc.). In this case, there is an acute question of the development and conduct of corrective grammar course.
We have studied the main features of the corrective grammar course and the results of its implementation in the educational process with Indian students studying “General medicine”. In written work students are grammatical mistakes: violation of agreement, violation management and wrong education of the endings. To atypical include substitution of parts of speech (sense cold, sense good), the wrong choice of the verb tense (people to die), the wrong formation of the personal form of the verb (human am afraid of light). The main cause of grammatical errors in Indian students is interference, which is understood as a replacement of the system of rules of the language studied by another, built under the influence of the system of rules of the native or previously studied language. At the first, preparatory, stage of the course developed by us there was a presentation of the material to be corrected. On the second, main, stage was the actual correction with the use of visual AIDS and assignments of different type. The third, final, stage included productive types of exercises: conditional-communicative and actually communicative.
The effectiveness of the developed correction course is proved experimentally. Training of foreign medical students in the Russian language should include not only lexical and grammatical material, but also the correction of grammatical skills.
Key words: grammar, corrective course, general communication competence.


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Authors: Zavadskaya A.V., Dmitrieva N.M.

Year: 2018

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-217-27

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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