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July 2017, № 8 (208), pages 103-106

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-208-103

Shamrayev A.V., Chirkova E.N., Misetov I.A. BIOTECHNICAL MEASURES TO MAINTAIN THE POPULATION DENSITY OF THE SIBERIAN ROE DEER (CAPREOLUS PYGARGUS) ON THE TERRITORY OF THE ORENBURG REGIONBiotechnical measures, or measures to protect and improve animal habitats Wednesday, planned and executed with the purpose of impact on population density and placement on the territory of the Orenburg region of individual species or groups of animals, as well as maintain or increase biodiversity of animals. In modern conditions of optimal density is animals, providing an environmentally and economically acceptable ratio between the different components of natural communities. Factors that characterize the capacity of land for a particular species, are their feed and protective properties, mutual spatial combination of these conditions, as well as the presence of competitors and enemies. Specific impact on the capacity of the land have climate and human activities. The optimal size is determined by: in terms of quality; as winter forage capacity; based on comparative (expert) evaluations. Way to establish the optimum number of quality in terms of the land can be recommended as the primary method of counting numbers. This method gives the most reliable indicators through comprehensive assessment factors Wednesday. Determination of optimum number this way includes the following stages: selecting the types of habitats and their inventory; environmental assessment types of habitats; bonitirovku territory; calculation of the optimum number of species.Key words: Biotechnical measures, biodiversity, population density, Siberian roe deer (Capreolus pygargus), Orenburg oblast.1


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About this article

Authors: Shamraev A.V., Chirkova E.N., Misetov I.A.

Year: 2017

doi: 10.25198/1814-6457-208-103

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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